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A Healthy Physique: Beauty that is not Skin-Deep

06 July 2021

Beautiful Physique: Skin-Deep or Not

When we talk about the beautiful shape of the body, people would often think that it should be limited to a beautiful contour. However, when we talk about diversity and the deeper meaning of a beautiful physique it also extends to how healthy a body is. At times, some women do not have the hourglass shape of the body but they have a healthy physique thus they still have a beautiful body although they don't have beautiful curves or a man who is an Endomorph his BMI is not obese, he still has a beautiful physique. Now, once a person attains this certain goal of being in shape, there are still problems that he would encounter. These are ergonomic problems that one might encounter along the way. These ergo problems indeed could be alleviated by the right pieces of equipment and that's when Flexispot enters the picture. 

Home of the most sought-after products in the market. These products are built with precision and scientifically made to protect one from spine fatigue or spine-related injury. Aside from that these products have the other features that could suit one's fitness needs: 

Fitness Needs Covered by Flexispot:

  • At Flexispot, every person could ensure that all the pieces of equipment are ergonomically made and could protect one from the possible spine injury, 
  • Flexipot fitness equipment could make a person have an active lifestyle. A lot of people have undergone a full shift from active activities to sedentary ones. Hence, a lot have experienced getting overweight and other problems involving proper diet. 
  • Flexispot fitness chairs are made with breathable mesh that could help one have good airflow and optimize his movement as he cycles on the bike. 
  • Desk bikes from Flexispot could make one cycle while working on his report making multitasking activities efficient. This is one of the reasons Flexispot fitness equipment is unique because it could make one maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the busy time at work. 
  • Flexispot fitness equipment is made with comfort and safety. These pieces of equipment are sturdy and could carry a heavy weight.
  • They are made from high-grade steel and they are rust-proof making them a good investment because they could be used for a long time and would not break the bank. 
  • The desk bikes and fitness chair from Flexispot are made with comfortable seat cushions making it easier for a person to cycle without getting off the equipment because of numbness or pressure that are acquired from other ordinary stationary bikes. 
  • These pieces of equipment could also be used with ease and would not hurt someone's ankles or feet compared to ordinary stationary bikes. 
  • So, if you're doubting the effectiveness of these pieces of equipment you may check now the next part of our discussion where we would talk about the specs and other important features of this equipment. 

Fitness Equipment From Flexispot:

Adjustable Dumbbell LCL

  • First on our list are the dumbbells that could help you achieve a healthy physique with the proper ergonomics. 
  • This has a 5-in-1 adjustable dumbbell system that could assist you with the right workout solutions. 
  • It is built with a textured handle that is anti-slip compared to other dumbbells that could put you close to an accident or injuring yourself. 
  • It comes in different weights: 12.5lb, 25lb, and 55lb dumbbells. 
  • For those who like to tone muscles or want to be voluptuous, with just a little adjustment and swing of the hand, one could speedily gain weight because as one sways her hand, she could gain weight from 11-55 pounds.
  • With these dumbbells, one could tone her body and gain strength. 
  • It's built with anti-rust plates with a black paint finish to ensure that the product itself would be protected against corrosion that usually happens to ordinary products.  
  • This improves total body fitness. 

AB Foldable Rowing LCL

  • The next on the list is the Foldable Rowing LCL. This piece of fitness equipment is designed to help revolutionize your workout. After long hours from the office, hitting your gym at home or having less than an hour of exercise could help you lose weight.
  • It could be used with two different modes:
  • Abdominal mode- used when one wants to improve her glutes, abs, and buttocks. 
  • Rowing Mode- used when he wants to strengthen his upper body. 
  • This is a piece of fitness equipment that has non-slip foot pedals thus making your feet secured when you are exercising. This could also make sure that you are having the proper alignment when you are exercising. 
  • It also has extra handles for you to try when you want to try different workout routines. 

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

  • The next one is a popular fitness chair among workers who like to make their work more energized and their movements more flexible. This is because this fitness chair is a chair and stationary bike in one. 
  • It is made of a breathable mesh bracket that could allow you to have easy airflow and enhance your blood circulation so you could move freely. 
  • It has a supportive seat cushion that could enhance your balance while sitting on this fitness chair. 
  • It also has a height-adjustable seat and with just a single touch on the lever, one could easily adjust this fitness equipment. 
  • This fitness chair could bear a weight of up to 220lbs. Hence, one does not need to worry that it would not be sturdy enough to bear his weight. 

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

  • The next fitness equipment could be used with or without a desk bike. This is suitable for people who want to balance their work and health and keep their lower torso strong. This is because, with a desk bike, one could strengthen his core with just the cycles from this piece of equipment. 
  • The Desk Bike V9 has easy rolling casters that could allow one to move the piece of equipment from one side of the work area to another without disturbing others who are working too. 
  • It has a bike size of 37.6" (L) x 22.8" (W) x 42.5"-48.4" (H) making it more suitable for either tall people or the ones with the short height. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a beautiful physique is pleasing in the eyes but there are greater things that could be seen beyond the eyes and that includes a healthy body and bright disposition because once a person just maintains what is skin-deep, he would not be able to attain the absolute health that he truly deserves this one should be able to maintain a healthy physique with the right pieces of equipment just like the ones offered by Flexispot.