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8 Reasons To Use A Monitor Mount

16 October 2023

Are you tired of sitting all day long in front of a screen? Have you been using a laptop or a monitor screen stuck in one place? Are you experiencing fatigue and stress symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain? Look no further. Invest in a good quality ergonomic monitor stand that can make computer work easier and less uncomfortable.

What Is A Monitor Mount?

A monitor mount is an accessory that aids the user while they work on the computer or laptop in the workplace. It is like a supportive bracket or arm that can hold up a computer screen or any other device at your desired height. The mount is firmly attached to the desk; it secures the screen in its place. The mount allows the screen to be tilted up or down, swivel in any direction, and also be raised or lowered according to the users' height. This ergonomic design was developed to minimize fatigue and discomfort for the user and increase the user's desk space and productivity.

The principle of ergonomics follows this rule: our body should not align with our tasks at work. Rather it should be the other way around. We should use the right aids, tools, and methods to ensure minimal pressure is put on all body parts.

Why Shouldn't You Use A Laptop?

If your work is entirely based on the computer and you have to consistently use it for up to eight hours a day, then working on a laptop is not a feasible option. Laptops are usually used while sitting on the couch, bed, or desk. But as the name suggests, laptops are placed much lower than eye level. This results in the user looking down at the screen for prolonged hours. In the long run, this is not a good position for the neck and shoulders and can cause fatigue, injuries, and sprain. There may even be chances of nerve impairment. This is why switching to a computer screen from a laptop is very important, as it promotes better posture, boosts productivity, and reduces the risks of injury and fatigue.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use A Monitor Mount

1. Reduced Eye Strain

Eye strain can be a big hindrance if you work on the laptop all day. While a laptop is great for use when you have important emails to send or basic work to do, it isn't the best device to use if all your work is computer-based. A laptop screen is not at eye level, and due to this reason, it puts a lot of strain on the eyes, the shoulders, and the neck.

Eye strain has the following symptoms:

Pain and discomfort in the eyes

Watery eyes

Itchy eyes

Eyes turning red

Eyes feel heavy


It is important to make sure to switch to a monitor screen that is placed at eye level to prevent eye strain from occurring, as this can cause headaches and make it difficult to concentrate at work.

2. Reduced Neck Pain

Those using monitor screens that are stationary and offer no movement, such as a tilt or a change in the angle, can be very uncomfortable to work on for prolonged periods. This is because the user has to crane or extend their neck to get a better view of the screen so that they can work. This can cause neck spasms to develop and can also result in headaches

Those working on laptops often have to bend their heads low to view the screen. This ruins their posture resulting in a hunched or bent upper back, causing pain and discomfort. Using an ergonomic monitor mount that is flexible and allows tilting, swiveling, and height adjustment options is ideal for use and for encouraging and maintaining good posture.

3. Improved Work Efficiency

Improved posture, reduced pain and discomfort, and minimized fatigue are ideal for producing quality work and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Sitting in a reclined position can make the user feel drowsy and lazy and will reduce their focus and concentration on work. This will affect the quality of their work and result in poor quality and delayed work. Sitting for extended hours in front of the screen can cause you to burn out and harm your work quality.

If you are suffering from pain or discomfort, eye strain, or any other discomfort due to your posture, it would be a constant source of distraction and make it impossible to focus on work and deadlines. This would significantly affect your performance at work and decrease the quality of your work even more.

4. Better Posture

If you are required to work on a computer and sit behind your desk for up to eight hours every single day, then it is very important to focus on your posture. Sitting for extended periods in an incorrect posture can be disastrous for your spine and back and result in spinal misalignments, slipped discs, chronic back aches, and other painful postural-related conditions.

Slouching and sitting with a hunched back for extended hours is harmful to your back, but it causes other problems as well, such as indigestion, poor circulation, and respiratory problems. Since slouching can cause the chest and abdominal muscles and organs to become crowded, it can cause stiffening of the muscles, difficulty in breathing, indigestion and acid reflux, and poor circulation. The proper sitting posture must be assumed when sitting for prolonged hours behind a desk, and the proper height and angle of the monitor screen must be used.

5. Better Concentration And Focus

Sitting comfortably encourages better concentration and focus, and the user can perform better at their work without any distractions, pain, or discomfort. The correct posture minimizes the risk of injuries, fatigue, and discomfort; hence, the user can focus better and perform better quality work.

6. It Is Easier To Change Position And More Angle Flexibility

A good equality monitor mount comes with ergonomic features such as height adjustability, changing the angle of the screen, and tilting and swiveling it according to the user's requirements. This is great for the user to adjust accordingly and set it so that there is minimal discomfort and pain. Without this, it can be quite annoying to try and adjust yourself according to the angle and height of your monitor screen. The flexibility function also allows you to work while sitting or standing if you choose to take a break from sitting and decide to stand and work. All of these contribute to increased productivity, better efficiency, and reduced fatigue in the workplace. These are the goals that ergonomics aims to achieve.

7. Increases Desk Space

Having screen mounts lifts monitors and is held underneath by a stand. The stand takes up much less space on the desk than a laptop or a big-sized monitor. More desk space reduces clutter, keeps things organized, and prevents accidents and spills from occurring on the workstation. A cluttered and messy space is difficult to work in and can decrease your productivity and cause annoyance.

8. Safe And Secure

Computers and laptops are expensive. Due to their portable nature, laptops can be carried anywhere with you, and you may even leave them in your car. They are easy targets for theft and robbery and can easily be stolen. Not only would you lose your laptop but also all your essential data, which is usually backed up on your laptop. Monitor screens are heavier and not the most accessible items to steal. In case of theft, rest assured that your data is safe and sound in the computer's processor, and the monitor can easily be replaced. For this reason, it is better to switch to monitors from laptops so that it is safe and secure.

Tips To Remember While Working On A Computer To Reduce Eye Strain

Do not sit in front of a window or bright light

Reduce glare on your screen

Do not slouch or sit with a hunched back position

Do not work on a laptop

Make sure your screen is at eye level

Take frequent breaks from the screen

Look away from the screen every 20 minutes and look at something at a distance

Put plants in your office and look at them to refresh your eyes. The green color is soothing and refreshing for the eyes.

The Final Word

Monitor mounts are excellent for use in the office for those who need to use the computer for extended hours. They have many benefits and can improve work efficiency as well as reduce fatigue and the risk of injuries. FlexiSpot has fantastic ergonomic monitor mount options that you can purchase for your computer and instantly experience the difference.