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9 Ways Women Can Make an Office Space Their Own

11 May 2022

Working at an office for long hours can be exhausting! Add a bland interior to the mix, and every day becomes so much more draining than it needs to be. Being chained to a desk for hours on end, plowing through files, checking proposals, going through the books, and many more rather tedious tasks make up an ordinary day at work.

While there isn't much you can do to dial down the boredom of work (is wishing to get paid for doing nothing too much to ask? Talk about wishful thinking), you can certainly bring some color into your corporate life with the right aesthetics and claim your office space!

So how do you do that? Most people assume that female employees would like to make everything pink and feminine if asked to do up their offices, but that's obviously not true! Not that it would be a problem or wrong to want to do so, you can do whatever you want. To each their own, right?

Whether you choose to cover your cubicle in pink or turn it black, the choice is entirely yours, and you can totally do whatever you want. However, if you are open to suggestions, here are a few tips on redoing an office to make it unmistakably yours.

Go through the following ways women can make an office space their own.

Pick a theme

1. Pick a theme

Although choosing a theme for doing interiors isn't necessary, it can certainly help you make choices throughout the makeover process.

Let's say you like minimalism or tropical aesthetics; you can pick that as the big idea behind your remodeling project.

If that happens to be the case and you want the interior of your office to demonstrate beach-like vibes, you might want to add a botanical curtain? Place planters and furnish the place with white chairs and sofas. You might also want to use wooden furniture to add that earthy vibe to your office.

Long story short, if you set a theme, you will have an inspiration to work with and pick everything based on it. Doing so will not only make things easier for you but also enable you to achieve visual harmony in your office. If you don't want your workplace to look like a collection of uncoordinated interior decor pieces, you should consider selecting an aesthetic concept to plan everything around.

Bring in plants

2. Bring in plants

Putting flower pots is arguably one of the most convenient ways to lift a space's look. So naturally, your office is no different in that regard.

If you like to be around greenery, you should consider bringing planters into your workplace.

They don't have to be big, making the interiors crowded and visually overwhelming. Start with small plants, such as succulents or other varieties that can survive indoor environments and light up your office.

On top of that, the good thing about having plants to upgrade an indoor space is that you don't need to have a theme or central idea for choosing your decor items. You can keep things simple and only introduce articles into your working space that you like, regardless of where they belong design-wise.

Artwork and Quotes

3. Artwork and Quotes

Are you an art connoisseur and know how to appreciate it? Even if not, you can still use art pieces to do up your office and light up your space. And no, we are not talking about exquisite paintings worth a fortune; any illustration that speaks to you should work to make your office yours.

When people hear the word artwork, they more often than not assume some Monet masterpieces or Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, but that doesn't have to be the case. Any illustrations, even the ones your nieces made for you, can be used as artwork to decorate your office because they will mean something to you.

Hence, don't worry about having to spend wads of money on a picture at an auction; any painting is good enough as long as you like it. And if you can't find it, you might want to unleash your inner artist and try your hand at arts and crafts yourself.

Simply put, put up art pieces around your office.

If, after all, that we have said about art, you still don't want it in your workplace, you can look for inspiring quotes to frame and hang in your office.

Motivational words are not only good at decorating a space but also giving listless employees the much-needed boost of energy they may need to get through the day.

As somber as it may be, going in despair and not wanting to work can happen when we work nonstop for days. On those bad days, hopeful phrases such as you are stronger than you think, braver than you seem, and smarter than you believe" can really help you push through and work hard on your job. So, look up quotes if you don't already have any favorites and mount them on your workplace walls.

Family Pictures

4. Family Pictures

Another way to do up an office is by putting up family pictures. They will give you the courage to work on days you don't want to and bring a smile to your face in an instant. Besides, nothing can make your space truly yours, like portraits of friends and family.

And you don't have to place immaculately-framed pictures; you can choose the goofiest images of your loved ones to decorate your office.


5. Furniture

The pieces of furniture you choose for your office are also integral to its aesthetic. While you can pick anything you want, try going for something pleasant to look at and functional in more than one way.

Thanks to modern-day designers, a person can buy plenty of multi-functional furnishings to blow a new life into their workplace. Articles such as a standing desk E7 or an ergonomic chair may be items to consider when redoing your office.

You can also look for sleek sofas or chairs for visitors in your office.

Bring Colors

6. Bring Colors

Painting the walls may not always be an option when looking for ways to uplift an office; however, you can use wallpapers to bring color into your workplace.

If you are someone who loves to be around rich hues, you should pick out wallpaper matching your preference. Similarly, if you like neutral or pastel shades, you can choose the wallpaper in accordance with that. But a piece of advice we have for you in case you go for light colors is to use decor items to cut through the plainness and add a pop of color. Perhaps a flower pot or a row of bar stools in the corner. You can also place a bohemian-style throw over your sofa. Simply put, don't forget to drop a dollop of color in your otherwise neutral office.

Buy a Rug

7. Buy a Rug

If you don't want to make all the changes at once and wish to take your office's makeover step by step, consider laying an exotic piece of carpet in your workplace.

Rugs are excellent at doing up a space for multiple reasons. Firstly, they offer so much room for creativity because you can choose any design you want. Let's your office is currently super bland and can use a touch of deep hues. In that case, a colorful carpet will allow you to bring color while also adding character to your space by giving it texture.

Typically offices are all hard, clean lines with the tables and chairs. By placing a rug, you will break the monotony. Therefore, look for classy carpets to light up your workplace without any other changes.


8. Lights

Lighting may seem like an unimportant title on the list of decor items, but it's not. The color of light can make a world of difference in a room's aesthetic. Moreover, the fixtures you choose can visually enhance your workplace's appearance.

If you cannot change the fixtures in your workplace, you can add other portable ones to light up (literally) your surroundings. There are many fancy lamps available in the market that you can place on your desk and turn on when feeling down. That's not all; you can even purchase a standing unit that you can put in the corner of your office.


9. Showpieces

Lastly, showpieces can immediately transform a space, provided they are chosen correctly. If you go for a flashy item, you can do more harm than good to your office's look.

Look for tasteful articles, such as a water fountain. That's right; now, you can find miniature water fountains for your workplace. Placing one of those in your office will surely up the look and also calm you down when you get too worked up about a meeting or presentation.

It goes without saying working at an office is stressful, and looking at flowing water can keep your stress under control in the most desperate hours. So, look for pacifying decor items you can use to decorate your workplace to keep both your eyes and mind happy!

Ending note

As unfortunate as it may be, the corporate world can feel like a male-dominated sphere. So understandably, working there can get a little stifling. If you feel more comfortable in your workplace, touching it up a bit might just be the thing you need! And with the ideas mentioned in this article, you should be able to find the right way to personalize your office.