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6 Ways on How You Can Secure A Job

10 July 2024

You might already be getting frustrated for still being unemployed. There's this feeling of helplessness and inadequacy about why you aren't being chosen by the companies you have been applying for. You regret quitting your job without a new job that will replace it.

Before we give any kind of detailed advice, please hear this first: Do not give up. Everyone went through a phase of receiving NOs until they received their YES. You just haven't found a company that's willing to take a risk for you. You might get discouraged from rejects but reframe your mindset into one that is exciting for you to finally land a job that will fit you like a glove. If you need to get hired very soon, then you're starting on the right foot with a high motivation, to begin with.

First, you need to back yourself up with proper research on how you can be directed to suitable job openings. Make sure that your resume is noticeable among a sea of other applicants. Maximize your network and continue widening it as you look for a job. Below are some tips from us that you can do to finally get hired for a job position that would hopefully make you the happiest and shine the brightest.


1. Strategize.

If we haven't emphasized it enough, research is a vital part of the application process. It shows that you are highly interested in getting accepted into a job when you know the projects, history, mission, and vision of the company you are applying for—basically, its company profile. It's also a major plus if you know what is expected from you for the job position that you are applying for. Our expert tip is to do research on your interviewer as well so that you can tailor your answers according to your interviewer's own insights. Of course, it's still very important to be yourself but learn from other people about how they speak and act during conversations.

Remember that you are also judging the interviewer yourself. Feel free to ask questions until you've run out of them. You should have a checklist of what you’re looking for in an employer so that when you get offers, it will be easy to go through them.

Treat job hunting as your day job.

2. Treat job hunting as your day job.

Since you really want to get hired soon, you need to look for a job in the most diligent way you can. When you're employed, you give eight hours to yourself at your job, right? That's how long you should be hunting for a day job too. Be aggressive. No one will know how many jobs you applied for. Just send and send to companies with openings that you find suitable for you. Update your work profile online and connect with hiring agents. Your task from here on is to get hired for a job. You are already a step closer to employment once you hear back from these companies.

Be selective but not too closed for every opportunity.

3. Be selective but not too close to every opportunity.

Your goal is to get hired soon so you need to work towards achieving that goal. Know now that you won't get everything on your checklist. Just make sure you have a list of non-negotiables so you can easily drop those that don't pass those criteria. If they have your non-negotiables but have certain circumstances that may not be so ideal for you, adjust. Be flexible if you can. For example, if it's just another 30 minutes of commuting to the office and going home, why not sacrifice and say yes to that? You can do things while on the commute or you can wake up early so you don't really lose that much time. Cut the excuses so that you get hired soon. Plus, employment doesn't mean your company can stop you from still looking for jobs. You can continue your job hunt while being employed.

Apply for jobs that are suitable for you.

4. Apply for jobs that are suitable for you.

There are a thousand jobs out there so for sure, there is one opening waiting for you. If you need to get hired desperately, then you should apply for a job that you are qualified for. This will make you a viable and strong candidate for the position because remember, you are not the only one hunting for a job at the moment. You might be able to like a job but you will be up against other applicants. This means your resume should stand out and it will if you are qualified for the job in the first place. This might not hold true all the time but in your case that you need to get employed as soon as possible, you need to be qualified for the job posting so that you don't hear another heartbreak.

Wait for results but do not stop applying during this time.

5. Wait for results but do not stop applying during this time.

Of course, you will have to wait if you get accepted or not. Of course, you would need to follow up with these companies if they haven't reached out to you in a week. But it doesn't mean that you are already waiting for a job order, that you won't be applying or continuing your application for other jobs. Just continue sending out your resume every day until you bag a job. The best scenario that can happen is that you will be choosing from multiple jobs offers so again, don't hesitate to apply and apply as much as you can.

Ace your interview.

6. Ace your interview.

Someone in the company you applied for will reach out to you. Don't throw this chance to be at your best performance. Show them what you got during the interview. Research about the company. Make a list of questions that they might ask you, based on the job posting and the resume that you sent them. Practice answering these questions in front of a mirror. Record yourself so that you can make pointers on how you can improve. You can ask the help of your siblings or of a friend to evaluate you. Make sure to sell yourself, mentioning all your related skills to the job position. This is not the time to be humble so unload all those guns. Since most interviews are done online now, do not forget to look your best. Dress appropriately. Establish eye contact. Use a monitor mount so that you can adjust your computer screen to be at eye level.