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A Full Guide on The Parts to Upgrade on Your Motorized Standing Desk

12 November 2021

Purchasing a FlexiSpot Motorized Standing Desk is probably the best decision you’ll make towards your productivity. Besides an aesthetically appealing workstation, you’ll get a full package that eases your posture and keeps you in an overall balanced work mood. 

n case you’re new to the world of standing desks, here’s a brief introduction to what they are and how they help you achieve productivity. Standing desks are height-adjustable work desk types that allow you to stand while working.

Standing desks are considered more ergonomic while providing amazing health benefits, especially for your spine and head. With standing desks, you can save yourself the mood problems and sedentary lifestyle that comes with sitting all day long to work. There’s absolutely no doubt that the motorized standing desk is a must-have piece of furniture for remote and office workers. 

In any case, we understand that your experience with a motorized standing desk may be a drastic culture change for you. That’s why we’ve put up this comprehensive guide for you. Here, you’ll get accustomed to a long list of motorized standing desk parts. And if your desk parts ever need an upgrade or customization, we’ve compiled tips that will make the process seamless for you. 

Common Motorized Standing Desk Parts

Your motorized standing desk looks awesome when fully fixed and ready for use. But have you wondered what pieces, parts, and components come together to form the standing desk you love? Well, as promised, here are six of the most common sit-stand desk parts every remote worker should know about. 



Every standing desk has a platform on which users can place their devices to work. That platform is more often called a desktop, possibly in reference to the most common computers used with desks. A desktop is crucial, not just to your motorized standing desk’s functioning but also to its visual appearance. 

When choosing your desktop, durability should be your most important consideration. Desktops made from laminated wood are more durable and sturdier than those made of plastic. Wooden desktops are also more affordable and moisture-resistant, making them an excellent choice. You can also get dozens of color options if you’re big on the aesthetics of your desktop. 



Your DIY standing desk has automatic functioning to help you adjust the lifting of the desk. The keypad functions as the control that makes that convenient adjustment possible. Your motorized standing desk has a keypad that is connected to its motor, and when activated, you can control your desk’s height to suit your preferred posture. 

Standing Desk Frame

Standing Desk Frame

This component is perhaps the most crucial component to supporting your standing desk. The desk frame consists of hinges and a sturdy horizontal support mount on which the desktop rests. There’s no one-size-fits-all design or construction of a standing desk frame. So, it’s possible you get several variations. 

However, the optimal standing desk frame is one that is strong enough to carry the weight of your work tools and also finished off with a high-quality design. You may consider a motorized standing frame with a contemporary layout and sleek appearance. 

The best frames have the capacity to carry up to 220 pounds alongside other functional qualities like programmable dual-memory, and digital LED display modes. 

Lifting columns

Lifting columns 

Another crucial part of any motorized standing desk is the lifting columns. A lifting column is generally a hi-technology component that plays a huge role in height adjustment. These columns convert motion from your desk’s motor into a linear force that increases or decreases desk height as preferred.

Lifting columns can push/pull quite heavy devices, and that’s why you have no problems with them at your standing desk. High-quality lifting columns come in aluminum and steel builds. These materials ensure the durability and longevity of the columns. Standing desk motors are optimized for excellent performance, so the adjustment process of the columns is largely noiseless and fast. 

Most importantly, the lifting columns work in a multi-stage pattern, that is, adjusting desk height while concurrently maintaining a compact shape. Lifting columns have a strategic location within motorized standing desks that makes lowering and raising the desk quite convenient. 

Motorized systems

Motorized systems

The motor distinguishes your standing desk from other standing desks. The motorized system accounts for the adjustment of the standing desk. It’s simply the reason why you can convert your desk to accommodate both sitting and standing postures. The motor works as an electric system and transforms energy from electric currents into a force that tunes the height and position of the standing desk.   

The motor works alongside the lifting columns to complete the adjustment process. The lifting columns are part of a base lift that is housed within the motor system. The electric motors of standing desks are built to be highly efficient while being compact and lightweight. 

