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A Complete Guide to Mattress Shopping

28 September 2023

A restful night's sleep certainly has unlimited benefits. A restful night's sleep not only fosters physical and mental wellness, but it also gradually safeguards your sensitive spine. People frequently ask us, as sleep consultants, if a mattress might cause back pain.

It is only natural to ask if your mattress is the source of your lower and upper back pain and whether purchasing a high-quality mattress might help you feel better. If you frequently toss and turn at night because of stiffness and aches, wake up with numb shoulders, and feel incredibly exhausted in the mornings, it is time to invest in a new, high-quality mattress.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose an ergonomically sound mattress that is firm, comfortable, and is appropriate for your weight and height. The greatest mattress for a bad back is typically one with a medium-firm density and gel form, such as the Dreamer Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Flexispot. It's crucial to avoid having a mattress that is too firm for back discomfort, but it's also crucial to avoid having a bed that is too soft.

The process of purchasing a new mattress might be overwhelming. For many years, you'll probably spend practically every night on it, thus comfort and quality are key. The purchase procedure might be demanding due to the need to sift among countless models, as well as the excessive prices.

Finding the right mattress for you still requires some research, despite the convenience of online shopping. If you have someone sleeping next to you in bed, you might require a mattress that absorbs movement to avoid disrupting someone else's sleep. It's a good idea to think about the mattress size that will fit your bedroom the best so you have space to move around without stumbling over a toe.

The type of mattress you get makes all the difference between a good day and a bad day. After all, a comfortable mattress is like your safe haven for a good night’s sleep after a long day. Here, we'll explain the important factors to keep in mind while mattress shopping.

What Kind of Mattress Is Best?

There are many different mattress types available today, including hybrid, foam, innerspring, and a few high-end adjustable air mattresses, but none of them are inherently superior to the others.

Every mattress has a unique construction made of various materials. Hyperelastic polymer grid and other unique materials, like as foam layers, may be found in mattresses designed to support various sleep types. The most typical bed designs, their advantages and disadvantages, and the kind of sleeper each one will accommodate are listed below.


Contrary to the squeaky spring beds of the past, a contemporary innerspring mattress is manufactured with one or more layers of coils.

Instead of being joined, many feature separately draped coils that may move independently of one another. For additional pressure relief, many have an extra comfort layer with a quilted cushion top. Since innerspring mattresses inherently permit more airflow than other mattresses, they can be a wonderful option for people who tend to sleep hot. They may also be a great option for people who are trying to get relief from back pain.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses, in particular, are excellent at offering padded support. To ease strain and pressure that are frequently felt in the hip and shoulder region, side sleepers might find a foam mattress to be a fantastic complement.

Foam mattresses are also a good option for couples because they have a good tendency to soak up motion rather than transmit it into the mattress. These mattresses are made with cooling components, such as foam with gel in it, to help the bed release heat rather than entrap it inside the mattress.

Similar to memory foam, gel memory foam offers the extra benefit of cooling your mattress and keeping you cool while you sleep. People who experience nighttime heat exhaustion may find it easier to fall asleep on a mattress made of gel memory foam.


Hybrid mattresses merge the pressure-relieving qualities with coil spring support of latex or foam. This support arrangement seems the least stiff to some sleepers, making it the most comfortable option.

A hybrid mattress may be a suitable choice for couples because it helps to isolate vibrations. Side sleepers might get sufficient relief to get a good night's sleep. Similar to innerspring mattresses, a hybrid mattress may be comfortable for hot sleepers and for individuals who want firm edge support.

Adjustable Air

There are mattresses that feature air chambers that you can adjust to your preferred sleeping position. You may set a certain inflation level with adjustable air mattresses. While some models emphasize features for temperature control, certain models have an upper spume relieving layer.


A latex mattress is packed with latex foaming, which is particularly permeable, preventing nighttime overheating. Additionally, it is very strong and ought to survive for many years. And anyone with asthma or allergies should consider it. They are better suited to people who require a harder bed because they initially feel very sturdy. Latex mattresses are often heavy, and some of the less expensive varieties might eventually acquire bumps and dents.

A Complete Guide to Mattress Shopping

Consult Your Doctor

Ask your physician or physical therapist for advice if you suffer from a neck or back ailment. When lying on the mattress, you should try to keep the lower back and neck in a neutral position. It encourages proper spinal alignment. Despite not being mattress specialists, doctors are familiar with your health check history and will be able to offer helpful advice in that regard.

Check Out Mattresses In-Store

Visit a nearby mattress shop and take time to look around. Remove your shoes and spend about 5-10 minutes on each of several mattresses. You shouldn't worry about being awkward because this is an important decision (and an expensive one) and requires a lot of thought.

Beware of Publicity Stunts

There is no formal medical institution that approves mattresses to carry the designations "medically-approved" or "orthopedic," despite the fact that retailers will advertise mattresses as such. Although no medical organization has confirmed these claims, some mattresses may have pain-relieving properties.

Know that Firm Mattresses Are Not Always the Best Ones

Before purchasing a firm or hard mattress, think twice. According to certain studies, medium firm mattresses work better for low back pain than hard mattresses. Firm sensation and firm support are two different things. You want comfortable yet solid support. Your unique preferences will affect how comfortable you are.

Examine Client Testimonials

Pay less heed to what mattress manufacturers have to say about themselves because they must promote their own products favorably. Look for neutral evaluations written by customers who have already purchased the mattress you're considering. Read reviews and check out client feedback and testimonials to make a wise decision.

Online Recommendation Requests

Post on social media about your search for a new mattress and invite friends and family to share recommendations. Given that some people may have had a comparable experience and be able to provide more detailed advice, you might want to include information about your medical condition.

Consider Buying an Adjustable Bed

Try an adjustable bed if you discover that you feel more comfortable sitting up than lying down. You have the choice to slightly raise your head and legs, which could ease pressure on your lower back.

Cushion Firmness

Finding the perfect mattress firmness for you is crucial to having a mattress that properly supports the unique contours of the position of your body as you sleep, whether that is incredibly firm, super soft, or somewhere in between.

Look at the Return Policy

Many mattress providers offer a trial period that ensures free returns if you're dissatisfied with their goods inside a specific time limit. Don’t forget to carefully read and comprehend all of the fine print.

Verify Any Warranties

Make sure the mattress has a guarantee before you buy it in case it malfunctions or is damaged. An excellent mattress frequently comes with a minimum 10-year complete substitution or unrestricted guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal mattress is one of the most crucial considerations when purchasing a new one. The ultimate objective is to maintain the natural shape of the spine without significant bends, regardless of sleeping position. If your mattress doesn't support spinal alignment while you sleep, you can wake up with neck or back pain.

Buying a mattress without proper due diligence can result in restless nights and sore mornings. Additionally, mattresses can range in price, so you'll want to make sure your choice is worthwhile before you make a purchase.

You'll be happy to learn that modern manufacturing offers better back pain alleviation and more alternatives in various mattress types than ever before if you suffer from back discomfort. The most well-known solutions for easing back pain issues like slipped discs and scoliosis right now are gel memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses.

Since memory foam mattresses are often heavier than coil mattress choices, they can provide better body support. In comparison to other forms of foam, mattresses made of dense memory foam do not sag over time and are highly durable.