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A Day in the Life of a Writer

22 April 2021

The Accountant

Calvin has been a writer for ten years. He had been writing novels as a ghostwriter for clients in the US and the UK. That’s his primary job. His real job however is finishing his own debut novel that he had been writing for almost five years. He lives in Westwood, California. He moved there twelve years ago when his company relocated from Texas. He was a former accountant, working on big clients in New York. But his real passion has always been writing.

It’s safe to say that he came from the traditional workplace, where people gather inside an office to work on projects while being monitored by supervisors. It never suited him. He never liked the noise other people make. He never liked the sight of people moving around him. He preferred working alone. Work was easy, he said, but what made it challenging was the people around him. So, after only two years after their move to California, he quit his job.

He wanted peace of mind.

The Writing Begins

He made the most difficult decision of his life. Quitting a high-paying job to some may sound ridiculous and extremely reckless, but he needed to follow his heart and gain peace. He never liked being around people. Suffering for many years, he decided to put his foot down and decide once and for all.

He saved up enough so he could survive for six months without a job, but after resting for a week, he looked for online freelancing jobs. He found several and started working on them. Money wasn’t as big as his former salary, but he was happier than ever.


A spare room at the back of the house, which used to be a storage room, he converted into his home office.

The window was blocked by a thick cloth fastened by the former tenant. He removed it and discovered that the window overlooked the property that used to belong to Marilyn Monroe.

He went shopping online and bought office furniture. He discovered a company called Flexispot. A company dedicated to selling office furniture and equipments designed to make sure that its users won’t experience back pains, stiffness, and soreness after working for extended periods of time.

His orders arrived and was amazed at the quality of the products.

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series looked and felt solid. He was thrilled that he could use it as a traditional desk with him working seated down, and as a standing desk when it was time to stand and move around. On top of the desk, he placed his brand new iMac and Apple Keyboard and Track pad. The minimalist design of Apple combined with the ergonomic and simplistic design of Flexispot made his desk look amazing. He also bought a black table mat to secure his keyboard and track pad in place. A table lamp he got from Target completed the setup. He positioned the table near the window so he could look out and find inspiration while working.

The Soutien Ergonimic Office Chair arrived the day after the desk was delivered. It looked like any other office chairs, so he did not give it much thought. But that night, when he started working on the freelance project he was working on at that time, he sat on the chair for the first time. He was blown away at how the chair supported his lower back and the back of his neck. He laughed and realized that it would allow him to work for hours without the usual lower back pains he got in the office when using ordinary office chairs.

He was having the time of his life. It really helped, he said, to have the right devices, office furniture and equipment. They will, he claimed, make you forget about them so your focus is on the work itself and nothing else.

Starting the Day

He wakes up at around seven in the morning. The moment he wakes up, he gets out of bed. He goes down to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine, and while waiting for it, he fetches his yoga mat and walks out into the garden in front. He meditates for half an hour—something he learned from an article published by Flexispot. Meditation, the article said, is a must do at the beginning of the day. One should use this moment to picture all the tasks needed to be done. Calvin swears by it. It made him a lot more productive because he could focus better by picturing out his tasks for the day.

He starts working after a quick breakfast while reading the news on Twitter at around eight in the morning.


He walks a short distance to a local restaurant for lunch. They serve healthy meals every day, which allowed him to count his calories so he could keep fit.

He works out for an hour before continuing his work.

After a quick shower, he starts writing again. Writing while standing up, this time using the standing desk. With just one click of a button, the traditional-looking desk transforms into a convenient standing desk.


At night, he goes down to the kitchen to cook something for dinner. Then he takes everything out into the garden. He eats dinner outside, enjoying nature while thinking about the things he had accomplished.

He watches Netflix before going to bed, and lists down the things he needs to accomplish the next day.


Quitting his job was the best thing that happened to him. Following your heart, he said, is a must. It will bring you, he added, a certain kind of joy that no amount of money could give you. Your creative space is very important. Flexispot helped me achieve that. Next to my Apple devices, my Flexispot office furniture and equipment are probably my most important investments to date.

Thanks to Flexispot, Calvin was able to live the life he had always wanted to have without worrying about his health while working on dream projects.