Adjustable standing desk legs

Adjustable standing desk legs

Just like the name implies, adjustable standing desk legs form the base support for the motor, frame, and desktop of your motorized standing desk. Desk legs are indispensable components of your desks since, in addition to the desk frames, they carry significant weight. 

Standing desks come in varying sizes and shapes. The most common ones are either straight, X-shaped, or L-shaped. Regardless of the shape, most standing legs have a similar price range, and you could get FlexiSpot standing desk legs for about two hundred dollars. 

The best standing desk legs are either made from steel or aluminum. These materials are steadier and more durable. Besides, they are more suited to continuous height adjustment and heavy-duty materials. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors available for desk legs to match the overall aesthetics of your motorized standing desk.

standing desk

Customizing your standing desk to suit your needs

Standing desks serve different purposes for several users. Besides, not everyone enjoys the general structure of a motorized standing desk. So, it’s not surprising that you may want to redesign or customize your motorized standing desk. 

For some users, customizing DIY desks may be primarily to suit their work needs, while others may simply need the redesign for a more appealing appearance. Regardless, the best part of customizing your standing desk is that the process is relatively easy, and you don’t require special skills.

With FlexiSpot Standing Desk parts, you can build your standing desks perfectly suited to your preferences. However, there are basic processes you may need to follow and a few tips that will come in handy during the whole process. 

Here are three primary materials and processes that will help you create customized motorized standing desks. 

Surface material

Your surface material is perhaps the part of your standing desk that you will interact with the most. That’s why you deserve only the best on your surface material. You can opt for different materials on your surface, with wood and plastic as two of the most viable options. Laminated wood surfaces present the best potentials since they can accommodate a lot of weight and are better protected against frequent damage. 

Moreover, given that you have to attach several other components, plastics may not be a perfect option as it is less durable and less adaptable to other attachments. FlexiSpot provides you with the best high-quality range of options for the all-important surface of your standing desk. 

In addition to getting the right material, you may consider adding extra layers of design. Paints, artworks, or other forms of designs may also form part of your surface material.  

Pick the perfect hardware parts for easy surface attachment

With your surface material readily available, it’s also crucial to have all the required hardware parts to attach your desk surface to the standing desk frame and legs. FlexiSpot advises that you use brand-specific hardware when mounting your desk surface. Incompatible hardware will make it extremely difficult to successfully attach your desk surface.

Another important part of choosing the most suitable hardware part for your motorized standing desk is the frame size. In selecting your frame size, it’s best that you consider the surface and base of your standing desk. Particularly, the width of your desk surface and frame depth will help you accurately measure what your frame size should be. 

You should also ensure that when attaching your frame to the desk surface, be sure that the base is relatively sturdy and you have a resilient desktop. Plywood is fitting material for the desktop. Furthermore, ensure you have the right size dimension for the desktop and that the finishing is smooth. With all these factors in check, you can be sure of a successful custom-designed DIY desk.

Have the necessary tools to set up your Standing Desk

Finally, you need all the appropriate tools for the customization project. These tools may range from technical appliances to the right spare parts, screws, and devices. FlexiSpot makes available all required tools, and you can shop for them from your trusted retailer. 

When you have your tools complete, go over your desk installation manual to make sure you are not missing anything. Be accurate with your measurements and assemble every part as required. Finally, design to match your taste, but don’t forget to have all the standard processes intact. 

Final Words on Parts to Upgrade Your Motorized Standing Desks

Installing and customizing your standing desk is an awesome activity and a very enjoyable one at that when done appropriately. Seeing that you don’t need any special skills to achieve this target makes it all the more fascinating. 

In this article, you’ve gotten to know all the integral parts of your FlexiSpot motorized standing desk and the best tips you need when redesigning your desk. So, why not try customizing your standing desk today. And when you do, stay detail-oriented and give yourself not just ergonomic furniture but a beautiful piece that makes your office or remote workspace stand out.