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7 Trade-Sensitive Height Adjustable Desk Ideas: A Walk-Through Of The Flexispot Online Store

12 May 2022

Why Do You Need A Trade-Sensitive Desk?

Work means different things to different people. For some, it's simply a place to earn a living. While for others, work is a place where passions are actualized and ambitions birthed. Whichever category you fall under, the only constant requirement remains productivity.

Throwing yourself into your trade, day-in-day-out, is not a guarantee that you'd like one day like what you do. However, with the right furniture, things may not seem as difficult as they used.

That's why Flexispot created trade-sensitive furniture. These ergonomic furniture pieces are built to suit a particular trade, field of play, or profession.

It has come to light that ergonomic relief shouldn't be limited to conventional offices. People in other trades also need furniture that can complement their operation mode and keep them healthy at the end of each business day.

Review Of Flexispot's One-Of-A-Kind Height Adjustable Desks For Trades

In light of the need to equip all trades with furniture that complements their operations, Flexispot now has several trade-sensitive creations. Here's a brief review of some of them.

Height Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3

1. Height Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3

This Height Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3 will take you anywhere, like good shoes. It's not your regular standing desk, as this product comes with a smaller table surface area. The desktop's 23.6" x 20.5" surface dimension makes it almost impossible for two persons to use the desk simultaneously.

The table surface has 0°-18° tiltable angles. It can be used while writing, drafting, presenting a speech, giving a lecture, or even eating. This Flexispot desk has an all-purpose function. And while it's being used in all the available angles, the ledger stopper prevents any material placed on the desk from falling off.

One highlight feature of this desk is its portable design. The sturdy desk sits on four caster wheels. These wheels allow the desk to effortlessly roll around on carpeted floors, tiles, or hardwood. And when you intend to put it back in a stationary position, the front legs keep the desk firmly rooted to the floor.

Below the desktop is a bag hook. You can conveniently place a backpack, purse, or PC bag on it with belongings inside. And you don't have to take the bag off the hook when you want to intend to change the desk's position.

This desk is ideal for teachers, lecturers, or even students skeptical about sharing table surfaces with others in a post-covid era.

Theodore Height Adjustable Coffee Table

2. Theodore Height Adjustable Coffee Table

If you work in the coffee industry, particularly as a manufacturer, you'll know that there's more to a cup of coffee than just the caffeine in it. It's not something you take in a rush on your way to the office. Rather, you'd prefer to sit at a table and bask in the freshness of the scent of the coffee bean. Right?

What if we told you that Flexispot has just the table for you to enjoy every cup of coffee?

Theodore Height Adjustable Table is Flexispot's unique coffee desk. The material alone reminds one of the elegant furniture you find in country homes. It's made of dark wood perfectly fits the living room, dining room, and even an office.

This coffee desk has an adjustable height range of 18.9"-29.3", making it ideal for every family member. One can easily adjust the height to suit even the needs of children. The height also works well with living room sofas, and it's suitable for adult couples who prefer to sit on the floor.

This table frame can resist stains and scratches made of chipboard and powder-coated steel tubing. So you don't have to worry about your pets sitting around the table. You should note that this is not a license to allow pets to mess with your coffee table.

The coffee table has been designed to suit your handy needs when in use. Just below the table surface is a storage drawer. This drawer is wide and spacious enough to hold your immediate table needs. You can place the living room or coffee supplies in the drawer to keep the surface clear and well organized.

Additionally, there are USB charging ports attached to the body of the coffee table for convenience. These ports feature two Type-A USB ports and one Type-C port. It saves you the stress of dealing with a tangled mess of cords. And it keeps your devices powered while you're at the coffee desk.

ES9W Height Adjustable Sewing Table

3. ES9W Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Professionals in the fashion industry will be excited to know that Flexispot has a desk for them. And unlike regular sewing desks, the ES9W sewing table has adjustable height features that give ergonomic relief while working.

The Flexispot ES9W height adjustable sewing table takes sewing to the next level. It has an adjustable height that ranges between 28.7" - and 48.4". This height range makes the desk a great choice for people of all heights. The desk can also be used by children who are fashion enthusiasts.

Flexispot also took into consideration the table surface space required by fashion designers. It's evident in the wide surface area and the table structure. When you look at the deck surface, you'll see that it's in three parts: the main desktop, spliced desktop, and the adjustable table.

