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A Guide to Uplift Standing Desk: The V2 & V2-Commercial Standing Desks

19 January 2023

Standing desks have become increasingly popular among people from all walks of life, not just those who experience back issues or have jobs that require prolonged sitting. When it comes to shopping for a standing desk, there are several options to consider. One of the most well-known brands is Uplift Standing Desk, which offers a wide range of adjustable standing desks in varying sizes and styles. In this Uplift standing desk review, we will take a closer look at the features of Uplift's V2 and V2-Commercial standing desk base to help you determine whether it is the right desk for you.

The Benefits of using a Standing Desk

Standing desks have become increasingly popular among office workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, as they provide a way to reduce strain on the body and work for longer periods. In addition to offering ergonomic benefits, standing desks also improve productivity by providing an adjustable workspace. By standing while working, you can relieve neck and back pain, improve posture, and even aid in weight loss, as standing burns more calories than sitting. Furthermore, standing desks can boost energy levels and concentration, helping you to accomplish more in less time. It's not surprising some people find that standing up at work helps them remain alert and focused throughout the day.

Credit: Uplift Desk

Uplift Standing Desk Review: V2 & V2-Commercial Standing Desk

The Uplift V2 and V2-Commercial Standing Desks have become popular options on the market for standing desks. Both models offer excellent features that make them ideal for a variety of home and office settings. These features include an adjustable height range, a sturdy steel frame construction, a quiet motor operation, and an easy-to-use control panel, among others. This Uplift standing desk review specifically focuses on the Uplift V2 and V2-Commercial standing desks, which are designed to provide users with a productive and comfortable working environment.

The Uplift Standing Desk Base

Uplift's bases are popular in the market. At its most basic, the Uplift standing desk base includes a frame and several motors.

Uplift frames are constructed from heavy-duty steel to ensure their durability and longevity. To further reinforce the stability of the V2 and the V2-Commercial frame, stability braces and a stability crossbar have also been deployed to the frame structure. The Uplift V2 frame employs stability braces beneath the desktop on both legs, whereas the UPLIFT V2-Commercial frame features a stability crossbar connecting both legs. The Uplift V2 standing desk base has an inverted leg orientation; no wonder it uses stability braces for stability, while the Uplift V2-Commercial standing desk base employs telescoping legs, which are thicker at the bottom hence using a crossbar for stability. The adjustable width of both the V2 and the V2-Commercial frame ranges from 41.3 inches to 72.2 inches, capable of supporting desktops ranging from 42 inches to 80 inches.

The base model of the V2 and the V2-Commercial desks come in 2-Leg, 3-Leg, and 4-Leg frame configurations so that you can choose any options. You can also select the optimal color of your frame. The available shades of the V2 and the V2-Commercial to pick from are gray, white, black, or industrial style. Also, Uplift Standing Desk bases are either designed as the C- frame body or the T-frame body. The C-frame is constructed with the legs and frame body offset to the back, whereas the T-frame is designed with all parts of the frame centered under the desktop, with equal space in front and back.

The V2 and the V2-Commercial 2-Leg desk frames are powered by two German-made motors. Each motor drives each leg and is housed in each leg. Dual-motor desks are ideal for workstations with a bulkier configuration, as the separate motors can support each leg. This improves both the stability and overall usability.

Adjustable Height Range

The V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift Standing Desks' height adjustment ranges are between 25.3 inches to 50.9 inches and 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches, respectively. The adjustable range of these desks allows you to get the perfect height for your workspace. The two desks include a three-stage height adjustable desk frame construction, with the legs comprised of three independent expanding and collapsing components. This results in a greater height adjustment range than the two-stage height desk workstations.

Noise levels

When adjusting the height, the V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift standing desk bases are designed to operate at noise levels of less than 50 dB. This results in a quiet and smooth experience when adjusting the standing desks.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a standing desk is the highest amount of weight that the standing desk's frame can support. The V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift Standing Desks are constructed with a steel frame that can support up to 355 Lbs. The frames also come with 48 built-ins, patented mounting points allowing you to install accessories directly to the frame. All holes are discreetly integrated into the frame and concealed under the desktop.

