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70 Things You Can Do When Work Is Burning You Out

17 March 2022

At some point in our lives, we have experienced burnout.

Even though you do all things possible to not feel the burnout, there are times that it will make itself feel and you would think as if you can’t get out of the situation. It’s impossible to prevent burnout, yes, but there are things that you could do when you are already feeling tired, exhausted, and helpless. We listed down some of them below:

1. Book a much-needed beach visit

1. Book a much-needed beach visit.
2. Bask under the sun until your tan gets evened out.
3. Dedicate some time to read while you sunbathe at the beach.
4. Don’t forget to drink coconut water while chilling at the beach. Hydration is good for your overall health.
5. Why not challenge yourself and pick up a surfboard to surf with friendly locals.
6. Take your family and friends on a snorkeling adventure.
7. Patiently wait for the sunset.
8. Take a photo of each and everything that you do. It doesn’t have to be Insta-worthy or photographer-approved; you just need it as a memento of the little things.
9. Dare to try local dishes you swore you would never eat.
10. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and welcome a good morning.

Pay the spa a visit.
11. Pay the spa a visit.
12. From time to time, pamper yourself with an expensive full-body massage.
13. Do not skip on the complimentary facial detox for that glow your job is sucking out from you.
14. Leave some time for a foot massage. It’s worth it.
15. Go to a salon and avail of services that you want.
16. Let the hairdresser surprise you with a look that his or her expert eyes deem suitable for you.
17. Don’t forget to get your mani-pedi done while you are already at the salon. They need some loving too.
18. The local library misses you. Visit.
19. Scour for the books you have been longing to read.
20. Do not feel that it’s a waste of time to spend a whole day of reading at the library. Knowledge is power and it will nourish your mind.

Keep a daily journal.
21. Keep a daily journal.
22. Feel free to write anything and everything you’ve done for the day.
23. Decorate your journal freely, something that would speak of your personality.
24. Decorate your room.
25. Switch to a more comfortable lifestyle by investing in ergonomic furniture from FlexiSpot.
26. Look through the rich catalog of home and office furniture that FlexiSpot offers.
27. Take a moment to appreciate your newly decorated room.
28. Pick up a new hobby.
29. Challenge yourself to learn a new language and to keep doing it until you’re fluent.
30. Take the time out to go to that destination you’ve always wanted to visit but never found the chance to do so because of a full workload.

Find ways to meet new people safely.
31. Find ways to meet new people safely.
32. Drink to your heart’s content. Enjoy a sip of alcohol or healthy juice, whatever it is.
33. Teach yourself how to cook.
34. Experiment with how you could mix cocktail drinks.
35. Practice until you get the perfect concoction.
36. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve nailed your signature dish and cocktail, organize a party among your closest friends and make them try your kitchen masterpiece.
37. Clean your room as soon as the dinner party ends. You don’t want to wake up with a pile of dirty plates to wash in the morning.
38. Do a thorough cleaning of your house or room.
39. Clear your computer of all the files that you don’t need anymore.
40. Look into adopting a pet.

adopt a pet
41. It doesn’t matter what animal you decide to adopt; you just have to be ready as a new owner to take care of it.
42. Have fun and always gift your pet with playtime.
43. If for instance, you can’t keep a pet, volunteer at a local animal shelter.
44. Be proud of yourself for knowing what your limitations are.
45. Dedicate some time to remember the elderly and volunteer at a retirement home.
46. Be friends with an old retiree.
47. Take note of all the stories and lessons you get from the elderly in the retirement home. They’re valuable and would teach you a lot about life.
48. Don’t be shy to learn a weird skill because everything comes in handy in the future in some way.
49. Enroll in a self-defense class. You don’t know what will happen to you out there in the world so it’s good that you’re equipped with skills to defend yourself.
50. Dedicate some time to break a sweat at the gym.

Refurnish your workplace with a standing desk or a wobble chair.
51. Refurnish your workplace with a standing desk or a wobble chair.
52. Commit to a new workout plan with clear-cut goals.
53. Do not underestimate the power of a yoga session because it builds muscle and helps sharpen focus.
54. Try a silent retreat. It will refresh and recharge your mind.
55. Do not skip on meditating at least once a day. It will benefit your mental health.
56. Stay awake for one night.
57. Sleep the whole day.
58. Offer your services to babysit your friends’ babies so that they could rest from parent duties even for just a day.
59. You might experience a bad case of baby fever but at least you realized you are not yet ready to have a baby.
60. If you are still not ready to have a baby, don’t pressure yourself. Just go babysit again for another set of friends.

 Buy new clothes that you need.
61. Buy new clothes that you need.
62. Try thrift shopping this time. Make sure that the clothes you will get are not for reselling but for your personal use. Take what you like and leave clothes for those families who could only afford thrift shopping.
63. Pick a cause to volunteer for—something that could make the world a better place and eliminate violence, racism, and hate.
64. Read educational resources about cryptocurrency.
65. Do not dive headfirst into cryptocurrency if you do not have a full grasp of what it is.
66. If you decide not to get into cryptocurrency, take a look at your workload from your day job once you get back to it.
67. Taking a look at your workload will inspire you to have new goals once you’ve decided to quit the job that is sucking the life out of you.
68. Pause and take some time to reflect on why you are doing this. Be honest with yourself.
69. You’re right. The reason why you are trying to do all of these is because of burnout.
70. Pull the trigger. Quit your job.

You are most likely reading this article because your job is sucking the life out of you. You are no longer happy and motivated. You might be scared to venture into uncharted waters that’s why you’re holding on to a job that you don’t like. But know that it’s much scarier and painful to be stuck in a job where you are unhappy. Quitting is never a bad idea because your physical and mental health should be of top priority.

Trust in yourself and the universe will do its work once you decide to choose what’s best for you.