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6 Ways to Stay Healthy in a 9-5 Job

17 February 2023

Desk jobs, especially the ones requiring you to stay seated for long hours each day, can be quite taxing on your body. They require you to be in a still position for most of the day, only moving your hands to get different tasks completed on your computer. Not only does this put a tremendous amount of strain on your neck and back, but it can also be quite damaging to your eyesight and wrists.

9-5 jobs may pay well, but they can also impact your health severely if you aren't careful. After all, human beings aren't designed to be sitting for most of the day. Our lives aren't supposed to be sedentary like this. Unfortunately, long work hours are the most common reason cited for people not staying healthy. People report not having enough time to manage their diet, exercise, and other essentials needed to stay healthy after they head home for the day. This has led to an increased prevalence of diseases like obesity, back pains, diabetes, and even mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, as people simply don't feel good.

However, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways of staying healthy even with long work hours. Read on to find out how to stay healthy in a 9-5 job. Let's start!

How to Stay Healthy in a 9-5 Job

1. Stay Hydrated

People often rely on their iced coffees and smoothies to stay hydrated, but it is important to realize that you need water to properly nourish your body. Drinking water at regular intervals while you work is extremely important. It helps you stay hydrated and feel fresh throughout the workday.

Drinking water also prevents instances of overeating and snacking on unhealthy, processed food. By drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water during each workday, you allow your body the following benefits:

Improved transport of nutrients and oxygen to different cells across your body

Improved digestion of food

Normalized blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Regulated body temperature.

Cushioned joints for reduced strain on the body

All of these benefits come together to improve your focus and concentration skills. They allow you to perform better at work and get more done within the same time frame. You might even find yourself completing your work quicker and being able to sign out of work earlier as you perform more productively and complete your tasks for the day.

2. Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

One of the best ways of staying healthy while working long hours is by investing in ergonomic furniture. While specially designed and ergonomic furniture might be a little on the pricier side, it is significantly better for your health. This type of furniture always proves to be a good investment as it lasts longer and is significantly more durable. It is better for your body as it offers the right kind of support to prevent strain and tensed muscles.

Ergonomic furniture ensures that you sit in the right posture while you work. It keeps your elbows and wrists at the right angle to prevent injuries and health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, ergonomic furniture offers you adequate back and neck support. It also makes sure that you can set your work desk at the right angle, so your computer screen is perfectly aligned with your eyesight to prevent strain or itchiness.

3. Exercise Consistently

One of the most important aspects of healthy living is exercise. Unfortunately, most people don't have the energy to hit the gym after work. So, what can be done to ensure that you get plenty of exercise during busy weekdays?

Well, a great way to exercise is to do it at work! Strange as it may sound, there are plenty of different machines and equipment now available to help you exercise at work. You can invest in a desk bike or get a foldable treadmill from FlexiSpot to get your workout done for the day. You can also look up ways to do yoga while at work and follow tutorials to get your body moving.

Remember, exercise doesn't just burn calories; it also improves your overall body functioning. It allows your mind to work better, thus improving your concentration skills and ensuring that you can focus better on the tasks at hand. Exercise also releases endorphins which are great mood boosters that help you stay calm and collected during long work meetings. It promotes increased levels of productivity and allows you to bring your most creative spirit forward to score new clients and improve your work performance.

All in all, exercise should be seen as an investment in the way your mind and bodywork. It helps you perform better at work as well, thus making those extra minutes spent getting your steps in for the day well worth it!

4. Take Walking/Standing Meetings

In a 9-5 job, you are bound to lead quite a sedentary lifestyle as you remain sitting for long hours during the day. When you head home, you probably dive straight onto your couch to watch a few episodes of your favorite show before turning in for the night. After all, you are probably too mentally and physically exhausted to do much else.

Comfortable as this routine may be, it isn't doing any favors for your health. Such sedentary lifestyles can be quite damaging to your mental and physical health. It limits movement and opportunities for growth as you spend the entire seated by your desk, working on a computer screen.

A great way to break free from this sedentary lifestyle in the workplace is by taking walking or standing meetings. Prepare for your meetings to be conducted over the phone or on your handheld laptop to make it easier to conduct them without needing a large computer screen. Moreover, you can also carry a small notebook around to jot down any important points and remember to discuss all the keynotes.

You'll be amazed at how many steps you can get in each day if you take walking meetings. You will also feel significantly more refreshed and active by the end of the meeting, allowing you to perform better and get more done.

If you prefer standing meetings in the office, the Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk from FlexiSpot will prove to be a great investment for you! The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk is a highly innovative product that allows you to work while standing or sitting, depending on your preferences. You can also switch numerous times a day at your convenience, allowing your body a chance to change postures and not get strained.

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk comes with a dual-motor lifting system with an enhanced structure. This means it can host an increased loading capacity and still continues to stay highly stable for uninterrupted workflow throughout the day.

The smooth transition from a sitting to a standing position without any wobbling further makes this standing desk a great find. It has a lifting speed of 1.4"/second and a weight capacity of 220 lbs., so it can easily hold your computer system and other office essentials. The standing desk is further enhanced with an anti-collision mechanism, making it exceptionally safe to use.

Here are some other benefits to keep in mind about the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk:

USB charging ports for your convenience.

A spacious desktop that is environmentally sourced.

Advanced safety features.

Easy assembly.

5. Socialize With Your Colleagues

Having friends and socializing with people you enjoy spending time with is essential for healthy human living. Socialization is one of the most important factors of a happy and healthy life. It is as good for your health as quitting smoking! So, be sure to set aside time during the weekends for your friends and loved ones. Call your mom over your lunch break to catch up and reach out to friends who have become estranged in hopes of rekindling your friendship.

The best way to enjoy life is by having the people you love and care for by your side. Don't let your 9-5 job take that away from you!

6. Schedule Your Personal and Professional Lives

Lastly, it is important to schedule both your personal and professional lives. As a young individual trying to make their dreams come true, it can be all too easy to lose yourself in the race for career growth and progression. Your eagerness to climb the corporate ladder could have resulted in you putting your personal life on hold for the moment, and sooner than later, you'll realize that you've lost touch with all of your friends and family.

Never let yourself get so engrossed with work that you forget to enjoy life alongside it. Try your best to schedule some time for your hobbies and interests. Make the most of your days off and reach out to friends and family members after you're done for the day. Remember, your work tasks will still be around after you return from your much-needed vacation!