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7 Days, 7 Ways to Make Life-Changing Steps

24 October 2022

Even though seven days won't be enough to transform your life, you can develop new habits in your best attempt that will eventually replace the bad ones. There are numerous events that could occur at any time.

Yes, a single incident won't drastically alter your life. However, it can unquestionably make a 180-degree turn or steer you in the direction you've always wanted.

There will always come a day when a job you have been pursuing will finally accept your application. Or the day you meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with—the love of your life. A video of yours will eventually go viral. You would one day make things right with your sister. Our argument is that every day, something in your life has the potential to mark the beginning of a new chapter for you.

The foundation of the life you've always wanted can be laid by the actions you take each week. We provide a list of seven-day activities that you might undertake to improve your life.

Take a risk by doing something uncomfortable.

Do you detest giving public speeches? Why not get involved with an organization that encourages free speech? Have you always been by yourself? Why not try going out on a date and observe how it goes? Have you never taken a flight before? Go ahead and plan a trip to a nearby destination. Take a step outside of your comfort bubble to experience actual progress. Bliss is, in the words of Will Smith, "on the other side of fear."

Speak to a former friend.

Why not get in touch with a friend you haven't spoken to in a while if you've been feeling the desire for connection? Let them know you are only a phone call away if they want a friend to chat to and inquire about how they have been doing. Even while you might not be able to regain your old buddy, you could be able to rekindle the relationship you once had.

Invest, even with a small amount.

You don't need a lot of money to begin investing. Starting modestly will allow you to accumulate a sizable chunk of money over the course of 20 years due to compound interest alone. To have someone else manage your money and choose where to invest it so that you can get the most out of it in the future, you may open a unit investment trust fund account or get third-party life insurance.

Improve your work portfolio.

Gather all of the things you've done in your profession and extracurricular activities that will assist you obtain a dream job now. Don't hold off on taking action till you have the chance. Since you never know when someone might come to your door, it is best to be ready at all times. Prepare your portfolio and resume so you can quickly bring them out and make changes when the ideal opportunity presents itself.

Peruse a book.

In just one week, you can expand your intellect. Put away your technology, take a seat, and pick up a book. A life-changing book can alter your perspective on everyday issues and influence the choices you make. It might give you a new point of view and alter the way you behave in several spheres of your life. It might be about how you feel about your relationship at the moment, how you view your job, how you handle worry and stress, how you use your creativity, etc. Never undervalue the impact of an excellent book. Take what speaks to you, bookmark the sites you enjoy, and perhaps write about your thoughts in a notebook.

Clean up your space.

You might believe that chaos promotes creativity. But as time passes, you'll see that it only causes more mental strain and makes it more difficult to find what you need, and in actual time when you really need it.

Put an end to the procrastination and follow Marie Kondo on how she makes things spark joy for her. Get rid of whatever possessions you have that no longer bring you joy. You can either sell, give, reuse, or discard them.

You'll be pleasantly pleased by how having a tidy space will make it easier for you to complete your daily activities.

Switch to using ergonomic furniture.

While this may straight out sound like an ad, investing on a good quality product is never a waste of money. Ergonomic furniture has the power to change your work dynamics. It can make you more efficient and boost your productivity, helping you accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time. You help yourself have a sharper and more focused mind which means the quality of your output becomes better as well.

Plus, did we mention that you'll have improved health over time too. You can protect yourself from the dangers of prolonged sitting and minimize discomfort and body aches while working when you use ergonomic furniture. You will get less distracted when working because you feel comfortable and not bothered by anything that's hurting in your body.

One example that you can get is a standing desk from FlexiSpot.

UD1B Theodore Standing Desk-48” W

Give your workstation that vintage feel with the elegant Theodore Standing desk. Its design makes use of traditional American design elements and combines it with the technology of a modern standing desk.

You'd love that it comes with an integrated storage drawer to help keep your items organized in your workspace. This comes with height adjustment buttons, USB ports, and a spacious, elegant desktop.

Or maybe a foot hammock?

FH01 Protable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01

We sometimes forget about our feet when we’re working but they too get strained from being too flat on the floor while you are working for hours. You can use this foot hammock to give your feet some relief.

It is suitable for most desk types even for those that don’t come with a side apron. It also provides comfort for your back, legs, and knees by improving blood circulation in your legs and easing the pressure off your lower back. The length of the canvas rope can be adjusted from 8 to 17.8 inches. You’ll surely have a comfortable working experience when you try this foot hammock out.