Control Panel

The V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift standing desks offer a basic or an advanced keypad. The standard desk has a basic keypad with just an up and down arrow. The basic keypads utilize constant-touch height adjustment, in which the user presses and holds an up or down button until the desk is at a desired height. You can upgrade to an advanced keypad with enhanced control thanks to the four programmable memory buttons with one-touch adjustment.

Additionally, the advanced keypad has advanced safety features such as anti-collision sensitivity and a keypad-activated child lock. You may also set the desk's maximum and minimum heights to prevent your desk from colliding with objects. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the LED Display turns off automatically to prevent distractions from light. The option of upgrading to an advanced paddle keypad is notable for featuring a programmable reminder to stand or sit.

Credit: Uplift Desk

Standing Desktops

The Uplift Standing desks provide a vast selection of desktop options, allowing you to choose the precise desktop that will comprise your ideal workplace. There are a variety of materials and sizes of desktops from which to choose. The available desktop samples range from Laminate, bamboo, eco curve, rubberwood solid wood, butcher block solid wood, and Wide Plank & Live Edge Solid Wood. You can also customize your Laminate or solid wood desktops to the exact dimensions they need. Choosing a desktop also requires selecting the desired grommets. These grommets allow you to neatly route computer cables under your desk.


The V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift Standing Desk frame comes with a cable Management Tray that holds cords, outlet strips, surge protectors, and power adapters.


The entire V2 and V2-Commercial desk frame (including ALL electrical components), together with all UPLIFT accessories, are covered by a 15-year warranty from UPLIFT


The starting price point of the V2 & V2-Commercial Uplift Standing Desk frame from the company's website is $489.

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk is another popular standing desk solution on the market. The FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk's frame is solid carbon steel. As per the manufacturer, the carbon steel utilized is "automotive-grade," resulting in a durable and solid product. The E7 legs incorporate thick, telescoping leg columns reinforcing stability. The adjustable width of the frame ranges from 43.4 inches to 74.8 inches, capable of supporting desktops of 47.2 inches to 80 inches. Flexispot also offers the C-shape desk frame and the T-shape desk frame for you to pick from when it comes to the style of the frame. Regarding its height adjustment range, the FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk ranges between 22.8 inches to 48.4 inches. Additionally, the desk incorporates a three-stage height adjustable structure.

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus is also designed to operate with noise levels lower than 50 decibels. This results in a smooth and quiet experience when standing desks are utilized. In terms of its weight capability, the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus can accommodate up to 355 pounds. Additionally, the frame is propelled by a dual-motor engine, with one motor on each leg.

The E7 Pro Plus sports a premium LCD keypad with a touchscreen panel. The keypad has an embedded USB charging port on the side, making charging your gadgets more convenient. The keypad can also be programmed with four customizable height presets to assist you in effortlessly attaining your desired height. A Child-lock button, a safety feature that can be utilized to avoid unwanted touch from your kids or pets, is also added.

Flexispot also offers a selection of desktop options. The available desktop materials include bamboo, solid wood, chipboard, and fiberboard. It also comes with an embedded cable tray underneath the desktop that holds all of the cables from your workstation in place to avoid tumbling over. The entire frame plus the controller of the E7 Pro Plus is covered by a 15-year warranty, while the desktop is covered for 2 to 5 years, depending on the material of the desktop.

The desk also features an anti-collision sensitivity to prevent your desk from colliding with objects.

The starting price point of the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk Frame from the company's website is $349.


Standing desks have become an essential part of many people's work lives, offering ergonomic benefits and improving overall health and well-being. The Uplift V2 and V2-Commercial Standing Desks, along with the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk, are three of the most popular options on the market, and for good reason. With their adjustable height ranges, sturdy construction, quiet motor operation, and other impressive features, these desks provide an ideal solution for those seeking a productive and comfortable working environment. Whether you're looking to alleviate pain and discomfort from prolonged sitting, boost your energy levels and concentration, or simply improve your posture, the Uplift V2, V2-Commercial, and Flexispot E7 Standing Desks are excellent choices that are sure to meet your needs.