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A Fairy Tale Bedroom

26 April 2021

When you were younger, your parents used to tell fairy tales that made you believe in magic. From Cinderella to Jack and the Beanstalk, you have heard them all.

Fast forward now that you are an adult, hearing fairy tales has been 1 to none at all. You also think that magic is only for kids and that it is not real. But for nostalgia’s sake, having a few magical moments can take you a few years back when you thought dragons fought alongside princes to save the damsels in distress or your dog-slash-cat can talk but it would not let you know.

You are probably wondering, how can you go back in time if there is no known working time machine for you to use? Well, you are in gracious luck because you can have an airy, dreamy, and fairytale bedroom that you oh-so-wanted ever since you were young.

Fairy Lights

This is a need for your fairytale bedroom. 

Fairy lights add a cozy vibe that really looks great on photos. The need for bright and stark lights that can hurt your eyes are also lessened because the fairy lights add a soft glow to your bedroom. If you still do not have an idea how to decorate your dream bedroom with these pretty lights, here are some bright ideas that you can try out!

  • Using a hula-hoop base and some shimmering fairy lights, you can create this pretty ceiling lighting from scratch. Look around your house to find anything that you can hang from the ceiling like a hula-hoop (which looks like a halo for your bedroom) or even repurpose an old chandelier that you have found lying around the house. Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind lighting but your personality shine through brighter with this fairy lights hack

  • Another interesting way to use your fairy lights is to artistically drape it across your mirror’s edges to add a touch of glam that would make you feel as if you are getting ready for a fancy ball to dance the night away your dashing prince or princess.

  • A great and magical world opens up when you use fairy lights for your bedroom. Simply weave these small-but-fancy lights around your bed frames or snaked up your wall as wall lights. It kind of reminds you of the vines that beautifully wrap itself around castles, right?

  • The dream vibe does not stop with just your bed posts and walls since you can also string up the lights around your drapes to exude a lovely atmosphere. But do proceed with caution and never leave the lights unattended. If you are not entirely sure if you want to take a risk by doing this, consider a blackout curtain with some little stars as holes to still have the same dreamy vibe.

  • Love looking up at the ebony night sky to admire the shining stars? Why not bring that to your bedroom and turn your ceiling into a makeshift planetarium. (Bonus points if you can get a projector that makes your room like its own galaxy)

  • The thought of having your own fairy in a bottle or jar just brings out your child-like wonder. While we do not condone hurting fairies, you can put some fairy lights in a jar or bottle so you can have a fairy of your own.

Cozy puffy blankets, breezy curtains

A great way to add more coziness is through tasteful use of blankets and curtains. If you can find matching sets, the better. Simply put, for your fairytale bedroom, consider pastel hues like purple, a light pink, baby blue, and a mint green for the accent colors. White is the perfect backdrop for these fairytale colors and it brightens your room to invite more positivity to your space.

The blanket and curtain’s texture also helps add an airy or dreamy ambiance for your room. To simply put  it, consider having fuzzy and warm blankets to help you have a good night sleep. In the morning, a light and breezy curtain would add a touch of whimsical to your fairytale goals.

Floating shelves

While drawers do offer organization, it lacks the creativity that you want for your bedroom. There also is no magic wand to keep your personal things arranged and displayed cutely if you opt for a drawer. Consider the Floating Shelves WSF1 by FlexiSpot as the magic needed to make this dream come true.

Each shelf can hold up to 44llbs of items and its versatility also allows you to even hang some plants from it. And if you are not yet convinced, having plants around your bedroom helps purify the air that you breathe and is a sight for your sore and strained eyes.

Your seashell seat

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli is a truly beautiful work of art that has been inspired through the ages. With the Scalloped accent chair 1049 by FlexiSpot, you can have your very own piece of art that would be lighter for your pockets. The Scalloped accent chair 1049 easily transforms your boring room to a dreamy and artfully elegant bedroom. Thanks to the beautiful velvet upholstery, this chair also adds another layer of texture to your bedroom. It is also noteworthy to add that the chair comes in a playful pink, serene blue, and moonlight grey to perfectly tie your airy, dreamy, and fairy tale bedroom.

Final thoughts

In this cold and unyielding world, it is important to have some of your child-like fantasy to survive whatever the real life could throw your way.

While the magic might seem to have fizzed away for a long time, you can easily have a piece of it with just a few adjustments and a whole lot of imagination.  With FlexiSpot, you can be assured that every piece of furniture is sprinkled with a bit of pixie dust, some magic words, and lots of love to make your space a magical one.