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Rebrand Your Room with 6 Amazing Wall Paint Ideas

01 November 2022

Giving your room or entire house a unique look demands that you understand the secret of painting. And it all comes in handy when you have a guide that helps you select the most effective paint color and finish.

On that note, this piece will walk you through the 6 best wall paint ideas. You'll also learn the different types of wall paint ideas on the market alongside their good sides and drawbacks.

Varieties of Wall Paint Ideas

The first step in the quest to enhance the aesthetics of your room is that you know the type of wall paint that suits your environment.

Enamel Wall Paint Decor

Instead of water, this wall paint is made of oil and it has a solid base. This means that it works perfectly for buildings in wet and soggy environments.

No small thanks to the glossy and durable nature of enamel wall paint, it'll give your walls a sophisticated and posh look.


Unlike emulsion paint, enamel wall paint isn't elastic. And this is responsible for the usual cracks that pop up when you use it for painting.

Enamel wall paint takes too much before it completely dries up.

It has a deep and heavy smell. So folks with lung complications and allergies can be negatively affected by the smell when opened or freshly used.

Acrylic Emulsion Wall Paint Decor

This paint has a water base. This property makes acrylic wall paint the go-to choice for most professional painters.


The paint is more long-lasting and stable on the walls.

It is capable of enduring mildew and other infections.

You can get it in different finishes such as matte, silk, and satin.

Emulsion paint doesn't take much time to completely dry up and it discharges low-volatile organic chemicals.

You can easily use a wet cloth or soapy water to wipe off stains on the surface of the wall painted with acrylic.

It doesn't fade when exposed to sunshine and it enhances color stability.


The glossy feel of the paint doesn't conceal surface roughness or flaws.

The effectiveness of the emulsion paint depends on whether or not you use a coat of primer.

Distemper Wall Paint Decor

Popularly known as whitewash, the distemper wall paint is derived from chalk, water, lime, and other coloring additives. Now, let's run through the pros and cons.


The wall paint maintains its strength even when exposed to harsh sunshine. No cracks!

It is very economical. And you can use it for both interior and exterior walls.

Unlike acrylic emulsion paint, you can apply distemper paint on plastered surfaces without the prior use of a primer. This explains why it is called cement paint in some quarters.


The wall paint decor tends to shed off when it's not dried up. Therefore, it is not completely washable.

Other types of wall paints that might come in handy for your structures are metallic wall paint decor and textured wall paint decor.

Tips to Select the Best Color for Your Wall Paint

The simple rule while scouting for the best wall paint is that you start the hunt with your favorite colors. That is, you don't have to be restricted by the regular color palettes when you can explore the ones you like.

You can also use one of the colors as the color scheme and apply it as a palette for the whole house.

Here's how to understand the meaning of your preferred color, how, and where to apply it while decorating:

Seek inspiration for the paint color.

Use the color to form a palette alongside color theory.

Consider the neutral paint colors too.

Go for colors motivated by amazing stories and history.

Seek the advice of a color expert.

Now that you know the meaning of your favorite hue, it's time to check the ideas that'll help you create a thrilling appearance at the end.

No Big Deal in Using a Single Color

The jargon "color drenching" is fast gaining popularity, especially in the painting and home lifestyle space. And it refers to a situation where your ceiling and walls are painted with the same color.

It's a contemporary and more customized way of giving your office and home a different look. Thus, we'll also advise that you adopt this method of a single color for your trims, doors, crown moldings, and other areas you want to paint.

Apart from the sense of uniformity, this style will give room for a deeper harmony between your ceiling and walls. It'll also make your room look bigger.

And if you don't want to leave the decor monochromatic, you can introduce an accent of another color but which will also complement the one-color backdrop.

Explore Different Hues

Using one color for different shades is an excellent decor idea. Although it is an antiquated method of decoration, it creates an amazing impact on the room.

Thus, you can also mix drapes with paint color to give the room a more spacious effect. You can also look for colors that look remarkable during the day and give mind-blowing effects at night.

To make the impact more evident, you can also add a lamp into the room.

Furthermore, all the hues of the chosen color should also be seen in your window frames, doorways, architectural accents, and walls. This will make the space look more articulate while adding a state-of-the-art edge.

Make the Skirting and Wallpaper Look Compatible

Painting the skirting is an easy way to fix the colors of your bedroom. You can also adopt this wall paint method when you want to redesign and not do a full re-decoration.

And to support this idea, the famous interior designer, Octavia Dickinson, said that the skirting and moldings shouldn't be painted with an off-white color.

He also continued that gloss finishes and eggshells can be used for the skirting and wallpaper. So they're not made for woodwork alone. Use this idea to spice up your home office and frame your wallpaper.

White Never Disappoints

Going full-white is one of the most remarkable choices that a professional interior designer will suggest. So why not make this idea worthwhile?

This option works for almost every concept. For instance, that you're living in a townhouse apartment doesn't mean you can experience this wonderful look, all you have to do is introduce glossy white marble on the kitchen walls.

It'll give your space an unconventional look and make your room look bigger.

Also, you can apply a warmer matte white on the beams. It'll give you a brilliant and reflecting shade.

Choose Different Colors for the Adjoining Rooms

Another excellent way to build and maintain a free flow of hues across the house is when you use various colors for the adjoining rooms.

Before doing this, you need to create a mental picture of how the room colors, when finally done, will appear from one another.

Meanwhile, you should also pay attention to the communication between the spaces when selecting colors for two adjacent rooms. This is based on the logic that the human eyes easily get drawn to glowing hues such as coral, magenta, or terracotta.

Any of these hues can be used as the primary color to organically push the attention of viewers in that direction.

After that, you should use a cooler color such as green, blue, or teal for the next room. This will add some elaborations and tiers to the setting.

Your Window Frames Should be Friendly to the Sunshine

You can also check out how the paint looks on the frames of your window. So you can get some decorative colors that'll furnish the frames with the relevant attention-grabbing element.

Going with this method is an assurance that your windows and their frames will be compatible with other woodwork materials in the room. What can be more pleasing and appealing to visitors than this?

You can also the same color used on the frames for the trims and ceilings. No doubt, it'll make your wallpaper look more coherent.

Meanwhile, the color for the window frames should match the study desk to ensure that the desk blends with the walls.

As you can see, it can be quite uncomfortable and unhealthy when other colors and the wall paint struggle for harmony.

So the only way out is to blend other trivial elements like the door frames and other materials to achieve visual uniformity.

Final Thoughts

All the wall paint decor tips discussed here are capable of adding full and renewed energy into your working or living space.

We also hope that you have gotten a hold of the best wall paint that fits into your immediate environment. The next line of action is that you put the knowledge you've acquired in this piece to practice.