The main desktop is wider with a 43.3"(W) x 23.6"(D) dimension. It also has a weight capacity of 110lbs. There is the spliced desktop which has the smallest dimension of 9"(W) x 23"(D). This desktop is detachable as it's only used when one needs to increase the work area. It has a 22lbs carrying capacity. At the same time, the adjustable desktop is where the sewing machine sits. It has a dimension of 22.8"(W) x 10.4" (D) and a weight capacity of 26.4lbs.

Altogether, this sewing table can hold equipment with 158lbs weight. At this maximum weight, the desk stands firm on its two-stage frame. And at the push of a button on the control panel, the desk lifts elegantly at a speed of 1"/s.

ET120 Height Adjustable Drafting Table

4. ET120 Height Adjustable Drafting Table

The Height Adjustable Drafting Table is not just suitable for drafting. The main desktop has a 0°-40° adjustable range. This allows the desktop to tilt in four positions: 0° working position, 0°-15° writing position, 15°-30° reading position, and 30°-40° for drawing. These tiltable angles and positions make the desk versatile. It can thus be used by artists, writers, readers, draftsmen, and authors.

Usually, when a desktop can tilt at varying angles, keeping materials steady on the desk surface is a concern. However, Flexispot carefully and thoughtfully eliminated this concern. This desk comes with a safety ledge stopper. The stopper holds paperwork, devices, and artwork in place while the desk is used. There is consequently no risk of your device or paperwork sliding off the desk's surface.

Speaking about surfaces, the ET120 Flexispot drafting table has a unique surface. It features a drop-leaf design that allows for an extended desk surface. This extended desk surface which is already attached to the main desk, can be extended or folded to meet the room demands.

So when you need extra workspace, you pull up the other desk, extending the work area by 9.8". Also, where the desk seems to be taking up too much room, one can easily fold it back.

There's a built-in drawer attached to the desk. This drawer can hold supplies, and it blends perfectly well with the desk.

Studio Standing Desk ESD101

5. Studio Standing Desk ESD101

Studios can have ergonomic furniture, too, and that's clearly what this standing desk seems to prove. Now you can wave goodbye to regular home studio desks that force you to sit or bend to use tabletop studio gadgets.

The ESD101 Studio Standing Desk lets you unleash your creativity in healthy ways. The desk has three (3) layers: a top-shelf, 6U rack space in the middle, and a keyboard tray. The top shelf is wide and firm enough to hold two monitors. Even with these monitors, one can still place a book or two conveniently on either side of the monitors.

The middle layer houses 6U rack spaces. Here you can keep an equalizer, amplifier, podcast mic, and a computer keyboard in an organized fashion. The last shelf, the keyboard tray, is a bit different from the others. This tray can support a keyboard with 88 keys. And it can hold up to 70 pounds of keyboard strength.

Some features allow for easy height adjustment of this studio desk. One of which is the two-stage frame that allows for the extended height range. This frame is sturdy, and it shoulders the entire weight of the desk.

You'll also find a control panel with up/down movement buttons and four memory presets. The desk can thus be shared by a couple of creativities, with each creative registering their preferred height adjustment in the presets.

Esben Standing Desk UD5

6. Esben Standing Desk UD5

At a glance, it's hard to say who the Esben Standing Desk UD5 was particularly made for. It looks like a regular standing desk with a shelf merged at the top. It'll interest you to know that this desk works best for office secretaries.

The shelf-like structure at the top helps with proper desk organization, which an office secretary needs. You can place a monitor, a lamp, a flowerpot, and a few books or office files on the top shelf if necessary. Looking further below the top shelf, you'll find four shelving compartments. Though the compartments might seem small, they have their uses. You can place anything from stationeries to sticky notes, tiny parcels, books, and tiny gadgets in this compartment.

Then there's the main desktop which is very spacious. It has a dimension of 47.2"(W) x 23.6"(D) and a 0.7" thickness. This desktop is flexible and versatile, as you can also convert it into a sewing table or a surface for board games, puzzles or scrapbooking.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad EC1/EN1

7. Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad EC1/EN1

Now, this gaming desk is the best gaming desk you'll find anywhere. Probably the best gaming desk there is on the Flexispot online store. And it's already created a buzz amongst gamers.

The entire tabletop is covered in a mouse pad. It is water-proof and has a non-skid that allows you to move your mouse in all directions without sliding off the gaming desk. The height setting is also customized with height settings: Height range from 29" - 48.6"

The desk provides all the comfort gamers need when it comes to gaming convenience.