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Is It Time to Make the Leap from a Sitting to Standing Desk?

15 August 2022

Sitting vs standing desks have been quite the hot topic lately.

Work takes up more of our lives than actually just living life in the everyday world. We only get maybe 1/3 of our time outside of work to relax, have fun and even spend the much-needed time with our family. We don’t want work to overtake our life or even affect our lives outside of work. So why not make sure we aren’t letting our health go downhill while we are at work?

Being aware of these things may help you in the future. The thing that a lot of people don’t take into consideration when setting up their home office is how it will affect them. Your workstation affects more than just your efficiency and total focus while you work. It also affects your physical and mental health.

Your physical and mental health being affected while you work tends to make you want to work less, focus on the tasks you are doing and sometimes even want to get out of bed the next day. Before long, your health will decline with your mental health, and you may be leading yourself down a path that may be hard to get out of if you continue on it. Health risks tend to be just that, a risk. Putting a risk on your life, even if it is a small one.

isolated while working from home

Considering the current state, the world is in with the continuing precautions we are taking against COVID-19, many people are still stressed every day they work. There have been many people who have their mental health slowly dwindle due to a lack of socializing with their co-workers, feeling cut off and isolated while they work from home.

Mental health should always be a priority. How you feel mentally affects how you can feel physically. Granted physical health should be a top priority as well. If your mental health starts to dwindle, it could affect your focus, motivation, and even how your body can feel. Stress is a hard thing to avoid, but with the right tools, you can keep a great balance between your mental health and physical health. This is one of the most important reasons why ergonomic desks are a better choice.

Ergonomic desks

Ergonomic desks are always the best alternatives when it comes to any of the standard desks out there. Believe it or not, ergonomic desks have been proven to affect your overall physical and mental health in a way that benefits your life. Studies over the last few years have shown that many companies are opting for ergonomic office desks and supplies over the standard. Many companies are wanting to focus on how their employees feel while they work, just as much as the output of work their employees are giving.

How you feel at work is super important, just as much as your mental/physical health. If you are not happy at work, you most likely are not wanting to do your work and focus on things that make you happy. You’re not going to be 100% happy at your job, that’s impossible. Even if you are at your dream job, you’re going to end up having a random day where things don’t go your way. Having something at your work that won’t increase the worse feeling you may already be experiencing could help turn things around.

An ergonomic standing desk is not only a good investment in your wallet but a good investment in your health. Sure, an ergonomic desk will cost a bit more than your standard desk, but it will be something that will make you feel so much better as you continue to use it. The thing you have to ask is if there is a price tag on your health? The answer should hopefully be no. No amount of money should be worth you not paying attention to your health.

ergonomic standing desk

If you are just creating your home office for a side business or you are now working from home, an ergonomic standing desk is going to be very worth it for you. The thing you may not realize is the added benefits of a standing desk. Some of them may include:

The ability to have more desk space
Putting less stress on your lower back
Helps to prevent added issues to your blood pressure, heart, and spine
Gives you a chance to strengthen your legs, help your back, and helps with better circulation
Opens up your opportunities to multitask while you work by exercising on the job

A lot of people are using standing desks to do all these things and more, especially using the aspect to exercise while they work. Some people are getting ergonomic standing desks and an under-desk treadmill to up their health game while they work. Now, this is a serious investment. It’s not necessary for you to go this far right away, but it is a good thing to strive for later on. Believe it or not, there are many YouTube channels that also offer many different types of ergonomic desk workouts.

2 Minute End of Day Standing Stretch

Screenshot grabbed from Energize with Lizzie Williamson

Many things exist on YouTube for better health lifestyles but combining it with an ergonomic standing desk stands out among the rest. For example, Two Minute Moves is one that specializes in this. Per their YouTube Page bio “Two Minute Moves are a fun, entertaining way to break up sitting time, connect virtually and combat digital fatigue. These bite-size stretch and movement breaks make it easy for employees and audiences to get up and move, so they stay healthy, happy, and focused while working from home or on virtual events.”

Two Minute Moves offers many different types of exercises with your ergonomic standing desks such as:

2 Minute Morning Energizer
2 Minute Time to Move Mini Break
2 Minute End of Day Standing Stretch
And many, many more

Utilizing this knowledge can be your first step towards a better and healthier tomorrow. Take your time to do your research and find the best standing desk for you today. You can check out some great options for ergonomic standing desks and chairs at FlexiSpot.