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6 Advantages of Multi-Monitor Mounts

24 February 2022

Do you spend your work hours switching between multiple browsers, apps, and programs, collaborating with your colleagues, and facing extreme work fatigue due to maintaining the same posture at work? Well, it’s time to give your body some well-deserved love and ease your work hours by investing in a multi-monitor mount so that you can switch to multiple screens to multitask easily while switching between standing and sitting to ease the stress on your body.

If you invest in an ergonomic multi-screen monitor arm for your desk, you can watch your screens at different viewing angles and enjoy a flexible work setup depending on your specific needs or the shifting demands on your work life. So, if your work demands you be reliant on your computer and perform multiple tasks at once, avoid all your struggles that come with these challenging demands and invest in a multi-screen mount.

Let’s take a look at why you should invest in this game-changing ergonomic accessory!

Multi-Monitor Mount

What Is a Multi-Monitor Mount?

Multi-monitor arms or mounts are essential accessories for computers that enable you to move and adjust their screens as per your specific needs. You can use these mounts to support the computers so that instead of resting on your desk, they are supported by the arms.

You can find a wide array of dual and multi-monitor mounts and monitor arms with varying ergonomic features and the capacity to support and alter the position of two, three, and even four screens. These mounts enable you to view the monitor screen in portrait or landscape mode, swivel the screen, and extend them closer or further away from your body.

Benefits of Multi-Monitor Mounts

Multi-monitor mounts enable you to set up a workstation that works perfectly for you and gives you the ability to multitask effortlessly. Here are some compelling benefits of using a multi-monitor mount for your dual monitor standing desk:

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Did you know that using multiple display workstations can increase your productivity up to 42%? Well, it’s the truth and is supported by practical applications. For instance, using dual PC monitors allows you to effectively use a large workspace and eliminate all disturbances caused by switching between multiple tabs, making printer runs, multitasking on the same screen, and so much more.

Switching between multiple computer applications and windows, attempting to find lost spreadsheets and word files, and using email and work management applications on the same screen can be hectic. If you use multiple screens, you can organize your applications, tasks, and files, which will cut down on lost time, keep you from feeling frustrated, and boost your productivity.

Dual monitors work wonders for employees who must use multiple software programs for their work. They allow you to view all your work simultaneously, making task completion and keeping track of things a lot easier. It also helps make tasks such as transcription a lot easier as you don’t have to switch between windows to type things.

Moreover, using a dual monitor mount allows you to conserve space while using double screens. Dual monitors also give you the option to move your cursor from screen to screen. Plus, when you have dual monitor mounts, you can essentially use mobile devices, such as laptops, and work remotely by setting up your workstation with two mounted monitors.

That said, transitioning from a single screen to multiple screens will require patience and adjustment time for non-techy individuals. You will also benefit from investing in a dual monitor standing desk and an ergonomic chair to make the transition easier.

Ideal for Compact Workspaces

Ideal for Compact Workspaces

If you invest in a multi-monitor mount, you can effectively use multiple monitors even in cramped spaces, such as congested office workstations. Dual monitor arms, such as the Dual Monitor Mount F7D/F8LD, are designed to be super compact and, depending on their construction, they can fit multiple monitors (2, 3, or even 4) tightly together. Many of these stands also enable you to add or take away monitors as your workspace and requirements change.

Prevent Eye and Neck Strain

Prevent Eye and Neck Strain

Over the years, more and more people have realized the consequences of working long hours at a desk job every day. It’s not easy on your body to remain in the same position hours on end while you complete your work, and it often causes multiple health-related issues. Some common issues faced by office workers include neck and eye strain. These issues build over time due to poor posture and other ergonomic issues.

It’s where adjustable monitor arms for a standing desk enter the picture. Ideally, you should keep your screens at least an arm’s length away from your body and adjust the monitor height according to your line of sight. This way, you can effectively reduce the occurrence of ergonomic problems, such as neck craning or eyesight strains, because of poor placement and equally poor posture.

A dual monitor mount can help you achieve this feat by adjusting the placement of your multiple screens according to your height and specific needs. They can prevent you from leaning too close to the screen to see clearly or craning your neck for a better view. Adjustable monitor arms can also keep you moving and adopt multiple positions throughout the day to beat fatigue.

With these monitor mounts, you can put your monitors vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. You can use one or all monitors simultaneously by placing them side by side. You can also use varying brightness levels to work on different screens and move your eyes around instead of looking at the same screen to prevent eye strain.

Worthy Investment for Gamers & Multitaskers

Worthy Investment for Gamers & Multitaskers

An undeniable benefit of using multi-monitor mounts is that they create an incredibly immersive, focused workspace, which is helpful for professional gamers, streamers, designers, planners, etc. Essentially, this invention works wonders for anyone whose job, hobby, or livelihood depends on using multiple screens for job completion as it makes multitasking significantly easier.

The increased space enables you to organize your work however you want and complete tasks timely without missing or forgetting about anything since you will have access to all your work simultaneously. Dual monitors undeniably offer a more enhanced gaming experience as well since the mount allows you to rotate the screen for complex angling ad positioning so you can play on your screen in your preferred style. They also enable you to play and use live streaming, respond to viewers, and more.

Work Flexibility

Work Flexibility

We all know that sitting at a desk for long hours damages our posture and physical wellbeing. It’s why ergonomic standing desks work exceptionally well at tackling this issue, as they allow you to switch between standing and sitting during the day so that you don’t have to maintain the same posture throughout the day.

You can easily find monitor arms for a standing desk that can help you make your work hours even more comfortable and easy on your body. How so? Well, some multi-monitor mounts enable you to adjust your screens vertically, making it easier for you to access them while you’re standing and working. It will certainly help alleviate health concerns, such as chronic pain, that come with sedentary work life.

Promote Collaborative Work Environment

Promote Collaborative Work Environment

Lastly, multi-monitor mounts or monitor arms for standing desks make fostering a collaborative work environment significantly easier. Having multiple screens and the ability to turn those screens in multiple directions makes it easier for you and your colleagues to share screens and discuss ongoing projects in real-time without leaving your workstations. It doesn’t just make sharing content easier, but since it also conserves space, more colleagues can work together on a team in the same space for even better collaboration.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that a multi-monitor mount can make your work life easier and elevate your work hours by offering you the flexibility and comfort you need to function optimally. With multi-screen monitor arms for standing desks, you can boost your productivity, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and collaborate with your colleagues to complete tasks quickly.

Using multi-monitor arms also enables you to beat stress, fatigue, and neck and eye strain by shifting between standing and sitting while working. These mounts also enable you to effectively use cramped space and save ample time and effort that you would have spent switching between browsers, apps, and programs. With a durable multi-monitor arm and an ergonomic standing desk, you can work on improving your posture to boost your wellness and keep health-related issues at bay.

If you are ready to invest in a durable and effective multi-monitor arm for your desk, get in touch with FlexiSpot today! You can browse our collection of monitor arms for standing desks and choose the one that works best for you. We can help you make the right choice based on your preferences. We would also recommend you to get same-sized monitors for a more balanced experience or properly align your existing computers for best performance. So, reach out to FlexiSpot today!