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Adjusting and Extending: Ergonomics of Flexispot Standing Desks

16 July 2021

The Ergonomics of a Spacious Work Area

One of the things that makes a person experience ergonomic pain at times is the kind of work environment that he has when finishing a task at the office or home office. This is because not all work areas are the same; some have a larger space while some are so narrow that you could not place an office desk that has a spacious surface. In most cases, there are office spaces that are so narrow that you could not put a large piece of furniture or equipment. This has an ergonomic effect. A spacious work area indeed affects the outcome or output of your work. This is because when you stay in a narrow space, your movement could be limited. There are office tasks that would be needing a wide area.

We know that there are projects that need more materials and tools. Hence, the tasks should be done on a large surface. Thus, at times you would find yourself needing an extra table for that. An example is the work of freelance artists. Let's say that you are a freelance artist. Some of your commissioned work need extra space- This work might involve paintings or customized crafts. So, if you would do them in a narrow space, then there would be a problem with that because you would be lacking time and space in finishing your work.

As a result, you might experience stress and fatigue because naturally, you would experience ergonomic problems with this kind of work area. Ergo problems that might manifest through body pain such as:

  • Neck soreness 
  • Spine strain
  • Leg pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain 

These might not manifest that fast or be apparent because they start as mild pain at first. However, as you progress or continue with your project, you would notice that the pain is getting severe. If that happens, what do you think would be the outcome of your work? You might create a half-baked project. This might affect you as an artist. This might also leave a bad impression. Hence, an artist like you needs to try a product that can give you the best ergonomic solutions. Solutions that can protect you against the ergo pain that most artists experience and help you create a masterpiece, not just an output. So, with that, we will talk about the provider of the best ergonomic solutions in the market which is Flexispot. 

Ergonomic Solutions for the World Class Artist in You

Standing desks, office organizers, and ergonomic chairs. When you hear these pieces of equipment, Flexispot would be the brand that you could think of. At Flexispot, you will see a wide array of ergonomic products that could cater to your ergonomic needs. As an artist, you must be able to:

  • practice the sit-stand movement 
  • protect your shoulders, arms, and hands
  • observe the good body posture 

This is because you are creating masterpieces. These are not just commissioned work. These are the things that would build your identity as an artist. If you would not be able to practice these things, you might not be able to come up with the most unique ideas for your clients' needs. Further, you need to get the ergonomic protection that you deserve and Flexispot could provide you with these solutions because Flexispot believes that a world-class prodigy must experience the ergonomic solutions that are above and beyond. Hence, Flexispot creates pieces of equipment that could help you solve the predicament that you experience with a narrow work area and the pieces of equipment that you use. 

Ergonomics and Artistry through the Standing Desks

The sit-stand desks from Flexispot are created with precision and sophistication. Each design is remarkable. What's more amazing about it is each of the ergonomic products like the standing desks from Flexispot has parts that could give you protection against body pain and injuries. 

At Flexispot, you could find the best standing desk for you such as the Height Adjustable Drafting Table. This is designed for people who like to hone their artistic skills. What's good about this desk is you could extend the platforms that it has so you may have a more spacious table for either writing, drawing or if you have these types of commissioned work, you could make some crafts using this sit-stand desk. 

This stand-up desk could also protect you against collision. This is usual with ordinary office desks especially those that do not have sturdy desktops. They easily get broken which could also cause accidents. Hence, the drafting table from Flexispot is best for artists like you because you can ensure that even with heavy tools or materials, the table would not get broken and things from the surface would not fall off. Lastly, the Height Adjustable Drafting Table from Flexispot has a weight capacity that is more than 180lbs. Hence, you don't have to worry that the table would not be able to carry the weight that you are going to put on it.  

There is another sit-stand desk from Flexispot that has a durable desktop that is made from bamboo. This is the Kana Bamboo Standing desk. This may not be as fancy as the drafting table mentioned earlier but this could ensure a sturdy desktop that is suitable for your needs. This standing desk also has an amazing lifting mechanism that could help you lessen your burden when doing some commissioned projects. With just a click on the up and down movement, you could do different tasks at the same time. It makes multitasking as easy as pie. Hence, the Kana Bamboo standing desk is another bestseller from Flexispot. 

Final Thoughts:

Your prowess as an artist could go beyond heights as long as you put in your heart that you are making a masterpiece not just another task to complete. This one could be easier as well with the help of Flexispot standing desks. Hence, after knowing the features of the best sit-stand desk from Flexispot, you can decide now which would best fit your needs as an artist.