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7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Under-Desk Bike

14 March 2022

Working a 9-5 desk job can be quite challenging in more than one way. From saturating one's mental capacity and straining the eyes to ruining posture and making life sedentary, sitting at a table every day to look through work files is taxing.

Whether someone works remotely or has to log in hours at the office, being a corporate employee chained to a table is difficult. And the worst part is that after spending long hours flicking through files, nobody has the strength to train to stay fit, which often leads to weight gain (read: muffin top). All in all, sitting at a desk all day long is bad for your health. Well, not anymore!

With the ever-rising popularity of under desk bikes such as the under desk bike V9U, now you can get your daily dose of physical activity without having to leave work even for a minute. While these remarkable fitness apparatuses have been around for a while, they recently gained traction as more and more people became rather lazy working from home for two years.

The Coronavirus Pandemic And Under Desk Bikes

The Coronavirus Pandemic And Under Desk Bikes

At the start of the pandemic, many average American Joes were rather stoked over the prospect of staying home even during the weekdays because of the government's mandated work from home restrictions. To be fair, they weren't too far gone to be excited about getting to stay home in their PJs while working.

Who wouldn't love to remain comfortable in their nightwear even when plowing through presentations and perusing proposals?

But little did those overjoyed employees realize that they'd have to work from home for a seemingly an indefinite amount of time, so naturally, all the excitement wore off when working out of the house turned into a sedentary lifestyle. To combat the lackadaisical routine of click-clacking on the laptop from the bed, people got themselves office supplies to build a home office.

Home Offices to Fight the Deskbound Life

While doing so might have brought some discipline to the work from home life, it didn't do much to counter the lack of movement in life. And that's when under desk bikes entered the picture like a storm, offering employees a game-changer to remain active while working from their home office.

Fast forward to now, two years into the pandemic, more and more people are looking for pieces of equipment to remain fit.

Under Desk Bikes: The Fitness Game Changer

Under desk bikes are excellent at keeping users alert while tapping away on their laptops. Moreover, these incredibly beneficial under desk bikes, such as the under desk bike V9U, elevate the heart rate, keep the legs lean and build stamina.

And the best part about working out on an under desk bike is the provision of discreet movements, i.e., you don't have to set the resistance too high or pedal extraordinarily fast; little rotations are also enough to substantial calories without interfering with your job on top of the table.

Simply put, these exceptional pieces of equipment offer endless benefits for a person's wellbeing.

Needless to say, anyone who doesn't want to compromise on their physical health because they have to remain chained to a desk for long hours during the day should invest in an under desk bike without reservations.

With all that said, choosing an under desk bike can be tricky, thanks to the wide range of options available in the market. Lucky for you, we're here to give you practical tips to choose the perfect under desk bike.

Under Desk Bike

Choosing The Perfect Under Desk Bike

If you want to pick the best-suited pedaling device for your office needs, you should take the following factors into account and make the right decision.


Under desk bikes come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing precisely what you want is key to picking the perfect model. The first thing to consider when choosing an under desk bike is the assembly and installation ease.

Primarily there are two types of work bikes you need to choose from

One-piece assembled machine
Unassembled bike with a manual

As the name suggests, a one-piece bike doesn't require assembling. All you need to do with such a model is purchase it and place it wherever you want. It may seem convenient at first, but it can quickly become difficult to maneuver if you wish to change locations or carry it with you. Naturally, a piece of equipment that cannot be dismantled is likely to take up substantial space, which means if you want to move it from one office to another, you will have to arrange proper transportation.

Furthermore, you'll need muscle strength to pick it up to carry it from one place to another. If you are up for some heavy lifting and don't want to go through the trouble of pouring over the manual to piece your bike together, you should buy an assembled model.

However, if you suppose sweeping up an under desk bike in your arms would be too much effort, you should go for the unassembled product, provided that you don't mind having to go through the mantling guide.



Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you think you'd want to make every consecutive round of pedaling harder for yourself? If so, you should opt for an under desk bike that offers multiple difficulties setting options.

Like all fitness tools, not all under desk bikes are made the same. Therefore, some models come with levers to adjust resistance while others offer only one setting. If you want to build your stamina and gradually increase your bike's difficulty level, you should pick the type with a resistance adjusting panel.

Be sure to look into the control system of the mode you wish to buy, as some bikes come with circular dials that you can rotate to shift resistance, whereas others have a digital panel to adjust settings. Since your primary focus will be your work on the table, you want to have an easy-to-use fitness apparatus under the desk to ensure you work seamlessly.


Many people prefer to use fitness equipment that can connect to other smart devices so that they can monitor their vitals and progress. If you think you belong to said group of individuals, you should choose an under desk bike that links with your phone, tablet, or computer.

Pedaling on such a bike will allow you to keep an eye on your heart rate, speed, and difficulty level without having to look away from your workstation. In other words, you'll be able to work without stopping both under and over your desk.


Cost is a crucial factor for any purchase a person wants to make. Be it a smartphone, a home appliance, or a fitness installation, considering the price is important because every user wants value for money.

Most people are okay paying big bucks for a product as long as they know it'll be worth the investment. Likewise, if you want to get a high-end under desk bike with multiple features, you might have to pay a significant amount of money. However, it is not necessary. Some under desk bike models offer pretty decent function without boring a hole in the user's wallet. Simply put, at the end of the day, it is going to be your decision. If you are okay with getting more for paying more, go for it and if you want to practice moderation, then by all means do that.

But generally, all under desk bikes are good enough to lean up the legs and keep the user alert.

Size And Space

Size And Space

An under desk bike requires some surface area to stand. Some may need more than others, but all bikes require room to stand.

So naturally, if you don't have sufficient space to house a particular model, you will have to go for a different option.

As a general rule of thumb, go for a compact model as it will be easier to carry should you ever need to move it.

Low Noise

Noise is another critical contributor for choosing an under desk bike because obviously, you don't want to be disturbed by the pedaling sound. Moreover, a model that makes too much clamor is not suitable to exercise on in an office environment where you have to be connected on Zoom or are always busy having meetings with your colleagues.

A nosy machine will not only interfere with your productivity but also give a questionable impression to others who pass by you or are discussing work with you, albeit through a video call. Therefore, no matter which under desk bike you choose, don't forget to give it a test run so that you know you will not be disturbed by the unneeded ruckus.


Many under desk bikes come with the option to work as an arm-workout machine. All you need to do is place it atop your desk and use your hands to pedal away.

If you want to have equipment that works in two ways, you should consider a model with the provision of getting in an arm workout sesh.

Ending Note

With everything said, which under desk bike you choose should depend on your preference more than anything else. If you are not happy or comfortable with your purchase, none of the features will matter. But of course, considering all the basics of an under desk bike before spending money is a wise approach to buying a fitness machine.