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6 Ergonomic Chairs Perfect for Kids with a Large Body Frame

06 September 2021

Sally is a sixth-grader who already stands 5'4 in height. She's very athletic and is taller than other girls in her class. The child feels embarrassed because her classmates call her "Sally the Slender Girl," implying that Sally is big-boned. She has been feeling awkward about it, but the truth is she should be proud of her size.

Being Big-Boned

When you see Sally along the corridors of their campus, you'll understand that she has a large body frame. She gets called the slender girl because people with larger body frames have a higher bone mass but a low body fat percentage. Hence, they stand taller, and they are more significant than others. At times, others perceive them to be fat because of their muscle mass, but the truth is most of them have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). So, once you see a big-boned person, you'd notice that he is long-legged or has broad shoulders and looks athletic, just like Sally. So, in terms of their needs of the equipment pieces, most of them need the ergonomically designed ones and bulky enough to carry them. 

In that case, Flexispot is the brand that Sally needs. This company is a global brand that can protect her bones and muscles from MSD-related injuries such as spine strain. So, moving forward now, let us discuss these things further. 

The Ergo Needs of Larger-Framed People

People with larger body frames are prone to RSI-related problems, mainly if they use non-ergonomic products. These pieces of equipment would cause them injuries. Thus, what they need is to switch to Flexispot. So, why is there a need for Flexispot products?

Flexispot is a global brand of superb products that most office-based and WFH-patrons rely on for their ergonomic needs. Most of the magnificent ergo products from Flexispot are:

Flexispot can help assure everyone that all the ergonomic chairs here are above and beyond the competition in the market. In particular, people with large body frames need the sturdiest ergonomic chairs. So, if you or your child has a large body frame, you may switch to Flexispot because you can ensure that you would not get exposed to spine strain and muscle spasms with these pieces of equipment. In the next part of the discussion, we'll enumerate some of the magnificent ergonomic chairs of Flexispot. In addition, we'll discuss each of the best attributes of these chair products and how they could aid the needs of people like Sally. So, let's start. 

6 Flexispot Ergo Chairs

Under Desk Bike V9U

a. Under Desk Bike V9U

The first one on the list is a superb standing desk mate. You could let your child use it with the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing desk, a significant and tall desk product. Ideally, this desk bike can fit a height that reaches up to 6'2. So, it shows that this desk bike can give your child or you the proper sense of balance. 

This desk bike has a seat cushion that is easy to adjust. With an easy grip on the adjuster just below the seating area, your child can achieve the height level suitable for him. 

Further, this desk bike has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, so it could bear the weight of your child without making him lose balance or fall off his seat. He could also turn the resistance dial and set the resistance level that best suits his needs. Through the resistance level, he could keep his stance and avoid getting injured. As he cycles on the pedals of this desk bike, he could strengthen his core muscles. There is a downside to having a larger body frame. Some people are prone to worse muscle injuries. 

Not only that, prominent body-framed people have a longer time to recover from the injury because their nerve impulses take longer to complete than those with short stature. Hence, if you notice, athletes have more severe accidents. 

Despite this fact, you don't need to worry that your child would lose balance and hit his hips and lumbar on the floor because this desk bike from Flexispot can ensure your child's safety. 

Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

b. Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

The next on the list is a sturdy chair from Flexispot. Although it does not have the height adjusters, unlike the other office chairs from Flexispot, you can ensure that he would sit on an ergonomic chair with the most convenient cushion. 

This accent chair from Flexispot has a curved design that keeps the spine ergonomically curved and free from slouching that causes much pressure on the back. Hence, when your child uses this chair, you can ensure that his whole body would be contoured. 

Most of all, the height range reaches up to 33" so your child can fully lay his feet flat on the floor and would not recline at all. Hence, he can be safe from the incorrect posture. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

c. Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

This next chair is another big and tall ergo chair from Flexispot. It has a 300lb-weight capacity and has a rocking function that ranges from 90-degrees to 135-degrees, so it could give your child the absolute comfort that he needs when he sits here. 

This ergo chair also has a wide backrest that could support your child's broad shoulder and torso. Compared to non-ergonomic chairs, this product could support the cervical spine and backbone of your child. As a result, your child can be safe from the spine strain that can cause RSI in the long run. 

Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms 287

d. Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms 287

This product is another ergonomic chair that has an ultra-wide design and an adjustable built-in lumbar support. It's well-padded from the headrest to the cushion. It's an office leather chair that does not accumulate body heat although it has a thicken padded seat. Instead, it's a breathable material that can give utmost comfort to the person sitting on it. So, if you choose this product for your child, he'd get the absolute ergonomic protection that he needs because his back gets fully covered with this chair.

Reclining Executive Office Chair with Footrest 290

e. Reclining Executive Office Chair with Footrest 290

The fifth product on the list is an office chair that has superb lumbar support. With a non-ergonomic office chair, your child's back would get sore. So, this kind of chair would be advisable for him. 

What's more impressive is it has a footrest, so you may ensure that your child could stretch his legs and feet while playing games or studying. What's good about it is his blood could circulate well when he puts his legs and feet on this chair. 

Ergonomic High Back Office Chair 7997

f. Ergonomic High Back Office Chair 7997

The last chair on the list is an ergonomic chair with an S-shape waterfall design that can contour the person's back. It can protect your child against slouching. Most of all, this chair has the perfect neck and back support so, you would not worry that his neck and back would get sore, so this chair is recommendable for him. 

Final Thoughts

Having a large body frame has many advantages because the person is not prone to obesity. However, they are still prone to severe injuries. So, kids like Sally should have the best ergonomic pieces at home to get the ergo protection they need. Hence, if you're thinking of purchasing the ideal equipment piece, then you can trust Flexispot for your child's needs.