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A Sleep Collaboration with a Standing Office Desk

27 April 2021

“Lack of sleep adversely affects the productivity of a worker.”  This was the result of a research made with employees in a big company, recently.  Although there were other factors that contributed to poor employee performance and productivity, sleep was listed as one of the top-ranking reasons why employees cannot perform well in the office.  Sometimes they cannot meet the assigned quota for the day because lack of sleep can trigger other employee issues such as sickness, absences, and stress. At some point, business experts and executives find that when employees have inadequate sleep or naps during breaks, employee performance not only suffers.  Most of the time the business itself is impacted as a result of poor employee productivity or performance. As such, some company employees encourage what is called a “power nap” in the work environment.  Some employees are permitted to take a nap during lunch breaks which is usually an hour-long.  

Power naps helps refresh the brain and boost memory even with just a 10-minute snooze.  When the brain is refreshed, performance also improves along with productivity.  Thus, a productive worker contributes to the overall growth of the business organization or other organizations for that matter. Power naps also help a worker think clearly and rationally. As such you can give better decisions regarding your work without actually asking assistance from your boss.  The supervisor may also be busy that it is not always possible to request assistance at any time. Sometimes, you have to decide on your own to make the right things happen in our work or assigned tasks.  

Another detrimental effect of lack of sleep in the workplace is poor concentration.  According to some organizational research, when you do not have a sufficient sleep, the tendency is that you cannot concentrate on your work at hand. Scientists confirm that lack of sleep triggers low concentration and less focus on the work.  Thus, when concentration is poor, sound judgement may be impaired or affected.  So, to keep us going and fully focused on our job, we have to have a power nap as it has a great impact on the quality of our work performance and also productivity.

The best time to do a power nap is during lunch breaks when the allotted time given by the company is longer, about one hour.  A 15 to 30-minute power nap will be great to invigorate our mind and also our body. Napping can be done on the desk, although it is not fully comfortable, you can still do it for a few minutes while sitting and resting your head on the desk.  There are companies that offer nap rooms for employees to take a rest for hours such as for those working in call centers.  There are several beds for employees to sleep but sometimes without having your alarm set for napping, you might oversleep and get late for your work.  

Some employees are more aggressive than others in the workplace have no time for sleep. They are usually those who have sanguine personality- energetic and active. They want to perform faster than others to get their work done as fast as they could.  That behavior may be due to their active personality.  Other reasons are beating the deadline or there are tasks assigned that should also be done at the end of the day.  So, these people rarely go to sleep or take a power nap at work.  They usually take coffee after lunch to be able to stay active and alert until the end of the day.  For some, this is effective but research shows that caffeine may lower memory alertness. Although sometimes it could be true for people but for others it is not.  Future research may be needed to prove it.

You could have the best napping experience at work with the Hammock Under Desk for Office Napping HK01 from FlexiSpotThis product is the result of research and design development with the main goal of boosting the productivity of an employee at work whether in the office or at home. Productivity and performance are said to be increased when the worker has the opportunity to take some rest and sleep usually   during lunch breaks because in the middle of too much work and focus on the job, an employee may experience physical stress and mental fatigue.  Such that, it is necessary for the worker to take a nap for a few minutes to refresh mentally and physically.

The Hammock Under Desk for Office Napping HK01 is designed exclusively for use with  FlexiSpot's dual-motor and dual-beam standing desks E1L and EC5 which is available at the end of this month, April. It is made of sturdy material so it will last long and will pamper your body and mind while relaxing on the hammock Moreover, this product is that you don't have to worry about the installation and no need to drill any holes.  All you need to do is install the base plate underneath the desktop and attach the metal buckle from the hammock, which is included in the purchase of this wonderful product. It is also handy and can be brought anywhere for more comfortable napping experience.  The weight capacity is 225 lbs.  The hammock has a 1-year warranty when purchased on or after October 5, 2016.

Productivity in the workplace is not solely for employees' gain.  It is the soul of an organization for when employees are productive, the business also flourish and grow.  However, productivity will only be attained when workers will also initiate some efforts to win it.  You can start with performing efficiently at your desk and when there is a need to relax for the next batch of paperwork or any other tasks to tackle, do it with a power nap or a catnap.  A few minutes of napping will certainly empower you with physical alertness and sound mind to be able to focus and concentrate on your work that will lead you to a greater height in your career.