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A Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Freelance Writing Career

11 December 2019

Building a successful freelance writing career is a lot like building a career in many other industries. Freelance writing is not just an endeavor that you plunge into without an action plan that is appropriately pieced together.

There are some strategies available today, especially on the internet that will help you build a successful freelance writing career right from the corners of your room, one of such strategies include the creation of a personal freelance writing website.

These strategies, unlike in the corporate world, are designed to help you make headway in your freelance writing career without the excesses of corporate structures.

What is Freelance Writing?

For those who don't already know what it is, freelance writing can also be referred to as "Writing without Borders".

Freelance writing entails taking on independent writing projects after you have appropriately honed your writing skills over the years. A freelance writer is not obligated by any corporate contractual agreements and neither are they required to put in a certain amount of work hours in an establishment.

Although over the years, freelance writing has evolved to include the presence of major industry players such as Upwork or O'Desk, Fiverr, Behance, etc. These companies have made it possible for people who’re interested in building a freelance career through their platforms.

Why you Should Consider Freelancing as a Writer?

Writing is considered one of the hottest career paths in the world today, because of the significant increase in the need for relevant content across various industries. In the last decade, the creation of high-quality content has been the focus of many huge corporations, and this need creates an immense opportunity for anyone who's considering a writing career.

Professional writers from different parts of the world are some of the highest-paid people today, and when all fails, this is enough motivation to keep you forging a path to a successful freelance writing career.

Why you Need a Website as a Freelance Writer?

Like all other players in the other industries, as a freelance writer, you still need an office space or a portfolio that appropriately showcases your skills and strengths as a writer.

A freelance writer website helps you achieve all you need to show potential and existing clients your strength as a writer. Creating a website to support your freelance career might just be the edge you’re looking for over your competitors.

According to a recent study, around 60% of businesses in the world today are web-based, which means they operate from the internet. A sizeable majority of clients today will refuse to engage with a brand with zero web presence, and if you're building a freelance writing career without a web presence, then you're sure to miss out on the huge client potential that's available to you.

Lots of businesses have attested to the significant increase in ROI (Returns on Interest) after taking their company online, and creating a freelance writer website also provides you with this incredible leverage.

Other Must-Haves as a Freelance Writer

While trying to build a freelance writing career, it is equally important to understand that it doesn’t absolve you of the other responsibilities that you have to your client; responsibilities that largely include; efficiency of delivery and communication.

Various tools help to improve your efficiency as a freelance writer and they include;

  1. FLEXISPOT Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EC1 - 48" W

As a writer, maintaining a good posture is an essential aspect of building a successful career. Your posture influences your style of writing by a whole lot because of the level of comfort that keeping the right posture exposes you too.

The FLEXISPOT Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk helps you to write better and increases your efficiency significantly. This adjustable desk provides height adjustments from 29" to 48.6" and this affords you the room for more flexibility while working. It is also very stable and provides a very quiet environment for you to work as opposed to many other tools. You can purchase the FLEXISPOT Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk here and improve your writing right away.

  1. FLEXISPOT  Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 - 48" W

This incredible FLEXISPOT Electric Height Adjustable Desk model is designed to provide you with a digital display with 3 memory presets. Does it get better than that?

Writers make heavy use of their retentive and memory skills, and this product helps you keep tabs of your projects without having to commit every detail to memory.

This product allows for very smooth and comfortable transitions, therefore, you can rest assured of convenient use and a significant increase in your efficiency.

Purchase the FLEXISPOT Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN 1-48”W, and grab the opportunity to improve your writing in a heartbeat today!

  1. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converters M8MB - 35"

The FLEXISPOT standing desk converters M8MB- 35” provides you with all the office space you need to succeed as a freelance writer. It is fitted with a spacious and quick release keyboard tray that gives you faster access and mobility with your keyboard while writing.

It also includes a straight up and down movement that allows you to make easy adjustments while working without compromising your efficiency. The FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converters is a very affordable product, and you can pick yours up here in just one click.

While your freelance writer website is all you need to get in the door with many clients, the quality of your delivery remains the most vital factor in measuring your success as a freelance writer and investing in products that improve your efficiency by a large number is an investment in yourself and your career.