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Accent and Ergo Chairs for Passive Learners

16 June 2021

Ergonomic Problems that Affect Passive Learners:

Passive learners are the students who are timid and less responsive in class. Most of them are shy to speak when in class and are less participative. Sometimes, they easily get intimidated when in class and easily lose connection to the teacher whenever they notice a more active student. In some cases, they do one on one classes and prefer to be alone when having classes. This is true for some students who do modular learning or online classes with only them and the tutor. What is worrisome about this is they lessen the chance to let their inner talents and skills be known. At times, they are not so active in class, and in some settings where the learning is done through online classes, they end up sitting on the chair for long hours. This may have negative effects on their posture and ergonomics. This kind of practice may lead the passive learners to:

  • having the stooped posture that could put more pressure on their backs and necks
  • having improper blood circulation that could not be good for the whole body 
  • a possible spine strain or injury 

This one should be given attention because, at times, there are passive learners who find it difficult to express what they feel because of intimidation. This may affect the health of the learner and his performance in class. Hence, parents should try the effective ergo solutions that their kids need from a company that offers this kind of solution which is none other than Flexispot- the company that provides the best ergonomic solutions through a wide array of standing desk products, office organizers, and ergonomic chairs. These products could ensure the safety and maintenance of the user's proper posture. In the next part of our discussion, we will know the benefits of using ergo chairs from Flexispot that passive learners could use to optimize their performance in class: 

The Gift of Good Ergonomics with Flexispot: 

Good posture and ergonomics are achieved through the usage of Flexispot ergo chairs. These chairs are engineered with precision. These ergo chairs are: 

  • Created with the right measurements and parts that make the chairs achieve the proper curves of the spine and hips. This makes the sitting experience on these products superb and free from the numbness and strain that most people experience when using ordinary swivel chairs. 
  • The ergo chairs from Flexispot are created with an incredible gas lifting system. This makes it easier for the product to bear a weight that is more than 220 lbs. It means that even with tall learners, this chair could be suitable enough and parents do not need to worry that their children would fall off the ergo chair.
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot have incredible massage features that make a person feel relaxed while sitting on these chairs. The massage points make the sitting experience of the person superb and could optimize the blood circulation in his body, making him less stressed when performing in class. Most passive students tend to feel stressed or under pressure especially when they feel intimidated hence it is recommendable to let them use ergo chairs that could relax their bodies. 
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot have the maximum comfort because of the materials used such as the breathable mesh. Some ergo chairs are made with a mesh that allows active airflow. This adds stimulation of the blood and would not build up the body heat in someone's body. Preventing the feeling of being stressed or fatigued. An increase in body heat could add more stress to a person. Hence, providing him with this kind of product could help him relax and feel comfortable even during a very interactive class activity. 
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot have mesh brackets that could support the lumbar of the person sitting on them. This could help the kid feel more comfortable and his energy could go up with this kind of chair. It is because as mentioned above the mesh a breathable material that increases the airflow hence it would be easier for the child to move freely on the chair. 
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot have the right rocking function that could be flexed up to 90 degree-angle. This could make the child relax in between classes so he could adjust and move his body freely without getting strained after long hours of sitting. Indeed, this experience could make a child perform in class comfortably and could help him optimize learning more actively. 
  • Flexispot also offers accent chairs that are contoured based on the shape of our spine. These are lower chairs than the ergo office chairs but they are ergonomically designed to make the user feel less stressed when sitting on these chairs. 
  • The accent chairs from Flexispot have cushions that are carefully stitched to make the product insect-proof, unlike the other ordinary chairs that are easily intruded by bugs and become a breeding ground for skin irritation-causing creatures. 
  • These accent chairs from Flexispot have undergone fatigue tests to check the durability of the product and to ensure that all the users would feel comfortable and relaxed once they use these products. 
  • Meanwhile, there are ergo chairs that have the right ergo design to assist the users in sitting on these chairs. For example, there are ergo chairs that have the waterfall armrest. It means they are built with curves that could help anyone take a rest or relax even during a class activity. This could lessen the strain on the shoulders and forearm that a child could feel too. 
  • Parents could also ensure that these ergo chairs are durable and could bear much weight because they are made from high-grade steel that could help optimize the body movement of their children. 
  • They could also ensure that these chairs could be utilized for a long time without getting damaged because of the superb quality of these chairs. 

Final Thoughts:

Among the students that could be handled in class, the passive learners are the ones more challenging to manage in certain situations. This is because it's sometimes difficult to gauge their personalities, weaknesses, and needs. Thus, for parents, it's recommended to proactively use the pieces of ergonomic equipment to ensure their child's optimal performance in class regardless if he is an active or passive learner.