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8 Jobs for Digital Nomads

19 June 2024

You've been living in a cave if you haven't heard of the new job title, "Digital Nomad." Yes, people get to work anywhere they want which means they still get to earn money while they're on the go.

Basically, a digital nomad is someone who can work at any destination and does not need to report to any office. Many countries have decided to open their borders to digital nomads, allowing these digital moneymakers to work on a visa specially designed for them. It means they can stay legally in the country for an allotted period of time.

It's a great time to finally leave the traditional office setup and start working as a digital nomad. You get to meet new people, work in an environment that inspires you, and experience new things every day all while earning money to be able to sustain this kind of lifestyle.

Here are the typical work titles of digital nomads:


1. Vlogger

Even with the rise of Tiktok, YouTubers still earn a large sum of money from their channels. Just be consistent in uploading content to your niche and you'll start growing an audience. There are many travel vlogs available on YouTube which are perfect for digital nomads who want to share the kind of life they live every day while being on the go. As a vlogger, all you really need is a camera to film what you do and a computer to edit your videos. Everything else is an upgrade to deliver good quality outputs that stand out amid the strong competition.


2. Copywriter

Writers can work anywhere they want. You just need to give them a set of topics to write about. If for example, you are writing a copy for a restaurant, hotel, airline service, paid adventure, or cruise, then expect that these companies will give you free services and pay you a sum as well. You get to travel and experience new things for work. Of course, you need a working laptop to finish all your copy commitments.

Digital Marketer

3. Digital Marketer

There is a high demand for marketing individuals who are creative and knowledgeable about social media metrics. Everyone is on their phones which is why it's arguably necessary for brands and companies to capitalize on their exposure on these platforms to reach as many people in their target market as they can. Digital marketers are highly knowledgeable about market trends and creative in thinking about what ticks to their target audience. It helps businesses grow their reach and profit.

Social Media Content Creator

4. Social Media Content Creator

You don't necessarily have to be a vlogger to earn money from content creation. You can post content on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and the like and still earn money. You have to prove your audience engagement to a client or brand so that they'll commission you for a paid job. You get lots of freebies and opportunities to work with big and small brands that you've always been a fan of.

Photographer / Videographer

5. Photographer / Videographer

You can offer your service anywhere when you have a camera and mad technical handling skills. This means you can photograph people while they're traveling or you can offer your video taking and editing services to big YouTube channels that are hiring. You can come along to their adventures and edit while on the move. You can also get booked for destination events.

Graphic Artist

6. Graphic Artist

Like a writer, a graphic artist can work anywhere. You just need a laptop and a drawing tablet to edit photos and make layouts for your clients. Since social media is continuously growing, there's a rise in looking for a skilled graphic artists.


7. Podcaster

You can also create podcasts anywhere when you have a microphone and laptop. So many people are opening their own podcasts and it's a great platform to try while it's still a relatively new industry compared to YouTube.

Virtual Assistant

8. Virtual Assistant

You can live anywhere and move from one country to another while being a virtual assistant. You just have to make sure that you will be able to provide for the needs of your clients wherever you are. Normally, what you need are a working laptop and a noise-canceling headset. Your time might not be as flexible as the other jobs listed here but the bottom line is you can work anywhere while providing your clients with their needs.

Contrary to what other people might think, digital nomads, are not always on the go every month. They can also work in one place for a year or so. This means they also need to have a reliable workspace aside from being equipped with the right gadgets. Anywhere, it's the same needs that have to be met for employees. Someone has to work in an environment that's inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and healthy.

Enter ergonomic pieces that can provide comfort, convenience, good health, and a boost in productivity. Here are pieces that are relatively easy to bring from one place to another as an instant upgrade in any work area.

Portable Laptop Stand Docking Station TD1

Portable Laptop Stand Docking Station TD1

At $129.99, you can already have this very light, portable yet sturdy laptop stand from FlexiSpot. It's ideal for travelers and digital nomads. Unlike any other in the market, this laptop stand comes complete with a full-featured type-C cord and ports for one or two displays(HDMI and VGA), Gigabit Ethernet network data, TF/SD cards, speakers, external hard drive, optical disk drive, printers, USB keyboard, mouse and many other USB devices. It will keep your laptop base cool and can suit your posture with the stand's tiltable angle. Plus of course, you can fold, bring and use it anywhere.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47"

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47"

Instantly transform any desk into a standing one with a desk converter. When you want to raise the height, it's easy to do so by lightly squeezing the single-hand bar and lift. Even if the desktop is carrying its full load capacity of 44 pounds, it will just feel 13 pounds to pull up and when you're lowering it down, it would only feel like 3 pounds of weight. This classic riser has a height range of 28" to 31" which is perfect for users 6'1" up to 6'5" tall. This product comes with an extra wide removable keyboard tray where you can also fit a mouse and a mousepad. This will help you ensure that your wrists are positioned in a healthy way. You don't have to worry as well if the desktop will topple forward because it's highly stable even during raising and lowering the height. It also saves you space in your workstation and improves your posture in one easy set-up.