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6 Ways Ignoring Ergonomics Will Cost You Sales

04 April 2024

Incorporating ergonomics in the workplace has many benefits, and the biggest one is that it improves the reputation of your company and business. employees make up the work culture of a business and reflect the success of any business. Happy employees make a positive impression on the company, help gain more clients, and speak volumes about the company. Here is a detailed explanation of what ergonomics is, how it can be applied to the work environment, and how it benefits any business and affects its growth in a positive way.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a trending development today that has applications in all aspects of life. it has been designed to help improve efficiency in the workplace as in everyday tasks without compromising the individual's physical health.

People have been performing physical tasks for years and adjusting their bodies according to the task's requirements. Labor-intensive tasks such as those that require heavy lifting, bending, and overhead tasks can take a toll on a laborer's body and can cause accidents, long-term disabilities, and other painful conditions. One might assume that performing desk jobs is not damaging to health, but that is incorrect. Most people spend most of their lives working desk jobs that require them to sit for extended hours. This can put a great deal of strain on their backs, necks, shoulders, and spines. Spinal misalignments can occur, which can result in upper and lower back pain. Disc bulging can occur, causing nerve pain, stiffness, tingling, and numbness in various parts of the body.

Ergonomics is the study of people in their work environments, and it aims to create the optimum conditions to avoid health problems due to work-related tasks.

How Can Ergonomics Help You Get More Business

1. Improved Work Conditions

Ergonomic Furniture

This is one of the most important features of the office environment. Ergonomic furniture is very important whether it is a home office or in an office. This is where office workers spend the most amount of time and therefore should be the most comfortable. Here are some great options for ergonomic office furniture and its benefits.

Ergonomic Office Chair

This is where an office worker spends the most amount of their time. Sitting for extended periods can cause back. Neck and shoulder pain. Some people may suffer from stiffness, numbness, and tingling as well. Most symptoms do not appear early on and may take some time to come up. Therefore, it is important not to ignore when the first signs come up. Ideally, you should make yourself aware of the correct sitting posture and invest in the best ergonomic office chair to ensure proper spine alignment and avoid any signs of discomfort and pain.

An ergonomic office chair has the following features:

It should be made of excellent quality and durable material

1. The seat should be wide and large enough to be easily used by different users. It should be able to comfortably seat and support the thighs as well as the hips

2. The seat should be made of breathable material that can easily be cleaned and allow air to pass through. Synthetic materials are not breathable and make the user feel hot and uncomfortable

3. The seat height should be adjustable. The ideal sitting posture is one where the person has their feet flat on the ground and not hanging above the ground. The seat should not even be too low as it can cause the knees to overbend. An adjustable height of the chair will allow different users to use the seat as well as adjust the height to the optimum level.

4. The chair should be movable so that the user can get from one place to another around the office easily

5. The chair should have a swivel option so the user can reach different items on the desk and around the office

6. The chair should include a good back and lumbar support to provide appropriate support to the back and help maintain the natural S curve of the spine

7. Head and footrests may be included in the office chair for added support

8. Browse through the FlexiSpot website to select the best option for ergonomic office chairs. They are ideal for use in the office and can significantly improve physical health.

Ergonomic Office Convertible Standing Desk

A convertible office desk can be converted into a standing or a sitting desk. A standing desk is one that the user works on while standing. Since there has been a great deal of talk about sitting for prolonged hours behind a desk and its negative effects on posture and back-related problems, the standing desk provides a break from sitting for long hours. it can easily be elevated to the correct height and allows the user to continue working while standing. It is recommended to take a break every thirty minutes from sitting to standing or taking a bathroom or water break.

Visit FlexiSpot to shop from a range of fantastic standing desks that are ideal for your work environment. Take positive ergonomic steps early on before a problem arises, and it is too late.

Ergonomic Lighting

Ergonomic lighting is essential for the workplace. The best type of lighting is natural daylight. You must aim to incorporate the maximum amount of daylight into your office by adding large windows and skylights. It is essential to reduce glare from direct sunlight by adding screens and frosting on the windows or placing plants outside them to create a diffused effect. Working in proper lighting has the following benefits:

Prevents Eye Strain

Working in dim light causes the eye muscles to work harder, causing them to become overworked. The eyes need optimum light to create images, and without proper light causes discomfort in the eyes and makes them painful. It can result in blurred vision, discomfort, and itchiness.

Keeps Workers Alert

Dim light activates the sleep center in the brain and makes workers sleepy and inactive. It results in causing

Prevents Headaches

Excessive strain on the eyes caused by working in dim light results in headaches. Improved lighting would put less strain on the eyes and decrease headaches caused by it.

Improves Mood

Bright light, especially natural light, triggers the release of cortisol, a 'happiness hormone' that instantly improves mood. The opposite happens when you are sitting in a dark and gloomy environment. An improved mood improves performance and work and

Ergonomic Equipment

All equipment, such as laptops, computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice, should be placed at the correct height and distance. All screens should be placed at eye level so that the user does not have to bend their head or extend their necks to look up. Keyboards and mice should be placed within reach so that the arms do not have to be over-extended to work.

You can invest in a desk bike from FlexiSpot to get in a work out while you work as well. it is recommended to take frequent breaks from sitting to prevent stiffness of the back and to improve posture.

2. For Better Physical Health And Posture

Ergonomics in the work place help people to continue working while improving their posture and avoiding putting stresses and strains on the back, neck, shoulders, and lower body. The sooner you adopt an ergonomic lifestyle the better it is rather than waiting for symptoms to begin.

3. Happier Employees

Healthier employees are happier employees. By introducing ergonomics in the workplace, employees do not suffer from being overworked and fatigued. This improves their mood and makes them happier at the workplace. Employees feel encouraged knowing that their company cares for their well-being and that their safety is the top priority.

4. Improved Work Quality

Motivated and healthier employees perform better in the workplace, and this benefits the overall productivity of the business as well as the quality.

5. Decreased Risk Of Losing Money On Medical Insurance

Overexertion in the workplace is the most common cause of injuries and risk of disabilities in the workplace. by incorporating ergonomics in the workplace, there is a decreased risk of injuries and, therefore, a minimized risk of losses that the company incurs on medical insurance.

6. Delayed Retirement Of Employees

Employees who have been with the company for a long time and have to retire early due to fatigue and decreased work capacity can now extend their employment due to ergonomics and improved health conditions.

The Final Word

Ergonomics in the workplace is a fairly new concept but is gaining popularity very quickly and for a good reason. For years people have suffered health problems due to uncomfortable work conditions, which have led to injuries, disabilities, overexertion, fatigue and decreased quality of work, and unhappy employees. With ergonomics, all of these problems can be improved on with the resultant positive effects of an increase in the growth of the business and improved quality of work. Visit FlexiSpot for the best ergonomic changes to bring to your office setting.