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Accent Chairs or Wobble Stools: Best Choice for a Linear Workstation

28 July 2021

The Nature of Linear Workstations

By nature, linear workstations have limited space. They usually have only a 40-70cm clearance. This is a small space. Usually in linear workstations, there are 3-4 workers along the bay who sit in workstations with partitions. At times, for a 20 sq meter office, there are no partitions to save space and cater to more than 15 employees. 

The Downside of Linear Workstations

Linear workstations are space-saving. They can give you the chance to let 3-4 employees focus more on their work but they could maintain healthy communications with their colleagues, however, it becomes less private still because the area where one employee works is open hence there might be hesitations on the part of the worker because his movements might be limited. 

There are also possibilities that space would be limited for exercise and stretching activities. Hence, linear workstations have downsides.

On the other hand, you could provide the most optimized space for your employees even at the linear workstations without compromising their health. 

Through the best ergonomic chairs, you may help them optimize their movements. You can help them do the sit-stand movements with ease even in small-spaced workstations. 

In that case, Flexispot-the home of the most trusted products such as the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and office organizers could also provide the best ergonomic chairs that could fit even the small-spaced workstations. These chairs can also maintain the proper posture of the workers while they work. They do not make the employees stoop and they would not make the spine strained despite the fact that they do not have armrests compared to the other ergonomic chairs from Flexispot. 

The Wobble Stools and Accent Chairs from Flexispot

Flexispot offers a wide selection of ergonomic chairs in the market. From office chairs like Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 that is big and more suitable in cubicle workstations come the 2 smaller but reliable office chairs-the wobble stools and accent chairs. 

First are the wobble stools from Flexispot. The wobble stools from Flexispot are not your ordinary stools. These are ergonomically designed and carefully created to suit the curves of the sitting bones, hips, and spine of your employees. 

These stools offer ergonomic protection and they could follow the height of the person sitting on the cushion. With just a slight grip, this stool could easily be adjusted. 

A wobble stool can help your employees do the sit-stand motion while at work. It can keep your workers active while doing some tasks in the office. 

An example of this stool is the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2. This stool could help your workers move freely on their seats without straining their spines. Surprisingly, even the worker sits here for more than 30 minutes, he would not get tired compared to other stools that are not ergonomically designed like this product. 

It also has a cushion covered with breathable fabric. Hence, this would not build the heat that could add up stress and fatigue to the person sitting on this stool unlike with the ordinary chairs or stools that have cushions that are not covered with breathable fabric. 

With a weight capacity of 154lbs, your worker could comfortably sit on this stool and maintain balance as he sits and stands while working. 

Indeed, this stool could offer the ergonomic protection that your worker needs so he could enjoy working at the linear workstations. For just less than $100, your employees could be protected against the possible injuries that might happen at their workstations. 

The next example of an ergonomic chair from Flexispot is a chair that even if it does not have the usually curved armrests still gives absolute convenience and blissful setting. This is the accent chair. 

The accent chairs from Flexispot have different models like the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 (an accent chair made from a velvet material and has a thick seat cushion), the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11 (an accent chair that has a low back and is armless), and Accent Chair 005 (an accent that has a strong metal base). These accent chairs have wide backrests that support the spine, hips, and buttocks. They are stitched carefully to achieve the convenience a person needs when sitting. 

All these accent chairs are made of high-grade steel that completes the whole frames of the chairs. They are robust and are rust-proof. Thus, even when your employees use them for a long time, they would be able to get protected, so are the chairs. 

These accent chairs and wobble stools could offer great protection and comfort despite their sizes. Just like the bigger office chairs, these stools and chairs are durable and sturdy. They are designed to follow the curves of the spine and to ensure the balance of the person sitting on the cushions. 

What's more fantastic about these chairs is they could promote active sitting for the person. So, when the person practices the sit-stand movements, it would not be difficult for him because he can do it with ease by using these stool and chair products. 

Perfect Compliment for the Spine

This is the best quality of the accent chairs and wobble stools. They both complement the spine. The former having a perfectly curved backrest while the latter having the seat depth that gives support to the buttocks and hips. With these features, the accent chairs and wobble stools are the perfect complements for the spine because they have the curve and wave that best fit the back of the person particularly the spine area. Hence, if you put these products at the linear workstations, you may ensure that the employees would enjoy their work without the fear of getting sprained or injured in the work area. 

Final Thoughts

Setting up the perfect workstation is a challenge in some ways. There are a lot of things to consider when putting up a workstation. One of those things is a suitable work environment for employees. They must be protected against injuries that usually happen in the office. Thus, to help you overcome these challenges, Flexispot offers ergonomic pieces that could provide the utmost care that your employees need as they work. Pieces of equipment that could enhance their posture and protect them against possible ergonomic illnesses.