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A Short Guide for an Ergonomic Desk Set-Up

30 April 2021

Work from home jobs are all the rage these days since the world saw the rise of the COVID-19 virus. While working from the comforts of your own home seems like a great idea, your posture suffers. Ideally, your workstation set-up must work just as hard as you. It means that every nook and cranny must be ergonomic for a smooth workflow that also promotes productivity and mental wellness, lessens occupational hazards, and finally, improves an employee’s posture.

The United States’ Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a list of what makes an office safe and conducive for the regular employee. Which is why most offices follow these strict standards to assure the safety and health of everyone in the vicinity. This is an important step since the valued employees are working for the most part of the day. However, these standards can be pretty hard to follow once you are at home -- the next solution is creating an ergonomic workstation.

Now that you are working remotely, it is important to adhere to an ergonomic office to keep your physical and mental health in top shape. 

  • Be Mindful Of Your Posture

Now that you are at home, the need to sit properly while at work flies out of the window. After all, no one will be coming into your office and judge you for the way you sit right?

Though it is definitely true that maintaining proper posture can be hard (especially if you are not used to doing so), training yourself to sit properly provides more benefit that you can think of. For the non-believers, the correct way of sitting keeps your bones and joints in its proper alignment so that you are only making the best use of the muscles that should be involved.

The proper posture also helps lessen the overuse of your joints that may lead to arthritis. In addition to preventing the early onset of arthritis, you also lessen the strain and at the same time prevent your spine from developing an irregular position that would need a professional’s help to correct.

Finally, a proper posture will lead to more productivity since you are not in great aches and pain that is one of the major hindrances of an office employee.

So stand up from your so-called working couch because it is time that you straighten your posture and invest on a quality chair which would be our next step!

  • Your Chair and Desk Starts It All

Office chairs and desks are made for every employee in mind. This means that the height of both would not take into consideration the build of its user -- the user just has to make do with what is offered.

Without an ergonomic office desk and chair, you may be spending 8+ hours in a day slouching or craning that can lead to pain. While it is true that proper posture matters, it is hard to be mindful about it if you are not comfortable sitting on your chair or the desk is too high or low for you.

FlexiSpot is here to save your day with office solutions that would make you say goodbye to improper posture and pains! 

Most desks require a lot of time assembling. That would be fine and dandy if not for the looming deadlines that you have to beat in a day. Do not forget that your weekends should be spent with your family as well which is why with the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk by FlexiSpot, not only would you have more time for work and your family because you also get a desk that cares for your health.

To assemble the Vici, Simply place the lifting columns into the factory-installed crossbeam and secure the feet, and you're done! It is that easy to have a standing desk that provides a spacious work surface that can also be swiftly adjusted to your desired height. Simply push one of the four programmable buttons where you saved your favored height and you are off to an ergonomic start. 

An ergonomic standing desk is not complete without the perfect office chair to go with it. You are in great luck though since FlexiSpot offers you the best-selling Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. This bestseller comes with a 3D Lumbar Support System that features 3 height adjustment levels as well as a rebound system that is gentler than an angel’s touch.

Your arms are also taken care of because of the adjustable armrests that effortlessly contours to the shape of your arms and elbows while giving you maximum comfort. Speaking of comfort, the breathable mesh material of the Soutien provides maximum ventilation as it protects your most delicate office clothes.

With these ergonomic office solutions, you would never find yourself slouching, reaching, and craning while at work anymore.

  • Reach For The Stars, Not Your Tools

Where you place your monitor, mouse, and keyboard also matters. The right placements will guarantee you a workstation where everything flows smoothly.

To begin your transition, take the time to adjust your monitor. You may not notice it but one of the main causes of neck pains are a monitor that is too low or too high. The recommended height for your monitor is when the top of your monitor is aligned with your eye line. This prevents you from craning your neck to adjust to the monitor which can lead to neck pain. While you are at it, see to it that your monitor is at an arm’s length so that you would not strain your eyes as well as lean forward just to have a comfortable reading position.

Also, treat your keyboard and mouse as if they were the greatest partners-in-crime. As you are sitting at your ergonomic desk and chair, place your keyboard where your hands will land. This way, your shoulder and arm muscles would not be reaching for a keyboard that is too far away from you. As for  your mouse, keep it right next to the keyboard. Moving your mouse around should be hassle-free for your shoulders since the proper placement would only require you to navigate the mouse using your elbow. 

The key is to reach only for the brightest stars, not your office tools and supplies.

Working at home is a million times more comfortable and fun since you get to have more time with your loved ones and you get the chance to creatively design your workstation. There are also no colleagues around to tell you that you are sitting wrong at your couch.

While those are all fine, keeping a proper posture and creating an ergonomic desk set-up does more wonders for you, your mental health, and finally your work ethics. After all, there is no shame in striving for the best version of you and your work.