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6 Easy Best Stretches to Ease Your Lower Back Pain

29 November 2022

We understand that sitting excessively in one spot can lead to unimaginable health complications. Sometimes, the pain may become so unbearable that it starts affecting your zeal and passion for your daily activities.

You might even be forced to stay in bed all day or go to work but without optimal performance. However, we are glad to inform you that there are some stretches you can do to reduce the soreness around your lower back region.

Although getting a treadmill will do much more wonders, these lower back stretch exercises make you feel active throughout the day, live a pain-free life both at home and work and strengthen you to execute any task that comes your way.

With these stretch exercises, we assure you that back and joint issues will no longer be a threat to your life. Now, let's dig deeper!

Why You Need to Try Lower Back Stretching Positions

Especially among folks whose line of work demands sitting in a position for hours, it is very common to experience tightness or soreness around the lower back and joints. But the problem gets more complicated once the pain and discomfort become chronic.

It might prevent you from bending or even walking properly. But we have some good news for you. All these discomforts can be prevented or minimized with some lower back stretches. And these exercises don't require much tools or space before you can try them.

Yes, they can't remedy every back problem but that doesn't mean they won't help you tone down all the stress and pressure on your body.

These exercises will also help you tighten, loosen, and relax all the muscles in your body and this will promote better blood circulation. With a combo of aerobic moves and lower back stretches, inflammation will also be minimized around the sore muscles.

Even muscle cramps will not come near you and you can also pair up these stretches with an automatic traction device to boost the relief you'll feel.

Factors to Consider Before Commencing Any Lower Back Stretching Poses

It's quite reasonable that you'll like to try these stretches without the help of a professional. So we have some tips you need to learn before delving deeper. For instance, not stretching your lower back correctly can further aggravate your condition and destroy your muscles. So let's learn!

Going Slow

The worst event you need to steer clear of is rushing in to attempt these lower back stretches without embarking on a proper warm-up first. You should note that many of the muscles are already tensed and contracted, so suddenly pushing and twisting your body in various directions can lead to wear and tear.

Therefore, if you have enough space in your home office, you should attempt a couple of jumping jacks, push-ups, or skipping for 30 seconds at least. Through this, your muscles will be fully prepared for what's about to hit them.

Hold Each Position

It doesn't make sense that you stretch your tightened muscles without holding onto each position. And the logic here's that the longer you stay in each pose, the deeper the relief you feel.

Even yoga specialists recommend that propping yourself up to 10 seconds in each stretch or pose will make you feel better than folks that do not hold onto each pose they make.

Breathe In and Out Regularly

The most effective way to stretch your lower back is when you double it up with deep and constant breaths. Hence, you should breathe in through your nose, hold for a couple of seconds, and breathe out using your mouth.

As you do this, you should be feeling the passage of air through your lungs. Another advantage here's that concentrating on breathing will help you stay unconscious of the possible distractions in your immediate environment.

Don't Go Rough

You need to be very gentle and flexible while stretching your muscles. And you need to observe this tip religiously, especially when it's your first time.

But if you are suffering from any form of muscle injury, we will not advise that you attempt these lower back stretches without professional assistance. This is because a lower back stretch on an unhealthy body can get worse and even trigger old injuries to open up.

6 Simple Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Child's Pose

This is unarguably the simplest lower back stretch and it's an easy yoga pose that helps you relax all your lumbar muscles. And the first step before attempting this position is that you're on a flat surface.

We'll advise that you go for a floor mat so that your knees won't be bruised. Stretch the two arms with legs bent and tucked under while the palms facing the office floor. You should also widen your hips for as much as your body can allow before loosening them up.

Now, make sure your head faces the floor and extend as far as you can with the two palms. Take your time as you slowly inhale and exhale. At this point, you should feel a sensational pull on your thighs, hips, and lower back region.

However, you need to stop the stretch immediately if you feel uncomfortable.

Hand to Toe Stretch

Have you ever experienced nerve pulls or sore hamstrings? Very excruciating, right? That's another discomfort that this lower back stretch will help you eradicate. It'll give you much-needed ease and relief.

However, you should bear in mind that modesty is key here. This is because overdoing the hand-to-toe stretch can worsen your condition.

Now, you have to lie down comfortably on a firm and flat surface, keep your legs evenly stretched out, and your body straight. Having done this, you have to raise one leg slowly by touching and holding the big toe. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that the leg doesn't bend.

And as straight as it is, start pulling the leg closer to your face. Remember, you are free to stop immediately if you feel pain or discomfort. But as long as you could do it right, we assure you that this stretch will pump full relief around your hips, lower back, and hamstrings.

Knee to Chest

Like the above-discussed exercises, the knee-to-chest demands that you lay comfortably on a flat surface. You need to lie down in a way that you'll directly face the ceiling of the room.

Now, pull up the two legs and ensure that your knees come into close contact with your chest as soon as possible. Hold onto your legs and tilt your hips slowly from one side to another.

Keep the stretching cycle with this pose on for 30 to 40 seconds and relax your body. Do you feel great and relieved? You should go over it again!

However, always remember that modesty is key.

Pelvic Push

This lower back and hip stretch work perfectly for folks with tight or sore joints. So you can trust this technique to send shots of relief to your pelvic bones and offer full support and mobility to the lower part of your body.

Now, you have to lie down comfortably on the floor using a floor mat or blanket. Make sure your palms are down and your legs are at a half-raised angle. As you stay in this position, you should be feeling a mild pull on your lower back muscles.

After that, sway your pelvis upwards 10 to 15 times as you slowly breathe in and out. And don't forget, you breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth.

To address the problem of tension and soreness around your thigh muscles, we will also implore you to stretch your legs onto the sides as you sway upwards.

The Cat Cow

No cause for alarm, you don't need professional guidance to attempt this lower back and hip stretch. It comes in handy for all forms of hip discomfort and it doesn't take much time from your daily schedule.

Just like the child's pose earlier discussed, you have to be on all fours for this pose too. But where the difference lies is that instead of leaning or pushing forward, you have to keep your knees and palms on the floor. In some quarters, this position is also known as the tabletop pose.

Going further, you have to breathe in through your nose, face the upward direction, and fill your stomach with air. After that, curve your back as you breathe out through your mouth.

The purpose of this stretch pose is to flush your hip joints and spinal area with full comfort and relief. And if you know that you can't hold the cat-cow position, the best way out is to invest in a posture control device.

Spinal Twist

Would you like to open up your lower back and glutes? The spinal twist technique is all you need! It'll also double up the mobility rate around your shoulders and lumbar muscles.

However, you need to attempt this pose gently and slowly to escape muscle cramps. In other words, slow and steady!

You need to sit on a flat and comfy with your legs clearly extended out in front of you. Curve one of the legs and position it above the second thigh and, for improved results, you should keep your arm with palms down behind your back as far as possible. That is, right opposite the curved leg.

Now, you have to tilt slowly toward the angle of your arm for two minutes at least and as you do this, you need to take deep breaths regularly. That's how you can remain active and strong!

In as much as you're not feeling pain or discomfort, you can repeat the cycle. And if you can afford it, there are different therapeutic massagers you can get to boost your blood circulation after the whole process.


With a lower back stretch, you would live a robust life free of soreness and inflammations that could throw your whole day and week into chaos. So why not grab these opportunities?

And to ensure that you don't overextend yourself, all the lower back and hip stretches discussed in this blog post will help strike the balance between know-how and caution. Finally, you should always remember to go slow and steady while attempting a lower back stretch and you need to breathe deeply.