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A FlexiSpot Love Story

14 May 2021

A meet-cute is an amusing and charming encounter between two people - Jen and Ken’s meet-cute however is far from being one.

It all started when their friend, Cel, is going through a tough breakup that has her shattered into a million pieces. The heartbreak made a huge dent in her that she began mixing her high school friends and work friends together. While her peers understand what she is going through, they cannot help but feel awkward whenever Cel announces that she needs a lot of company to be with her for the night. It would have been alright if Cel made the effort to introduce each one to everybody but none of that ever happened because as soon as people enter the door, she is already weeping to purge her heart of the hurt that she feels. So, this is where Jen and Ken met each other.

Jen is Cel’s bestfriend. They are the ones who have a meet-cute because they became close through learning how to make soup dumplings from scratch (spoiler alert: the dumplings were good but that is just luck being kind to the two). Jen can be described as a type-A personality with bouts of being a type-B when she gets too excited or lonely which makes her the best match to Cel’s type-B personality with dashes of type-A when she is determined or confused.

Ken, on the other hand, is part of the same publication as Cel. They were just freshmen when they first met and Cel remembers that they used to think that one of the new blood of the group is from another country (spoiler alert: they were wrong and it was a lesson for them to never judge a book by its exotic cover). Ken is meticulous and only wants the best output from himself. It is also worth noting that he has an independent streak on him that makes him a dependable ally to the publication. Cel also trusts him to keep her secret crushes but he fails miserably at hiding those.

After a few days of weeping like a giant baby, Jen has had enough and takes Cel out for some fresh air and a lot of ice creams. Along the way, Cel asks Jen why she still has not dated anyone, after all, they are not getting any younger. It did not surprise her, however, when Jen answered as a matter of factly that she is still waiting for the right person to come along. Besides, seeing her best friend too heartbroken scares her from even trying to see someone who is not as committed to a relationship as she gets. After their little BFF date, Cel decides to play Cupid. If she does not get her fairy tale ending, then at least her best friend should get one.

A simple text piqued the interest of Ken to join Jen and Cel’s little al fresco brunch. It seems weird that Cel asked him to tag-along but he was tired of cooking for himself. There was also the promise of a great brunch feast with mimosas on the side. Everything was awkward as usual so Cel was hell-bent on leaving the two somewhat strangers alone together. With just a few drinks, however, it was clear that Ken and Jen had a lot in common. The Cupid plan is perfectly falling into place.

The simple one-time brunch turned into a weekly thing until Cel has found a way to make it into a weekly date between the two. After all, being the third wheel can get exhausting especially when you also want a date for yourself. It was okay though since she believes that the two are perfect for each other and no one will get hurt by her plan if it does not work out.

As Cel’s heart got better she also noticed that Ken regularly visits Jen at her work. He thought he was being slick but everyone notices his little escapades to meet Jen. So, one day, their editor jokingly said that Jen should come over at work so she knows what Ken is doing at the publication. It seemed like a bad idea but Cel, being the devil’s spawn decides to agree since she has not seen Jen in a long while.

After a few planning, Jen was finally in the publication’s office. Ken was in his usual office chair and desk drawing until his hands gave up and his creativity ran out. It was a great surprise for the two lovers to be together again after a week of being busy.

Ken offers Jen his usual seat and he notices the slight change in his beau’s mood. It was not a bad temper per se, but he can notice that something is wrong.

After the little office date, they both parted ways as Jen decided to go on a girl’s night with Cel. During a round of sushi platters, Jen says that she has never sat on an uncomfortable chair until Ken offered her to sit in one. Cel bursts out laughing and says that Ken got his chair when he lost the bet with everyone at the office. However, it bothered Jen how can Ken still churn up the most beautiful illustrations while seated on the most uncomfortable chair. Then and there, she thought that the best gift to give her partner is an ergonomic chair, but where should she buy one is the thing she is having trouble with.

Just like an unknowing heroine, Cel suggested that she got the best deals from FlexiSpot and that Jen should check out their wide array of ergonomic sit stand desks and chairs. Cel’s FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W and Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is also the reason why she did not join the bet because she knows that everyone is after those. She cannot afford to lose both her boyfriend and an ergonomic chair with a desk.

In a matter of days, Jen has finally decided on the perfect FlexiSpot chair and desk to give Ken. He was close to tears when she brought him the gifts that he never thought he deserves.