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FlexiSpot: BIFMA Certified & Trusted

13 April 2021

It’s important to always consider the quality of the products you’ll be purchasing. When it comes to online shopping, it’s even harder to understand and determine the quality of the things you’re planning to buy, especially when it’s something as vital as furniture or ergonomics. So how can you be sure?  Well you’re in luck because that’s just what BIFMA stands for. As a not‐for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers, BIFMA ensures that all manufacturers provide high quality work spaces and furniture. BIFMA or the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association provides standards and certification tests for furniture manufacturers. The goal is to identify standard quality to consumers. In this article you’ll discover exactly what the BIFMA tests imply and how FlexiSpot has gained the trust and confidence of its partners.

What does the BIFMA test for?

What BIFMA tests for is commercial-grade quality. This means they’ll be looking at value for money and high quality durable designs and materials. In order to ensure unbiased testing, brands that undergo a BIFMA certification have to go through different independent-lab testing to ensure the 4 standards that allows BIFMA to certify that the products are made with the standard industry quality. These 4 standards are (1) Motor Durability, (2) Load Testing, (3) Destructibility and (4) Electrical Component Safety. These standards are tested and enforced to ensure that customers gain access to comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability in their products. So how are these standards tested?

(1) Motor Durability tests are meant to measure how strong and how long motorized standing desks can be used. This is tested by raising and lowering the desk continuously within a 1 to 3 week period.

(2) Load Testing is all about the weight capacity of various desks and chairs. To test this, the desk or chair will be loaded to their maximum load capacity and is raised and lowered to ensure that the load capacity is accurate and can handle high levels of stress.

(3) Destructibility concerns the overall durability of a product. The desk is jostled and distressed to check it’s durability.

(4) Electric Component Safety is all about ensuring the safety of customers when it comes to electrical parts. Underwriters Laboratories focuses on the certification of electronics.

Depending on the brand undergoing testing, BIFMA adjusts its model to ensure that they are testing all the important aspects of a brand’s furniture. It’s not just about ensuring that the product looks good, they go the extra mile to ensure that products are safe, durable and sustainable.


FlexiSpot Provides You Quality

Now that we’ve explored the many different aspects at which BIFMA tests other brands and their products, it’s now time to consider just how FlexiSpot provides you with products that meet BIFMA standards. As a provider of high quality ergonomic furniture FlexiSpot has tested and is certified to provide you with comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability. Through smart designs that assure durability and quality, FlexiSpot proves to not just meet industry standards but we choose to exceed those standards as well.

FlexiSpot has a lot of beneficial and durable products. Our bestselling Height Adjustable Desks that are made with high quality materials and are equipped with durable motors that are ensured to provide you with stability and unparalleled support.

Because our products are tested for commercial-grade quality, our BIFMA certified products are also available for manageable bulk orders. Enjoy flexible payment terms and provide your team with high quality work stations to ensure boosted productivity and efficiency!

Know What You’re Looking For

Now that we’ve explored the standards and options for furniture and ergonomics, feel free to explore our expansive catalogue. FlexiSpot is designed to be flexible for your needs! Check out our bestsellers and customize your FlexiSpot experience today.  For more articles on health, lifestyle and all things ergonomics visit our FlexiWellness Center.