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6 Benefits of Using a Monitor Mount

30 October 2018

The way you set up your workstation impacts your work performance and even your job satisfaction. Finding the right arrangement for your desk can streamline productivity, boost confidence, and help you feel happier at work. On the flip side, an unsatisfactory setup can cause frustration, make it difficult to get things done, and may even have health consequences if the ergonomics are bad enough. Many employees have developed chronic back pain as a result of a poorly designed desk arrangement.

monitor mount can help you achieve the ideal desk setup that will unlock your productivity and help you feel more comfortable at your desk.

What is a monitor mount?

A monitor mount is a strong but flexible ergonomic arm that supports your monitors. While traditional monitor stands hold your monitor in a stationary, locked position, a monitor mount allows you to move and adjust the height, angle, or position of your monitor. If you have two monitors, you can use monitor mounts to find the perfect arrangement of the two, so they are easy to see and comfortable to look at.

Benefits of Using Monitor Mounts

Monitor mounts let you customize the arrangement of your monitors, which has numerous benefits for your comfort, productivity, and work habits. Read on to learn the top six benefits of using a monitor mount.

1. Work Efficiency

If you’re still using only a laptop to do your work, you’re probably wasting lots of time every day. It can be frustrating to switch back and forth between multiple different windows while you attempt to complete one simple task. With a monitor mount, you can spread your windows out across two screens. Having two monitor mounts is even better — with three screens, you can arrange your windows and files so they are easy to find, view, and edit. You’ll be amazed how adding a monitor mount to your desk will increase your work efficiency.

2. Reduced Neck Pain

We’ve all experienced the feeling of spending hours at our desk absorbed by a project, only to develop a painful crick in our neck. This discomfort can be cured by a monitor mount. With a standard immobile monitor stand, your monitor is stuck at a certain position — and often, it’s the wrong position for you. A monitor that is positioned too high or too low will cause you to crane your neck into awkward angles to view it.

A monitor mount will allow you to customize the height, angle, and depth of your monitor to the most ergonomic position for your body. To be in the correct ergonomic position, you should be able to look at your monitor straight-on without looking up or down, and your neck should be relaxed.

3. Prevent Eye Strain

Staring at a screen all day can cause tired, dry eyes — particularly if it is a screen that is too close or too far from your face. Prevent chronic eye strain by using a monitor mount to find the correct ergonomic placement for your screen. It should be about an arm’s length away from your face, with the top of the monitor tilted slightly away from you.

4. Sit-Stand Versatility

If you have a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, using a monitor mount is even more important. The ideal ergonomic position for your monitor changes whether you’re sitting or standing, so if you have an immobile monitor stand, it’s going to be in the wrong placement at least half the time. With a monitor mount, you can adjust your monitor slightly each time you raise or lower your desk so that it’s always in the most comfortable position.

5. Enhanced Focus

Employees love dual monitor setups because they can spread their work across three screens. This creates a more immersive workstation by limiting your field of vision beyond your screens and thus limiting distractions. You will find it easy to focus on your work — and easier to navigate between different files while you are working.

6. Improved Posture

Sitting at a desk with your monitor in the wrong position can lead to slouching, leaning forward, and other poor posture habits. Over time, sitting with improper posture for extended periods can cause chronic back and joint problems that will impact your health and mobility outside the office. When your monitor, desk, and chair are all ergonomically aligned, sitting with proper posture is the most effortless and natural thing to do and you will notice the benefits right away, with increased comfort and reduced tension.

When you’re uncomfortable, even unconsciously, it’s hard to focus. Improving your posture will not only prevent back problems, it will make you a happier, more productive employee!

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