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8 Tips to Read Books Again

23 August 2021

Reading has become quite a chore even to the once biggest bookworms in our circles. Even before picking a book, we think to ourselves that it’s going to take up time, so we quit even before starting. While book sales have become a hit in recent years, most books bought end up in a dusty corner at home with pages left unturned. 

The reality is that people have developed shorter attention spans; even thoughts of reading more than 200 pages have already become overwhelming. 

1. Read every day for just five minutes

If you want to develop a habit streak, repeat the activity every day over a long period of time. You must commit to it in any given circumstance, even if you’re feeling demotivated or you’re busy with work. Streaks will work only if you do it once a day and don’t break the chain until it becomes second nature to you. 

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Make reading a part of your everyday life by reading at least once a day, even for just five to ten minutes of your time. To make sure you commit to it, consider using a standing desk requiring you to stay upright and focus on your book at hand. The Flexispot Vici Duplex Standing Desk has two tiers and a height programmable control panel. You may use the second tier to organize your books with other desk essentials. You may also opt to read with someone else on the other side, with each of you having one tier of the desk yourself.

Deskcise Pro V9

Don’t have the time to read? Then do it while you exercise. You may opt to burn some calories by light cycling while you read and stimulate your brain cells. The Flexispot One-Desk-Bike comes with an adjustable resistance level that allows you to switch from light activity to a more robust difficulty. It also comes with a spacious desktop that will be perfect for your arms to rest on while you read your book.

2. Turn off social media

Shut down all forms of distraction, including social media---Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot. Put your undivided attention to the book that you’re reading to have a fully immersive experience. It’ll be a lot easier if you’re reading a book that you love. If you’ve given the book a chance for 10 days and you still don’t like it, consider dropping and looking for another read. 

3. Keep a book journal

Keep track of your progress. Record the date you started and finished a book. Add a To-Be-Read (TBR) booklist and scratch one out each time you complete a title on the list. You may also opt to write mini-reviews or diary entries on the books that you’ve read, so you will never forget how it made you feel. 

4. Have a quiet reading area at home

Modern Table Lamp TA1001

If the conditions must be right to motivate you to read, then make it right. Pick a corner at home that is far away from the television or your computer screen. Use an earpiece to filter the noise out of your environment. Look for good lighting to awaken your senses while you read. The TA1001 is a modern table lamp made of metal and wood, comes in matte black, and has a high lamp holder that is advisable to light up in a bedroom, living room, study area, or hotel. It makes use of an LED bulb with an ON/OFF switch included.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Complete your reading area with the Ergonomic Office Chair OC7. Its seat features an S-shaped curve to provide optimal back support. To support your neck, it has a movable headrest that can be lifted up and down. The chair itself can easily be adjusted to 3.1” or what is according to your height. Lastly, it’s stable and comfortable, guaranteed to support the whole body.

The L-shaped Standing Desk E4L has an L-shape that is perfect for any vacant corner at your house. It has a load capacity of 330 pounds and a three-programmable height preset because of its premium keypad. 

5. Read to a parent, your kid, or your pet

Whether you’re a kid, a parent yourself, or has a pet, reading to someone else out loud may help you develop the habit of reading again. You may play with the tone of your voice, imitate other people’s sounds, or just read with emotions and energy. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

6. Display books

We don’t want the books to be out of sight, out of mind. You bought the books to read, and displaying them will be your daily reminder to grab a title and read. It’s within reach to pick up and put back as well after your reading session. The floating shelves come in three and have hooks under for extra storage capacity. It comes in two colors, maple, and mahogany. It can carry up to 44 pounds, just perfect for the books that you’ll be filling your shelves with.

7. Always carry a book anywhere you go 

Every free time is a reading opportunity. Instead of going online and getting caught up in social media, you may grab your book and read it. It could be on your 20-minute commute or when you’re lining up at the bank. It’s easy to grab a book from your bag and read without being tempted to check your socials. 

8. Join or start a book circle

Reading a book as part of a circle may help motivate you to read. You’ll be meeting up once a week or twice a month to discuss one book, so save yourself from embarrassment and read the assigned book with your circle to discuss next week. 

Rediscover the magic of reading at any age. The ultimate secret is to do it! Don’t think of time constraints and other things; pick up that book and start reading.