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5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy With a Desk Job

17 June 2021

We work extremely hard for our money, and it takes a toll on our bodies.

Long workdays can be taxing on both the mind and body. Treats in the office and after-work happy hours can cause us to lose sight of our self-care. Working for most of the day may lead to weight gain without even realizing it. It should not hinder you from taking care of yourself, though. Working all day requires you to develop a solid plan for how you will stay healthy regularly.

Even if you've established fitness goals and are entirely committed to making a difference, working out after work is more than half of the equation. It's easy to justify skipping the post-workout workout because you're too exhausted and worked extremely hard. However, making a few easy changes to your daily routine will feel more energized and inspired to crush those goals completely.

These strategies can help you stay fit at your desk and encourage you to get up:

take the stairs

Taking the stairs is one of the easiest methods to remain fit at work. It's a practical approach to raise your pulse rate and do some cardio. Increase the number of floors you walk each day to challenge yourself. Keep track of your time. Thirty minutes of stair climbing every day will improve the appearance of your glutes. It will also keep you moving all day. Taking 7,500 to 10,000 steps per day will help lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Taking the steps is also beneficial to your heart, as it helps to minimize the likelihood of many ailments, including cardiovascular disease and the danger of having a heart attack.

watch what you eat

You'd be shocked at how much snacking happens on the job. With a few simple tweaks, you can avoid constant munching. First and foremost, do not skip breakfast! Breakfast aims to promote your metabolism after sleeping and combat fatty-food cravings after lunch. If you're in a hurry in the morning, keep some quick oatmeal or cereal on your desk. Packing your lunch and snacks is another strategy to avoid eating and reduce vending machine trips. This basic action will prevent you from reaching for a Snickers bar in the afternoon. Snack on small carrots, nuts, or fruits for a guilt-free snack.

take frequent breaks

Taking breaks will assist you in getting up and being active all through the day. Work stress can drive you to snack excessively, drink to excess, and overeat. Sitting down to eat every day can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Get up and go for a walk. It will benefit your body, mind, and soul throughout the day.

drink lots of fluids

We all know we should drink 8-10 glasses of water day in day out, but did you realize that filling up your water bottle can also help you stay active? Take a break from working and walk to the water fountain to incorporate some movement into your otherwise sedentary day. When it comes to accomplishing your objectives, every step counts. Additionally, water keeps you awake, hydrated, and full. Replace fizzy drinks and lunch coffee with green tea, a cold-busting immunity booster, for improved effects.

sneak in exercises in the middle of the day

You can perform certain simple activities right at your desk, and if your workplace has a gym, you should use it. Spend your lunch break to do some little cardio and eat at your desk. If necessary, skip out when you have some spare time during the day and attend a yoga or cycling session instead. Make it an active break by bringing a set of clothes. When you go back to work, you will feel fantastic, and you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the remainder of the day. Office exercise might help you avoid heart disease and other health problems. Here short and simple workouts to attempt during the day are:

  • arm pulses
  • desk push-ups
  • triceps dips
  • squats
  • leg raises


If your workspace permits you to personalize your desk and chair, you should think about buying a height-adjustable standing desk. Long periods of sitting might be harmful to one's health. Standing desks are valuable tools for reducing the time you spend sitting each day. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to adjust your posture throughout the day. When you have a standing desk, you can still sit at times, but it gives you more variety and alternatives for your posture.


We understand that standing desks aren't for everyone, but there is a terrific alternative: sitting on an exercise ball. Sitting on a fitness ball allows you to optimize your balance by working your core and forcing you to sit upright—this aids in the relief of lower back pain and the improvement of posture.

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Introducing more activity into your workday is a simple and easy option for improving your health and prevent heart problems. We urge you to apply these strategies to stay active while working at a desk!