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6 Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

27 February 2024

When computers were first invented, nobody could have imagined they could be as compact as they are today. The first computers weighed hundreds of pounds and took up a lot of space. However, today, we're living in an era where things are getting more compact than we can imagine possible. From computers weighing more than 500 pounds to laptops weight as less as 1.4 pounds, we've come a long way!

We can now use the computer any time we want, and anywhere we want. We don't necessarily need to be seated in front of the computer screen for several hours at a stretch. Instead, we can now use our laptops while sitting on the couch or lying in bed.

As much as laptops have made our life easier and more comfortable for us, they've also increased the risk of posture-related health conditions. Most of the time, while we're using our laptops, we're not conscious of our posture. We're lying flat on the back with all of our body weight on our back, or we're sitting in a hunched posture, both of which put a lot of stress on our body, particularly the lower back, neck, and shoulders, and put us at the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

While we can't go back to 'not using the laptop', what we can do is improve our working conditions so that the risk of posture-related health conditions can be minimized, and we can rest assured that we aren't putting ourselves at risk of any work-related injuries or ailments. One of the many ways to ensure our health, safety, and well-being while using a laptop is by using a laptop stand.

Laptop stands like Laptop Stand 006 may look like basic equipment, but their benefits are massive! This blog post highlights the many benefits that using a laptop stand has got to offer.

How Can You Benefit from a Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a very basic piece of equipment. It's a raised platform where a laptop is placed. You can place this stand on your work desk or anywhere you're working to ensure the laptop is placed at the right height.

Below are some ways in which you can benefit from using a laptop stand:

Reduces the Risk of Posture-Related Health Conditions

If you're using a laptop right now, evaluate your posture. How are you sitting? Are you lying in your bed comfortably with your laptop on your lap, or are you sitting on a kitchen stool with your laptop on the kitchen counter? If your answer is any, know that you're at a high risk of developing posture-related health conditions, the most common being lower back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, and musculoskeletal disorders in the long run.

If your laptop isn't placed at the right height, you're bound to sit in an incorrect posture. If you're using your laptop with your laptop placed on your lap, you'll be sitting with your head bent forward and back curved. Sitting with your head bent forward puts weight on your neck. Bending your head forward by 15 degrees doubles the weight that your body has to support (from about 12 pounds to a whopping 27 pounds). If you're gazing down at your laptop screen, the weight on the neck increases to as much as 40 pounds! That's a lot of weight for the neck; therefore, you're bound to experience neck pain, and if you don't do something about it, you'll be at high risk of developing long-lasting neck conditions.

One of the most notable ways a laptop stand benefits you is by raising the laptop to the right height to ensure your laptop screen is at an eye-level, and you don't have to raise or bend your neck to see it. According to ergonomic rules, your computer screen should be at an eye-level so that you don't have to tilt, bend, or extend your neck to see the screen and a laptop stand does just that!

Improves Typing Ergonomics

A laptop isn't the most ergonomic equipment. The keyboard is just too low for the user to type comfortably. The user has to position their wrists awkwardly to be able to type. Typing with wrists and fingers raised in incorrect positions puts you at risk of various health conditions like Repetitive Strain Injuries, the most common being Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

One way to address this risk is using an external keyboard. While using an external keyboard does help improve the typing ergonomics as the user can adjust the keyboard as per their preferences, it often results in the laptop screen moving too far away from the user, which can cause eye strain, which is a severe problem.

A laptop stand can offer a solid solution in this case. You can use a laptop stand to raise the laptop such that the screen is at eye level. Doing so frees the space on the desk just below the laptop, and you can use this space to keep your external keyboard. This way, you can type with greater comfort without having to push your laptop too far away. If your job requires you to type a lot, you can invest in an ergonomic keyboard which will further improve typing ergonomics and minimize the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Improves Airflow and Prevents Overheating

Your laptop heats up when you use it. The temperature of the internal components rises further when you run multiple programs at a time. If this heat gets trapped inside, your laptop components may get overheated and even get damaged. Although the laptop components have a high melting point, the accumulated heat can raise the temperature quite high, which isn't the ideal situation. It would be best if you position your laptop with adequate airflow so that your laptop's temperature remains normal.

This is another way a laptop stand can help you. Keeping your laptop lifted off the desk on a stand leaves enough gap between the base of the laptop and the desk that provides enough space for the heat to escape. The heat doesn't get trapped under the laptop, which may slow the laptop down or put it at risk of overheating and damage. The continuous airflow prolongs the lifespan of a laptop and ensures it keeps running smoothly for longer.

Offers Great Functionality and Versatility

Laptop stands can be very versatile and help improve your laptop's functionality. Let's say you wish to read or watch something on your laptop while lying comfortably in bed. Without a stand, you'll have to lie in uncomfortably odd postures to watch the screen properly, making the entire experience uncomfortable and putting you at risk of posture-related health conditions.

However, when you've got a laptop stand, you can comfortably lie down, raise your laptop to your eye level, and enjoy a safe and comfortable experience.

Some laptop stands also come with cupholders that enable you to keep your coffee mug within your reach while you're working somewhere where there's no place for it, like on your bed or couch!

Reduces Eye Strain

Just like a laptop stand reduces the stress on the neck, back, and shoulders by bringing your laptop to the right height, it also helps reduce eye strain. Keeping your laptop too close, too far, too low, too high, or at awkward angles can strain the eyes, resulting in headaches, migraines, and weakening of eyesight. However, with a laptop stand, you don't have to worry about any of that. With your laptop placed at an eye level right before you, the eye strain is significantly reduced!

Provides More Desk Space

If you've got a small work desk, your laptop may occupy most of the available space, leaving you with little space for the rest of your workplace essentials. A laptop stand, once again, can make things better for you. When your laptop is lifted off the desk, the desk space is freed, and you can use that space to place other things like your keyboard, mouse, notebook, coffee mug, water bottle, etc.

Closing Word

Who would have thought that this small investment could offer so much value? Although nothing fancy, a laptop stand is an important accessory for laptop users. From helping you minimize the risk of posture-related health conditions to making work more comfortable, a laptop is sure to answer many questions.

If you're looking for a laptop stand to make the laptop using experience safe and fun, you should make sure the laptop stand you choose meets all your requirements. Some common features that you should look for in a laptop stand are a cable management feature, a cup holder, USB ports, and a phone charging slot so you can work comfortably wherever you go!