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7 Best Ergonomic Laptop Tips for Your Home Office

04 June 2024

Working from home is an inevitable reality of modern life. While it all started as an effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the modern-day working norm. Millions of people worldwide with desk jobs have now transformed their kitchen tables into their desks and bedrooms into home offices, and there is no going back.

And while working from home is the new workplace norm, it's not possible without the use of a laptop. Since working on a laptop or screen is another unavoidable truth of modern workplaces, many individuals who work without a proper desk and chair are unaware of how to work at home with a laptop effectively.

If you are struggling with working at home, here are a few ergonomic laptop tips so you can work comfortably at your home office. But before we get into the ergonomic laptop tips to enhance your health and productivity, let's examine why working on a laptop at home can be an ergonomic risk for you.

Why Working on a Laptop at Home is an Ergonomic Risk?

Laptops were primarily not designed to be used all day. Instead, they were intended for jobs that require travel and being on the go allowing employees to get their work done during meetings and travel.

However, over the years, using a laptop has become the workplace norm as it allows you to be on the go without being limited to your workstation. And it became a necessity during the pandemic as millions of people had to work from remote locations.

However, not many individuals who use a laptop realize that the equipment can lead to significant health risks if used regularly without the appropriate care.

Continuous working on a laptop can cause your back, neck, and shoulder muscles to strain, which leads to aches, pain, and more severe health conditions of the spine. Moreover, regular laptop use can strain your eyes and lead to repetitive stress injuries of the arms and hands.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage these conditions by learning a few ergonomic laptop tips that can help you safely use the laptop without worrying about your health, and that's what we look at in this post.

7 Ergonomic Laptop Tips for Your Home Office

#1. Raise Your Laptop to Eye Level

Working on a laptop placed below your eye level can lead to neck strain. Over time, the position can lead to pain and discomfort in your neck and shoulders. Moreover, it can also lead to straining your eyes.

Hence, the first ergonomic laptop tip that you need to try out is to place your laptop such that it is at your eye level. Raising your laptop will help reduce the strain on your neck and prevent the discomfort of your neck, shoulders, and spine.

If you are working at home and do not have a home office set up yet, you can plan on investing in an appropriate working desk. If you already have a desk that doesn't allow you to place your laptop at eye level, you can choose workplace accessories such as desk converters that allow you to raise the level of your laptop so you can work conveniently without straining your body.

#2. Adjust Your Documents Accordingly

If your job requires you to look at some papers or documents and then switch your gaze to the screen, it's best to adjust the position of your documents while you adjust your laptop's position.

By raising your book and/or papers at an angle, you won't have to bend your neck repeatedly to view the document, which will help reduce the strain on your spine.

#3. Invest in a Wireless Mouse or Keyboard

One of the common concerns associated with prolonged use of laptops is strain and discomfort of hands and wrists.

The ergonomic tip that can help you deal with this problem is an investment in a wireless mouse and keyboard. Using a wireless mouse and keyboard will prevent the strain on your hands and wrists created when you have to type or use the mouse on the laptop.

#4. Ensure that Your Arms Are At a 90 degree Angle

Another common mistake many laptop users make while working at home is leaning their wrists against the desk edge. Placing your wrist in this position can lead to many types of wrist and hand injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fortunately, you can avoid this painful condition by ensuring that you place your arms at a 90o angle. Placing your arms in this position ensures minimal stress on your wrist and hands. You can do so by adjusting the position of your desk and/or chair so your wrist can rest appropriately on your workstation.

#5. Invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair and Desk

The idea of working on your couch or kitchen stool may appear tempting to many individuals working at home. However, it's not the right thing to do, especially for your neck, back and shoulders. Sitting on your couch or kitchen stool while working can lead to awkward positions, which results in neck, back, and shoulder pain. If you persistently stay in such awkward positions, it can lead to more severe health concerns, including spinal stenosis and disc prolapse.

The solution to this problem lies in investing in an ergonomic office chair and using it daily as a part of your specific working area.

However, many individuals working at home are reluctant to invest in ergonomic office chairs because they seem hefty. Others don't go for ergonomic office chairs because they don't fit in well with your home's existing theme or décor.

But that's not the case with all ergonomic office chairs. You can find sleek and stylish ergonomic office chairs that can gel in well with any type of home décor. One of the reliable and sleek ergonomic office chairs that can be a great addition to your home office is Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1839 by FlexiSpot. The ergonomically-designed, durable chair will prevent neck flexion and allow you to maintain good posture while you are working. Hence, reducing the risk of twisting and awkward postures that contributes to discomfort.

While investing in an ergonomic office chair will allow you to maintain a good posture, you will also need to choose a designated working station. A desk and an ergonomic office chair will help you create a home-based work setup that will enhance your well-being and productivity as you work from home.

#6. Be Mindful While Taking Care of Pets and Young Children

One of the inevitable realities of working from home is distractions. If you are a parent or a pet parent, you would know the challenges you will experience while working from home. When your little one or pet knows you are at home, they will come to your workspace and seek attention and love.

And many individuals who are working at home with a laptop tend to cater to the needs of their children and pets without realizing that it's very easy to get into an awkward position when you love, cuddle or hold your child or pet.

An ergonomic laptop tip that can help individuals working at home with young children and pets is to be mindful of your posture while you love your pet or child. It's essential that you don't get into awkward postures when you love an animal or child. Moreover, you should also work in a dedicated office space at home, which can help you reduce distractions and lower the risk of getting into awkward postures while working.

If you have a young child at home that requires your love and attention, you can also consider investing in a sling or baby carrier that allows you to hold your baby without compromising on your position.

#7. Place Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

When you are working at home, many individuals do not give enough consideration to their foot placement. As a result, it strains their back and contributes to several spinal concerns.

A solution to this problem is to place your feet firmly on the ground by adjusting the height of your chair. However, if adjusting your chair's height isn't possible, you can consider investing in a foot stand to support your feet and your spine.

We hope these seven ergonomic laptop tips will help you feel great as you work at your home office. If you want to find out more about how you can create an ergonomic home office, get in touch with FlexiSpot today.