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5 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace with Flexispot Fitness Equipment

09 June 2021

The Workout Routine in the Work Area:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule is a tough challenge to take. When one is pretty tied up with the deadlines and projects, working out is difficult to put into action at times. It is because juggling office tasks and maintaining a healthy body becomes impossible because one needs to find the best time for it as well as the best place to do the workout routine. Not all office areas could have enough space for workout equipment. Most workplaces need a spare room for the typical gym setting. Hence, there are pieces of equipment available in the market these days that could be used as office equipment and gym equipment at the same time and most of these are available at Flexispot. So, in this next part of our discussion, we would be talking about the: 

5 Ways to Optimize the Workspace with Flexispot Fitness Equipment:

  • For one to work while shedding some pounds is to make his workspace free from clutters. By doing this, one is clearing the space for more functional and important office equipment. No need to worry if your work area is less than 5 square meters because, with Flexispot fitness equipment, you could use a desk bike that could serve as an office chair as well. 
  • You could also use these desk bikes with or without a laptop hence doing or finishing a task at the same time could be optional and you may do your workout routine without forgetting to jot down the important reminders from the meeting; you could attend the Zoom meeting while cycling on the desk bike, 
  • The Flexispot fitness equipment is safe to use and is very stable because they are fully motorized and they have resistance levels that may help you control your motion or your speed without getting off the equipment hence if you need to go a little faster you may do so by using the remote of these pieces of equipment.
  • The fitness equipment from Flexispot is made from materials that could give you much comfort while you exercise and attend meetings. It could also help you maintain a healthy physique while you follow all your schedules in the office. So no matter how intense your workout could get you could still enjoy doing it even in a small space because these pieces of equipment are made to optimize the exercise without needing extensions or extra space. 
  • The last way to optimize your workspace with this equipment is to have all the necessary materials at your reach or just very close to you. With this, you may have more time cycling or doing the vibration exercise without spending the next minutes reaching for the water bottle. This could make you concentrate on two things only: your work and your exercise. 

These given ways are some of the tips that you may consider when you have a narrow work area but want to push through with your daily workout. With Flexispot equipment, you don't need to worry about how you could maximize your time in the office shedding some pounds and avoiding the sedentary lifestyle. In this next part of our discussion, we will talk about the most in-demand fitness equipment from Flexispot that could be considered revolutionary because some of them are used as pieces of office equipment. These pieces of equipment could offer the best quality without breaking your bank. The following equipment from Flexispot are:

The Fitness Equipment from Flexispot:

The following are the most sought-after pieces of equipment from Flexispot that could be used as an exercise machine and an office chair at the same time. 

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

  • This fitness chair has some of the most incredible parts that make it a good fitness machine and office chair. From the breathable mesh to the height-adjustable seat, this fitness chair could make one cycle at his own pace while doing some important tasks in the office. 
  • You may track your improvement with the integral features of this fitness chair like the calorie tracker and customizable cardio. So while writing your report you freely and easily cycle on this fitness chair. 
  • This fitness chair has durable pedals that could ensure the safety of the feet and ankles while one is cycling on it. The user would be able to perspire on this fitness chair without the need of doing extra workout routines. 
  • This has a range of 22.4-31.5" hence if one is working from home, his family could enjoy using this fitness chair because it could be suitable for the different height. 

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

  • This desk bike comes in 4 models which are:
  • V9, V9B, V9U, V9UB. All these models have the 8-level resistance and could bear a weight of up to 300lbs. 
  • Both models have a height range of 29.6-37.2". This desk bike is also suitable for people whose height could be from 5'1 to 6'2. 
  • This desk bike does not occupy much space too unlike the usual gym equipment hence it would not be too much to put in the office. Even with a narrow workspace, this could be put in that area and enjoy cycling on it. 
  • It also has easy rolling casters that would allow one to keep it in a small space in the office without disturbing others. 
  • It could also give one superior comfort when cycling on this desk bike because it is made from a shape that follows the curves of the person's lower body. 
  • It also has a whisper-quiet operation hence it would not disturb others who are also working.

Under Desk Bike V9U

  • This desk bike has height adjustability of 75.2 cm to 94.2 cm. 
  • It is ideal for people of different heights from 5'1 to 6'2. 
  • It has an 8-level magnetic tension that allows the person to control the force that comes from the desk bike. 
  • It also has a weight capacity of 300lbs. Hence, it would be suitable for those who have started to follow a workout plan. 

Final Thoughts:

When one is trying to maximize his space in the office and find a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping a busy schedule at work, it is best to find the right companion for that; a product that could provide absolute quality and would help one maintain a beautiful physique no matter how small the work area is.