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Flexibility: Accent Chairs Vs. Wobble Stools

13 July 2021

Wobbly or Sturdy - Which is More Convenient?

When looking for the best ergonomic product such as ergonomic chairs, which would fit your preference? Is it the one that wobbles or the sturdy one? Whatever your answer is, as long as the ergo product is from Flexispot, then you would make the best decision. 

This is because, at Flexispot, you could ensure Flexibility and durability with all the products that the company manufactures. So let's say we have the Scalloped Accent chair 1049 from Flexispot. This kind of chair is not height adjustable but has undergone several fatigue tests. This is to ensure that you would not get too tired sitting on a chair that has a pointy edge or frame. With this kind of chair, you can ensure that your sitting is superbly comfortable. So, imagine if you would pair this chair with the best standing desk, you may ensure a sitting experience beyond comfort.

Another, with this accent chair from Flexispot, you could have a closer distance from the backrest when you take a seat. Some office chairs could not provide close contact with the cushion and the backrest. This is dangerous because it could strain your lower spine especially if the chair does not have the sturdy lumbar support or extra pillow. When there is a pillow or lumbar support, you can ensure that you can avoid stooping. 

Other accent chairs from Flexispot have a strong metal base. Hence, even without the height adjuster, you know that your sitting is superb with this kind of chair because the frame itself is durable and could carry your weight. An example of the Flexispot accent chairs that have a sturdy metal base is the Accent Chair 008. This is adjustable so you can ensure that it could lift you while sitting on this chair without you losing balance. 

There are also accent chairs from Flexispot such as the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk chair that have a spacious seat area. This one may not have the armrest but with the leather seat bucket that it has, you can ensure that sitting on this is comfortable. This is also a flexible kind of chair because it uses a pneumatic gas lifting mechanism. With this kind of lifting system, moving up and down with this chair could help you finish your work with ease. 

So, these are the superb qualities of most accent chairs from Flexispot. These chairs are a great choice especially if your work is in the field of make-up artistry or social media. Moving forward now, we will talk about the next kind of chair which you could also consider.

Some people might think of a chair that wobbles as a faulty product. However, Flexispot wobble stools offer a unique kind of sitting experience. 

This is because, at Flexispot, the wobble stools such as the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2 could be tilted at 15 degrees and swiveled up to 360 degrees without you losing balance or tumbling down. This is one of the unique features of the wobble stools from Flexispot. 

The wobble stools from Flexispot have a stable base too. Some wobble stools weigh around 11 lbs. This means that the product is portable and can be stored easily. 

This kind of chair from Flexispot also has a stable thick padded seat. So, even it is smaller than the other ergonomic chairs from Flexispot, you can ensure that it could still provide enough comfort. The diameter of the seat cushion is 13x15" which is spacious enough for workers like you. 

So, if you are going to choose the wobble stool, you can have the active sit-stand mode at work without straining your buttocks and hips which is the case when you use an ordinary office stool. At times, sitting on that kind of chair is worrisome because the seat cushion of this chair product could not be wide enough. As a result, you might also feel the soreness around the lower spine because you would be forced to sit in a space that could not support your back well. Thus, it is wiser to choose a stool like the Flexispot wobble stool. 

Now that we know the ergonomic benefits of the accent chairs and wobble stools from Flexispot, you may think which one would be more suitable for you. Would it be wobbly or sturdy? The answer actually would depend on how you want to move while at work. And the kind of pacing that you have. So, in the next part of the discussion, we would talk about how you sit on the chair and which of the chairs mentioned above would be more suitable for you. 

Your Pacing and Movements on the Chair

Your way of moving on the chair could affect your choice of product. This is because some chairs may not be suitable for you because you might:

  • Not be able to sit still

If you notice that you constantly change positions or tend to rock the chair a lot, then you are the person who can't sit still may be because you find it difficult to concentrate when sitting in one position. This one could affect your choice of product. So, for that, it is recommendable to choose the one that could allow you to swivel and move up and down a lot just like the Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2 because this could allow you to move a lot when sitting on it. 

  • Observe a sitting position rigorously

If you are very keen on observing the right posture or you tend to be rigorous in sitting on a chair, then an accent chair would be advisable for you just like the Scalloped Accent chair because this is not height-adjustable but could support your spine and neck well. It could allow you to sit still with the proper posture too. This kind of chair is also suitable for a stand up desk that could allow you to do the sit-stand mode at work.

Final Thoughts:

So, to sum it all up, we may now consider some factors when choosing between the accent chair and the wobble chair. Our sitting behavior could influence our choices of chair products. Despite these things though, one thing is for sure and that is: all Flexispot ergonomic products offer the best ergo solutions from the standing desk to the ergo chairs.