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Accent Chairs for Short-Statured Children

10 June 2021

Challenges for Short-Statured Children

Young learners who are not tall at times find it difficult to adjust the chair that they use. Most of the time, they can't find the right balance when on the chair and the comfortable position especially if they sit on an ordinary swivel chair at home when studying. When this happens, they tend to make improper posture too. Their necks and spine are strained and their legs are being numbed too because short-height individuals usually have stout legs. In this case, the best thing to do with it is to provide them with pieces of equipment that are ergonomically designed. Just like the pieces from Flexispot. If we would continue letting them use the ordinary pieces, they might encounter the following problems:

  • spine-related pain

This is true for most ordinary chairs. When one sits on this kind of chair, one might experience numbness and strain around the lumbar or lower torso where the buttocks area becomes painful. This is because ordinary chairs are not designed and made with the proper ergonomic design that could complement the spine area.  

  • leg cramps or numbness:

This is apparent to most short-height individuals and even young people who experience leg cramps after sitting on an ordinary chair. It usually starts on the legs then down to the knees and feet. Sometimes because of the improper design, sitting on these chairs bring immense pain to people especially the ones who  are short statures. 

  • severe neck pain:

When there is much pressure around the back area, it becomes tantamount to neck pain. This is because the neck is being forced when there is pain along the lumbar or when a person is not observing the proper posture. 

So, with the possible body pain that a person might experience, it is recommendable for parents to let their children practice the proper posture with the right pieces of equipment that are ergonomically designed so the back, neck, spine, and lower torso of the child would be properly aligned despite them being short statures. This could be possible with products such as the accent chairs from Flexispot. Now, let us find out why these accent chairs from Flexispot could cater to the needs of children who are short-statures and how could one overcome these challenges. 

How Could Accent Chairs Aid Children who are Short Statures:

According to an article, there are causes of this condition such as family history, growth hormone deficiency, and hypothyroidism. These things stun the growth of a young person yet most of them are considered to be perfectly healthy and the way for them to cope with this condition is to train them how to have a proper posture and have stretching exercises. There are short statures that have improved with their height and stance when practicing the proper posture. This is crucial especially during the early years of these children. Hence, if your child is already attending school, it is better to train them how to have a proper posture with ergonomically -designed equipment such as the accent chairs from Flexispot. Now, choosing these accent chairs is recommendable for the following reasons: 

  • Accent chairs from Flexispot are scientifically designed to follow the contours of the lower torso and the spine so the fatigue and strain that are caused by improper posture could be alleviated. 
  • Flexispot accent chairs are stitched perfectly to ensure that the cushion is insect-proof and no bugs could thrive in which may cause skin irritation to people. 
  • These chairs from Flexispot could ensure that when a short stature sits on this chair he would not feel the numbness along the leg area because the cushion of these accent chairs is well-fitted and could ensure the comfort of the person sitting on it. 
  • The accent chairs from Flexispot have a wide enough sitting area and backrest area that could give the child a superb sitting experience. 
  • Accent chairs from Flexispot have a sturdy metal base that is rust-proof and could be used for a long time. They are engineered to support your child's posture although they are not reclining or height-adjustable. They are ergonomically made to ensure the spine health of a child regardless of his short stature. 

Next in our discussion is the list of the most sought-after accent chairs in the market. These are the prime accent chairs from Flexispot that have the features mentioned above. These accent chairs would not break the bank and would protect the spine health of the child. 

The Accent Chairs from Flexispot:

The following are the chairs from Flexispot that are sought-after in the market and are economical. The first in the list is the: 

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

  • The first accent chair is a kind of ergonomic accent chair that is economical. For just less than a hundred dollars, one child is safeguarded with this chair. 
  • It has a soft padded seat that allows the child to enjoy his sitting without the fear of getting his legs numbed after. 
  • It has ergonomic support that could provide absolute comfort although this doesn't have an armrest unlike the other ergo chairs from Flexispot. 
  • The backrest area of this chair is 13.19" in height. This is enough to support the lumbar and neck of the child. 
  • The sitting area dimension of this product is 18.11"W x 14.47"D. This is good enough for the child who's going to sit on this chair. 

Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair With Wheels Rubi

  • This accent chair with wheels has a heavyweight capacity that is up to 275lbs so this could carry both children and adults because one may consider that this is a sturdy chair. 
  • This accent chair has a backrest size of 20.8"Wx19.6" D hence pure comfort is what the child might feel when he sits on this chair. 
  • This product from Flexispot has a seating area of 29.5"Wx18.8" D. Hence it could assure the comfort that a child may have when he sits on this accent chair. 

Accent chair 008

  • This is another economical chair from Flexispot. For only $94, one could enjoy using an accent chair that is ergonomically designed. This accent chair has a cushion that is scientifically installed on the chair to increase contact with the hips and lessen the pain brought by long hours of sitting on it. 
  • This accent chair has a backrest size of 18"x18" and a seating area of 18"x19" hence it could accommodate children that are short stature with comfort and safety. 

Final Thoughts:

Kids with a short height may have difficulties when it comes to ergonomics because of their growth problems but with the right posture enhanced by equipment that is scientifically made to complement the areas like the spine and legs, one would be able to enjoy his sitting. With this, pieces from Flexispot such as the accent chairs could make a difference.