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8 Christmas Day Activities You Should Do

27 December 2021

Sometimes, the anticipation for Christmas Day is so long that when the day actually comes, people don’t really know what to do or are already feeling tired with the busyness of the season.

They might be exhausted from Christmas parties that came one after another or from dinner during Christmas Eve. Some families choose to just take it as a whole day of rest and hit the sack to sleep. That’s perfectly fine too! But since today’s times are really unpredictable because of the pandemic, you might want to grab this free opportunity to go around and seek an adventure for the family.

If you are on the hunt for ideas on what to do this Christmas Day, we are here to help you with some simple suggestions on how you could make the day even more fun for all your loved ones.

Watch a Christmas movie

1. Watch a Christmas movie.

Get into the holiday mood even more by watching a Christmas film. There are many iconic films such as Home Alone, The Polar Express, or The Nightmare Before Christmas that kids love and would remember until they grow old. You may set up a standing desk and use a monitor mount so that you could adjust the monitor or screen at an angle that is convenient for you. When you’re all seated comfortably, everyone can focus on the film and share their thoughts after.

Do an ice activity

2. Do an ice activity.

Since it’s cold outside, don’t waste the opportunity and go do something on the rink. Why not schedule a skating session with the whole family and try basic to fancy skater moves? It’s time to level up your skills on the ice so the next time you step foot on the rink, you’d be much more comfortable and confident to be on skates.

Check out some online deals

3. Check out some online deals.

Christmastime is one of the perfect days to check out some discounts. You may score the best deals if you are a day ahead of all the Boxing Day shoppers. It’s also your time to invest in pieces you won’t normally buy on a daily. Why not get that piece of ergonomic furniture you have always had your eyes on? FlexiSpot has great offers up until January 7 on their Christmas House that they opened just this December. You may score some products on their Flash Deals or Special Offers. You may get a free package if you follow the mechanics on the site thoroughly.

Visit a Christmas market.

4. Visit a Christmas market.

These seasonal markets won’t last for long so while you have the time, take the whole family to visit a Christmas market. For sure, there will be lots of sweet treats and drinks available on the streets. There would probably be carolers singing Christmas jingles that would uplift your mood and encourage you to sing along. You could also pick up last-minute gifts as you walk along with the Christmas market. If there are none nearby, then the ride to the market could also be its own adventure with your family.

Go skiing.

5. Go skiing.

Head to the mountains and bring your ski gear. This is probably the first time for your kids or even your first as well. You would surely create fun memories up in the mountains with the whole family. You could go skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and other fun snow activities you could think of. It’s better if you purchase tickets ahead of Christmas Day because that would mean better deals for you but there’s no harm in trying to book a ticket late and see if you can still have some snow action this Christmas weekend. Enjoy a warm cup of cocoa after the adrenaline-inducing activities in snow cold weather.

Bake with your family.

6. Bake with your family.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at baking or just doing something in the kitchen. Make a day of it with your family and you would surely have the best time. You might discover a natural talent in baking or simply accept that you’re really not good at it. Whatever the outcome is from the oven, you would still have something to eat together with your loved ones this Christmas Day.

Write letters.

7. Write letters.

Handwritten letters are deeply personal and would surely bring you closer to your loved ones. Go get some pen and paper for each member of the family and write down letters for one another. You could even write letters for those who aren’t there but you want to send your love to. You could set a theme of gratitude so that each one of you will write why you are so thankful for the person’s presence in your life.

Sit down by the fireplace and enjoy conversations while cuddled up with one another

8. Sit down by the fireplace and enjoy conversations while cuddled up with one another.

Because you all have the time on this special day, be thankful for that and really be present. Engage. Share your stories and listen to what each member of the family has to say. It’s cold so stay by the fireplace and enjoy hot chocolate or even mulled wine as you converse and really get to catch up with one another’s lives. You may also play a game where you each have to ask questions and answer them. Make the most out of this moment by dropping your phones and really giving yourself to the moment and to these people who are precious in your life.

Final Thoughts

For many, Christmas day is special in itself. It’s even more special if you get to spend it with your loved ones so make the most out of the day by creating memories you can cherish forever. Of course, no matter how you plan, the day won’t go exactly as you thought it’ll be. There would be mishaps or cancellations that might annoy you but you can always choose to laugh it out as well. There will be many exciting surprises too that could make the day even more wonderful. Don’t think about tomorrow just yet, be present, and have the most fun! It might just last for a day but it could really be extra special if you choose to. Our warmest Christmas greetings!