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5 Ways to Professionally Handle Office Politics

16 September 2021

Let's Define Office Politics

It's a system that often has a negative connotation. It usually occurs in organizations or companies where members try to advance their careers at the expense of others. As a result, some tend to do self-serving actions to take advantage of others. Unfortunately, these actions breed unhealthy competition instead of camaraderie, factions instead of a strong support groups, and unhealthy relationships between colleagues. 

As it is customary to hold a healthy competition to help workers achieve fulfilling careers, office politics often shroud this fruitful act because of the personal agenda of some who are power-hungry. Usually, office bullying occurs, especially where factions among workers already get established. Hence, if you had the opportunity to go back to working from the office and you encounter these things, you may proactively try these five ways to handle them. It may affect you and your emotions- causing you stress and fatigue that are equivalent to ergonomic pain. So, in case you encounter these things, you can rely on the best ergonomics provider in the market, and that is Flexispot- the global brand of standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs. 

Disserting Office Politics and the Ergonomics Involved

a. Keep Your Cool; Try Transmuting the Negative Feelings

Maintain professionalism at all times. Sadly, some people forget to separate their personal life from their work life. There are days where you might have problems at home. If you experience such a thing, try not to bring it to the office. Focus on the goals and try not to get affected when working, albeit there will come a time when you need to share your feelings, but try not to let them influence your work performance. 

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Should you encounter this thing, allow yourself to transmute the negative feelings. Try to redirect them through drawings or scripting. Allot a break time where you could stay alone on your desk- a sturdy and durable standing desk can help you. You may choose between the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B, or Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk. 

Once you decide to transmute the negative feelings without affecting your work performance, you may find yourself getting more substantial because you can be mature enough to handle the intense emotions. Never suppress them but do not let other people get affected by the negative feelings your emotions could give. 

b. Find Your Support Group

Find Your Support Group Not a Faction

Commonly, you would meet people with whom you share common ideas and interests with. It's a good sign that you are also expanding your network. However, what you must avoid is creating a faction instead of giving the chance to let other people find trust with your colleagues. It will boil down to one thing once again: stay professional but don't create walls. 

Create a support group where everyone (regardless of their status or function in the office) is welcome to join. Most of the time, when senior members of the group create a faction, that's when office gossip and miscommunication start. So, to avoid these things, keep open communication. Do not limit your possibilities of learning from colleagues who come from different walks of life. 

c. If You Heard Office Gossip- Ignore

Office rumors are the worst things insensitive and unprofessional individuals create. They fall under office politics. They affect the productivity of people because some spend time unproductively instead of accomplishing something in the office. They prefer discussing the latest rumors.


Office gossip erodes trust among workers and the morale of the workforce. So, instead of collaborations among the workers, misunderstandings occur. Now, you might encounter these things in the office, so should you hear someone saying rumors, ignore what you hear. If you think this kind of person would affect your inner peace, keep your distance. Immerse yourself in more productive activities in the office, such as stretching exercises that you can easily do on the Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair or cycling that you may try with the Under Desk Bike V9U from Flexispot. Once you try these activities on your workstation, you may enjoy a more active lifestyle even without taking periodic breaks at the pantry. Further, you may also avoid hearing gossip that could genuinely affect your inner peace and the other people. 

d. Workplace Bullying Affects Your Mental and Physical State- Never Keep Your Silence and Stand Your Ground: 

Harsh Criticisms, excessive-performance monitoring, misleading and vague work instructions done on purpose, threats, and humiliations are examples of workplace bullying. Some States have proposed bills that would protect victims against office bullying, yet there are no laws passed yet that could criminalize office bullying. 

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Unfortunately, workplace bullying can cause physical and mental havoc on a person. Some end with depression or having physical illnesses and in cases like this, making sure that you are physically strong and your immune system is working hard is crucial. Hence, you need a piece of equipment from Flexispot that could help you strengthen your core muscles and make you energetic and healthy. This product is the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1. Once you attain stronger core muscles and become more active, you would be able to think logically and would be able to manage your emotions. It is indeed difficult to keep your cool, especially when people gravely provoke you. That's why you need to be rational and protect your inner peace and self against these people.

e. Don't Be a  Victim- Seek Help from the Human Resource Manager

Seek Help from the Human Resource Manager

Technically, the proper arena to address your grievances (if you think the situation is too much to handle) is at HR. It is because HR managers are supposed to be in the middle and should stay neutral at all times. They serve as mediators. Hence, most HR managers keep a professional relationship with all workers but remain disinterested in the issues. They keep an open mind and stay neutral. With this attitude, they can maintain a sense of balance and give fair judgment to both sides and settle the problem professionally. 

Final Thoughts

It is common for people to take advantage of their interests (intentionally and unintentionally). Unfortunately, some cross the line to the point that they try to create malicious intentions for others. The office does not get spared from this bitter reality; hence there are office politics. On the other hand, if you sustain professionalism at all costs and keep your cool, you will never fall victim to politics. Because, in the office, the goal is to obtain the best career and build a harmonious relationship with your colleagues and help those co-workers who find it difficult to surpass the challenges of the corporate world.