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6 Meaningful Activities to do this Father's Day

13 June 2022

Is it just us or is it hard to think of what to do every year on Father’s Day?

While of course the cause for celebration never changes, it’s also the same reason why we’re probably struggling to think of activities to do. You might have a dad who’s done every little thing in the world that you can’t think of that will make him feel more special on this day. Maybe you have a dad who’s hard to please or someone who is not as outgoing as you are. Maybe you have a dad who’s not up to celebrating and just prefers to stay at home.

Whatever the reason is, remind yourself that fathers will always have fun with you and the family. They will always feel special in your company. You might not even need to think too much about it.

But we do understand the struggle so we thought we could help craft ideas on what’s fun to do on this year’s Father’s Day. It falls on June 19 this year so you have more or less two weeks to think about what you plan to do with your dad that will make him feel extra special and loved on that day.

First off, you have to go back to the very basics. What does your dad like? What is he into? What’s his personality? Does he prefer to stay home or go outside? Second, you have to think about your budget. How much can you spend to pay for the day’s activities? Third, you need to think of the time. Does your father have a commitment on June 19 or are other members of the family not available the whole day? Fourth, you have to consider external factors such as the weather and the availability of the activity you want to do.

Once you’ve figured out the answer to these questions, you can think of the possible activities for the whole family to have fun on Father’s Day. Here are a few suggestions you can tweak accordingly:

Plan and play games with your dad that will make him the center of attention.

1. Plan and play games with your dad that will make him the center of attention.

Dads are often considered the playmates of their children. They want to run around with dad or play board games with him. Why not make your own game wherein all the players would be answering facts about dad. Or you could have a scavenger hunt wherein dad will follow all the clues that you give him for every spot until it leads him to the ultimate treasure. Just make sure that even if the atmosphere is competitive, that everyone will still have a great time with one another. At the end of the day, Dad must emerge as the winner.

Have a picnic and talk about your memories with Dad

2. Have a picnic and talk about your memories with Dad.

Ask everyone to bring photos with Dad and talk about it one by one. Focus on the memories behind the photos and make your dad remember the moment and let him know why it was memorable for you. Your dad may not be the sentimental type but you'll be surprised that even his tough heart can soften when he hears how special he is to you and your shared life together. He might even hear of details or of stories for the first time ever. Old memories will take a whole new form in his mind that he will treasure forever.

Make a homemade gift for Dad.

3. Make a homemade gift for Dad.

Why not make your gift for Dad together? On Father’s Day, you can sit down and write each other a handwritten letter. Or you can teach him how to knit and make a sweater out of the afternoon. You can bake cookies together or make a clay pot for the very first time. You might want to paint dad in real time so make him post before you for an acrylic painting. You can also make a scrapbook together and talk about the memories behind each photo that you’ll put. Take a trip down memory lane on the way to your father’s heart this coming Father’s Day.

We’re very sure that your Dad will appreciate the bonding time and the effort that you put out for the gift to come to being. He will really love it because it comes from a person he loves and holds dear in his life.

Shop for a practical gift.

4. Shop for a practical gift.

While we love to be sentimental and you can still 100% be, you can also give dad a practical gift. Dads often love gifts that they can use regularly probably because it helps make their daily lives convenient or they are reminded of your care and concern for them whenever they use the item that you gave. Most likely, they would even boast about it to their friends and recommend them to buy what you gave them. If you want to upgrade the quality of life your father lives, do not hesitate to hand him an ergonomic piece of furniture in his workspace. FlexiSpot has a lot of items that can help him inject movement in his daily work grind, make his body comfortable while working, and protect him from the dangers of prolonged sitting.

Drive your dad to a destination he has never been or somewhere that reminds him of his childhood.

5. Drive your dad to a destination he has never been or somewhere that reminds him of his childhood.

Let your dad rest and offer to take the driving seat this weekend. Take him to a special place from his past and make a brand new memory there that he will cherish forever. The road trip is already part of the destination wherein you can enjoy jamming with songs or playing games while on the road. You can have food stopovers and take dozens of photos. Surprise your dad with the littlest of things and make sure you take home memorabilia of this simple road trip.

Perform for Dad.

6. Perform for Dad.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a talented singer, dancer, actor, or not talented at all. You can try your best to sing a song or do a short skit for your dad. Again, the story should be about him and your relationship. You can even ask for the participation of the whole family. Maybe you can stage a talent show and each will perform different acts for Dad.