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6 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser

03 April 2024

If you are looking to decorate your bedroom dresser, you've come to the right place.

There are multiple ways you can decorate your dresser to make it functional, look aesthetically pleasing, and make it the focal point of the bedroom. However, figuring out how to decorate your dresser can be quite confusing.

Too often, we make our dresser a place where we dump our jewelry, accessories, books, toiletries, and more. They start gathering clutter and then don't look pleasing. However, decorating your bedroom dresser can be difficult since you dont know where to start. There are also many things to consider when designing your dresser; you have to make sure it matches your furniture in terms of decoration. You also need to retain the same vibe and feel of the room.

This is why we have compiled this thorough guide with the best tips and tricks on how to decorate a dresser.

How to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser: Step by Step Guide

You don't need to be an interior designer to know how to efficiently decorate and beautify your bedroom dresser. You simply need to know all of the best tips that can improve its appearance, reduce the build-up of clutter, and make your overall space unique.

If you have gotten the stunning fabric dresser from FlexiSpot, you should know how to make it look even better. Here are some of the best steps and guidelines to follow when decorating your bedroom dresser:

1. Clean It and Start with a Bare Slate

First things first; if you are redecorating your dresser, then the first thing you must do is start with a clean slate. This will help you reduce the clutter and accumulation of objects on your dresser as well. Hence, you should take everything off the dresser and set them aside.

This is also a good time for you to get rid of anything that does not need to stay on the dresser.

You should also clean your dresser with some polish to remove any grime, dust, or buildup.

2. Add a Focal Point

There should ideally be something large above the dresser that should act as the focal point of the entire area around the dresser. This can be a large window, an artwork piece, or a hanging mirror. Whatever object you choose, make sure it is not more than half the width of the entire dresser. The focal point should not be wider or bigger than the dresser itself otherwise it will look out of balance and odd.

3. Find a Tall Object to Place on the Dresser

The next thing you need is a tall object that you can place on the side or corner of the dresser. This will help strike a balance and draw attention to your dresser. You can consider placing a tall lamp here or a large vase. Other examples of tall objects include decorative baskets, upright jewelry boxes, or tall candles.

4. Set a Tray

By this point, you have something tall and something wide on your dresser. The next thing you need is a low-hanging, horizontal, and long object. The best option that fits all of these qualities is a tray. A tray is a great addition to the dresser because you can keep all sorts of things on it, such as your everyday jewelry, toiletries, or perfumes.

Since this tray will be front and center on your dresser, you should get one that is striking, attractive, and stylish. Avoid placing an acrylic or plain tray here.

5. Add Your Accessorize

Once you have set up your tray, tall object, and focal point object, it is time to start filling it with all of your accessories, jewelry, perfume, toiletries, and trinkets. Depending on what you like, you can place them on the tray, in an upright jewelry box on the dresser, or in the drawers.

6. Review the Results

Once you have incorporated all of the elements and followed the above-mentioned steps, it is time to step back and look at the result of your decoration efforts. You should see if everything is symmetrically aligned and looks good together. If there are any adjustments to make, you should do those now.

Moreover, you should remember that decorating your dresser does not involve any hard and fast rules; the main aim you should have is that it should look good to you.

Tips on How to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser

Now that you know about the essential steps in setting up your dresser, if you are looking for ways to dazzle it up and enhance its appearance, take a look at the following tips:

Get a Dresser that Matches with Your Furniture

To create an appealing and cohesive look for your bedroom, you should get a dresser that matches the rest of the items in your room. For example, if your furniture is white-colored, you should get a white-colored dresser. You might be tempted to go with contrast, but this might be risky since it can easily create a cluttered and messy look.

Choose a Dresser with Built-in Decoration

Ideally, your dresser should already have decoration on it and look good. This will help reduce your work of making it look good. For example, the fabric dresser from FlexiSpot with its simple colors and sleek handles looks stunning in itself. It will only require a bit of decoration.

However, you should still make sure that the style of the dresser matches the overall style of your bedroom and your personality.

Layer Mirror and Art

Another great tip to remember when decorating your dresser is to try to layer art and mirrors together. This trend adds a great touch of sleekness and modernity to the dresser. If you follow this, then you should get either a hanging mirror or lean the mirror against the wall. Similarly, you should arrange the art pieces on the wall so that it is leaning on it.

Vintage art is making a comeback in recent years, so adding a touch of that is a great idea. However, ensure that it aligns with your room as well. If you have a coastal or rustic style in your bedroom, then get art that matches this.

Add Greenery

You can never go wrong with some plants on your dresser. For example, for something tall on your dresser, you can simply get a vase with plants or flowers in it. Similarly, you can also arrange a large indoor houseplant next to the dresser. This will add an aesthetic touch to your room and make it fresher.

You don't necessarily need to get real plants or flowers; you can also go with faux ones. These can help reduce your work as well since you won't have to maintain them.

Incorporate a Structural Element

If you have primarily horizontal space, you should consider adding a structural element to your room. Something natural would be a great idea; such as a piece of coral or a large wooden branch. You can set it next to your dresser to give it a rustic feel.

Invest in Aesthetic Storage Accessories

There are tons of stunning aesthetic storage items on the market these days. From marble trays to lacquer-finished jewelry boxes; you can choose from a variety of accessories. You can also place these storage accessories on top of your dresser, especially if they look aesthetically pleasing. Other ideas include trays to hold your perfume and boxes as well as small bowls to hold jewelry that you wear frequently.

Create a Balance

An important tip to keep in mind when decorating your dresser is to ensure that there is always a balance. There should be a balance in your overall room with the furniture and items in the room. Similarly, there should also be a balance in terms of the objects you keep on top of the dresser. This is a tip that all style experts recommend.

The balance on the dresser refers to the balance of tall and short objects as well as vertical and horizontal. If you have placed a long object like a vase on the dresser, ensure that you complement it with a horizontal item like a tray. Moreover, accent pieces should also be placed on the corners and opposite each other. Some accent pieces you can keep on your dresser are candles, decorative boxes, framed photos, and artwork.

Final Words

Styling and decorating your dresser does not seem that complicated once you know the basics. Simply follow the aforementioned steps and tips mentioned in this guide and the result will be a beautiful, well-balanced, clutter-free, and practical dresser.

Consider getting the fabric dresser from FlexiSpot. It comes in different colors and has massive storage space to keep a myriad of things in it. Not to mention, it is incredibly versatile and would look good in your bedroom, nursery, or closet.