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What Flexispot can do for the work from home warriors

12 April 2021

Since mid-2020, more than half of Americans in the workforce have had to make the quick change to working from home. It has been an easier transition for some and a bit harder of a transition for others. Either way, the “work from home warrior” has had to adapt to this ever-changing world we live in, due to COVID-19.

Many of us have had to make do with what we have at home. Using kitchen tables, counter spaces, or even just working from our couches to get what we need to be done. Others are working from home and balancing their children’s needs for their care and homeschooling.

If working a grinding 9-5 wasn’t hard enough, balancing your work and home life simultaneously has some people missing the office life. A lot of people enjoy the typical chit-chat in the office break room or the visit to their desk to give them a break from their day. Others who have been introverts even before the pandemic started have enjoyed the solitude of working in a smaller space with little to no distractions. I have loved creating my little work world and not having to take a few minutes for my eyes to adjust after someone turns the fluorescent office lights on.

Being a work-from-home warrior has all of us surviving in the best ways we can, whether we love the new environment or not. Many of us struggle with the world around us daily, while others are finding that change has them rethinking their priorities professionally.

Many people have started to be laid off due to the pandemic, causing people to shift their attention to creating their businesses to cope, going after that dream job, or taking some time to reflect on what their next step will be.

COVID-19 has us all asking that universal question “what’s next?”. It has us wondering if the work-from-home lifestyle will be the new norm or if we will eventually have to readjust our mindset to return to office life with our co-workers. For now, we are subject to cope with our new work environments and focus on being the best we can be in our careers.

What many people don’t take into consideration with working from home is their work from home environment. More importantly, their work from home desks and chairs. The standard desk and office chair tend to cause more harm than good. Over time, it could affect your health and even your mental health.

Standard desks have been discovered to lead to many different symptoms. Some of those symptoms can include:

· Obesity

· High blood pressure

· Sore muscles

· Bad posture

· Joint pain

· And much more

People tend to not realize that every week they are sitting for over 40+ hours at their work desk, sometimes even more, depending on the line of work they do. All that sitting tends to do more harm than good. Many people have switched to using ergonomic items, even at home to combat these things affecting their health.

Some people have done something as simple as a switch to using an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are proven to help with overall lumbar support. Your standard desk chair can cause issues such as:

· Putting more weight on your hip joints than you should.

· Causing issues with back pain and spinal pain.

· Making it hard to shift sitting positions throughout the day.

· Caused more pain to a back or spinal injury

· And many more.

While working at home these issues could end up being worse, considering one of the first things we want to do after a longs day of work is relax on the couch and mentally prepare for the next workday.

So what is a Work From Home Warrior such as yourself supposed to do to overcome all these potential health risks? The first thing would be to look into getting ergonomic office furniture like an ergonomic desk and ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic items have been much more popular in the last few years. They have been shown to help create a perfect working environment that promotes better health, both physically and mentally.

Ergonomic desks such as standing desks help you to build better muscle strength, better focus at work, and the ability to easily go from a sitting to standing position. As for ergonomic chairs, they have quite the great benefits of helping you feel more comfortable while you are sitting without all the hassle of getting lower back pain through the week.

The biggest question you may be asking yourself is how do you find ergonomic items or how much should you spend on these. There are lots of retailers out there that offer many different choices. The best thing to do is find something suitable for your every need.

With you working from home, you want to make sure you find something that will fit your home office, be easy to put together, and overall be a comfortable work environment.

All the things and more can be accomplished by going with one of the best sellers of ergonomic office items, FlexiSpot. FlexiSpot provides many different designs and choices for all your ergonomic needs. They design these items in-house and make them, which allows them to sell at a reasonable cost and even offer free shipping.

FlexiSpot has spent many hours with their design team to focus on the best ergonomic items for your home office, or even for a larger scale workspace. They have partnered up with many different businesses, from small start up to fortune 100 businesses with thousands of employees.

FlexiSpot’s main mission is to provide customers like you with the best product that promotes better physical and mental health. They thrive on being there for people and feel the best contribution to the world is making these ergonomic items for you to have a healthier tomorrow.

A company that isn’t just looking for your money but wanting you to get a chance to improve your health is pretty admirable. FlexiSpot is invested in every one of their customer’s health.

As people in the workforce tend to realize that their health could be at risk just by sitting in their office chairs, FlexiSpot has been a guiding light for them. FlexiSpot feels that every person in the workforce, whether they are in the office or working from home should be their healthiest.

FlexiSpot has done countless research on how ergonomics can help people and with many people having to work from home, they have been more dedicated to providing these products for anyone needing an upgrade for their home office. With so many of us working from home, many of us think that just an affordable desk is all it takes. With FlexiSpot, they prove to you that ergonomic office items are not something to debate about.

They show you with every product detail the benefits these ergonomic office desks or ergonomic office chairs can bring to you. FlexiSpot is even going the extra mile by making ergonomic desk chairs that allow you to exercise while you work. Their ergonomic desk bike for example has been a popular item for people who want to not only sit healthier but who are wanting to multitask towards a healthier day by getting a workout in at their desk.

Another great thing about FlexiSpot and their ergonomic office items is they all pair together really well. You could do something as simple as getting a standing desk converter to go over your current desk and add their ergonomic chair to complete the package.

You may even want to fully invest in the overall upgrade of your at-home workspace by getting a standing desk and ergonomic desk chair with a comfortable headrest. Either way you do it, you can count on FlexiSpot to help guide you to their perfect fit for you.

They have amazing customer service agents who provide helpful information and suggestions for the best type of ergonomic items. Their customer service agents are trained to be the best at what they do, supporting customers like yourself who just want to have a healthier lifestyle and perfect work environment.

You can feel comfortable knowing that a company such as FlexiSpot is so dedicated to what they do. They say if you love your job you never work a day in your life. FlexiSpot not only loves what they do but they love that they can provide people just like you with the right tools to make working at home a bit more comfortable.

At the end of the day, we all want to feel comfortable but more importantly, we all want to feel we are doing our best to be as healthy as we can.

FlexiSpot is going to be your best partner in fighting alongside your journey for comfort, physical and mental health in any office furniture you choose. For more information on FlexiSpot and their great products, check out this “Ultimate Buying Guide For Computer Desks In 2021” here.