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8 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

29 October 2021

Working in an office has its perks and challenges when compared to outdoor jobs. The luxury of sitting down is underrated, and it is only when you have witnessed someone spending their entire day standing on their feet that you truly appreciate sitting down when you want to work. However, it is not all rosy. Depending on the type of chair you chose to go with, life in the office can be fun or rough. Sometimes it reaches a point where you simply need a new chair.

We are going to explore some of the main signs that indicate the need for a new office chair. If you have been having noticeable issues with your current working chair, then this is exactly what you need right now.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Soreness in the Body

Your body will be the first sign that a new chair is due, and ignoring that alarm will escalate the issue to a healthy one. When you start experiencing neck and back pains even when you are done with work, then that would mean the chair you are using has developed a structural fault and is transferring all that into your body. The pain may not be apparent right away, it takes time and daily use of the chair for the pain to finally set in and manifest itself.

This would be the point where you start looking for an ergonomic chair like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair that is built for giving your neck and back all the support it needs, thanks to the lumbar-support feature. The armrest and the seating area are well padded for maximum comfort, and this allows you more time at your desk without feeling any pressure on your body.

Worn out Chair

Using a worn-out chair is not only a bad look but a danger to your well-being. Most office chairs are built using high-quality materials that ensure they stay for a very long time. But eventually, due to constant use, the chair does break apart and becomes worn out. Things like torn upholstery, broken wheels, squeaking frames, dislocated armrests are all signs that the chair has reached its end and it is time to get rid of it.

If the damage is not that advanced, you can always have it repaired, but in the long run, getting a new, better chair makes more financial sense. You could go for the same brand of the chair as before if you are used to a particular feel, or you can try something new. Just make sure you do some background research to avoid ending up with a chair that doesn’t fit your body or needs.

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair

You are Upgrading

When you decide to get an office upgrade, make sure it touches on everything. You can’t upgrade things halfway as that will have you working with superior accessories mixed up with old and faulty ones. An office upgrade should be all-inclusive, from the carpet on the floor to the entire workstation.

For instance, if you choose to switch out your regular desk with a sit-stand version like the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from Flexispot, you should pair it up with a compatible chair like the Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair. This way, you will have a workstation that is flexible enough to be used in any setting.

A Better Version Comes Out

There are times where the chair you are using is just okay, serving all your needs just as you need it to. But if another better version comes out, then you have no other choice than to go for it since it will be more beneficial for you. Every office chair manufacturer is always trying to gain the upper hand over their competitors, and this has led to a mad race to come up with newer and better chairs ahead of everyone else.

hese competitive wars are very beneficial to the consumers. You should take advantage of such opportunities to get yourself a better hair at discounted prices rather than continue with the one you are using. Be on the lookout all the time for new office furniture trends and companies behind them to catch any new products that they may be launching. If you are keen enough, you may even land yourself a trial office chair for free.

Under Desk V9U Bike

You have Gained Weight

Sometimes it can’t be helped when it comes to gaining weight. Working long hours while sitting in one position is bound to have some effects on your body. Combine that with the inability to find time for a gym session and you have yourself the high possibility of adding a few extra pounds, which means you are basically outgrowing your chair.

When you find yourself at this juncture, then you have no other option other than to get a new chair that will fit your new needs. At the same time, you can choose to create some time for exercises that will help you keep your weight in check and save you the extra bucks you would have used to get a bigger chair.

If all the above fails, then your last resort would be to simply go for a fitness chair. This is a combination of a working and a workout chair all rolled into one. The best offering in the market right now is the Under Desk V9U Bike that comes with a very comfortable seat that’s well-padded and a pair of pedals below it for squeezing in workouts as you deal with office work. You don’t have to worry about creating distractions as the chair is silent during operations. The people sitting near you will barely notice anything.

Productivity Slump

When your productivity suddenly slumps gradually without any apparent cause to it, then it is time you reviewed the chair you are using as it may be the culprit. There are many reasons that can lead to reduced productivity, and they range from low motivation, bad working environment, and work overload. But if none of these are registering in your case, then there’s a chance that your low productivity is simply your body responding to a bad sitting posture and the discomfort of using a faulty chair.

The chair you use has a psychological effect on your mind, and getting a new one may give you that new outlook on things, pushing you to start with a fresh mind. To make sure that this effect lasts for long, go for a better and bigger chair than before. It will be like starting a new chapter in your office life.

You have Done Enough Repairs

You have Done Enough Repairs

There comes a time where you have to let go of something, no matter how attached you may be to it. It is easy to get used to a chair you have used for a long time to the point it starts holding some sentimental value. This is what pushes you to do so many repairs on it so that you can continue using it. Eventually, even repairs won’t cut anymore, and it would be time to let go.

Every office chair has to eventually reach its end of the line, no matter how supremely built it may be. Continuing to hold on to it with more repairs is actually a bad idea as you stand a risk of getting injured while using it; it could simply snap in half without any warning, sending you to the floor. Once you have done all that you can for the chair, get rid of it immediately and get a new one.

It’s 5 Years Old

There’s an unwritten rule that furniture needs to be replaced after a certain period of time, after which the value and its structural integrity reach a point where they cannot be salvaged. For office chairs, that lifespan is about five years. If you have been using an office chair for that long, it is time to ship it out and get a new one regardless of its condition.

The reason here is simple. After five years, the chair has seen everything, and although it may not show it due to good maintenance, it is simply another ticking time bomb, a hazard waiting to happen. Unseen to the eye could be rusted joints, loose bolts, dislodged metal parts that could pose harm to the user. 

At that point, the chances of another better chair option in the market are pretty high, and you should use that chance to get a new one.


The furniture you use at the office or at home is directly tied to your well-being. This is why people are encouraged to take their time making the selection since finding the right fit is the difference between a comfortable working life of productivity and one full of body pain and discomfort. Many reputable companies are making reliable and ergonomic office chairs that would be worth your time. Flexispot is a cut above the rest, and if you are on the hunt for your next office chair, then head over to the official website and make your order right now.