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Pros and Cons of Standing Desk Converters

17 August 2021

You may be aware of the significant health benefits of standing while working by now. You also know you can't stand for the entire day. When using a standing desk, you must alternate between standing and sitting. With this in mind, you begin your search for standing desks. Because you need to change positions from time to time, you concentrate on height-adjustable equipment. While browsing stores online, you see various models to pick from, and that their features and prices broaden your possibilities. Yet, you can't help but think if it's worth it to buy one. To begin, you already have a solid standard desk.

In contrast to standing desks, yours is just for sitting and has a defined height. You can, however, stand while working on it at any time. However, you will need to arrange something on top of it to work effectively.

With this, you consider the advantages and safety of constructing a makeshift work platform. This entails finding suitable products to pile on top of your current desk to work comfortably while standing. You can stack folders, cartons, books, plastic containers, or any other four-dimensional object you have on hand. Will it safe, though? It's a no. Instead, choose to upgrade it. Purchase a standing desk converter, also known as a desk riser.

Standing Desk Converter / Desk Riser

standing desk converter provides many of the same advantages as a full-fledged sit-stand desk. It is a desktop or tabletop accessory installed on top of or affixed to an existing desk or table, allowing employees to switch between sitting and standing during the day.

It takes only a few seconds to set up. Use it right away and start changing between sitting and standing while you work without hesitation. You no longer have to go through the arduous process of disassembling or dumping your existing desk to create room for a new one with this device. Furthermore, you will not have to sift through complicated guides and spend several hours figuring out how to put the pieces together correctly. 

Why Get A Standing Desk Converter / Desk Riser?


The term "investment" conjures up images of large sums of money, yet this is not true with these converters. They are intended to safeguard your long-term health, and with so many options to select from, there is a standing desk converter to suit any budget. A standing desk converter is a low-cost purchase that will provide the user with a healthier lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

converter, as opposed to a new standing desk, is reasonably inexpensive. So, if you're searching for ways to cut your company's logistics costs or are short on cash, try getting one. Instead of purchasing a whole height-adjustable standing desk, you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a desk riser.

The price differential of $450-$2,600+ is why some users believe it is more cost-effective to purchase a standing desk converter than a new standing desk. If you already have a solid desk, you might be better off getting this extension. If your desk is outdated or not ergonomically designed, you should get a height-adjustable standing desk instead. An entirely constructed unit will survive for several years if used properly. You may also look forward to using it without hesitation. Newly assembled units are much more helpful for small offices.


Converters are, by definition, intended to make an individual's work experience more joyful and make their day go more smoothly. Sit-stand desks, by the same logic, are frequently incredibly simple to assemble. Desk risers typically arrive built (or mostly assembled) and ready to put on top of a desk, allowing employees to enjoy the benefits right away. For others, completing usually takes no more than 15 minutes.


With the help of a height-adjustable standing desk converter, you can convert any table or surface elevated enough to be a workspace into a standing workstation. Because it is easy to pack and transport, you can reap the benefits of having a sit-stand desk wherever and whenever you like. Because of its portability, some users prefer it to a fully completed standing unit. It is capable of adapting to any environment or setting. Because you don't have to construct anything, there is no need to set space and time to put together a new workstation.


standing desk converter's goal is to smoothly give an employee the option of conducting their typical tasks while standing. If the user uses this capability, they will expend 30% more calories per hour on average. The health benefits of a desk riser are the same because it is an attachment that converts your traditional sitting desk into a standing one. When placed on top of any surface, it instantly reminds people to stand up or effortlessly move from sitting to standing. And because you will be standing in the same way as when using a typical standing desk, the health benefits will be the same.


According to research, standing requires more energy than sitting. Although this is beneficial, it is insufficient to achieve weight loss. It also does not help increase metabolism so that you burn more calories faster than usual. It does, however, improve your overall health by doing the following:

  • Diabetes: When you shift between sitting and standing at work, you favorably counter the sedentary lifestyle impacts such as type 2 diabetes. By doing so, you avoid contracting this lifelong, irreversible ailment.
  • Back pain: Because office workers sit frozen in their seats for long periods, their muscles become strained, causing discomfort and pain. Getting a massage on a weekly or monthly basis is essential for many of them. When you alternate between standing and sitting, you won't have to deal with chronic neck and back pain.
  • Sleepiness: The idea that you are standing demonstrates that you are attentive. Apart from being able to combat drowsiness, standing while working makes you more efficient. As a result of your increased eagerness and attention, you will be able to accomplish considerably more.

What Are Some Drawbacks?


Because standing desk converters provide little space, workers are forced to place some of their frequently used belongings on the old desktop, which may be inches lower. This entails a lot of stooping down if they need a stapler, phone, pen, or paperwork.


Many standing desk converters lack integrated wire management features. That's a problem since the computer travels along with the desk riser whenever you shift it up or down, causing all of the wiring to shift as well. Keeping those wires and cords tidy can be a pain.


With some desk risers, getting the proper height adjustment might be tricky. There may also be issues with display alignment because many converters lack mounts, making it unable to alter the monitor's height to ensure optimal ergonomic pleasure.

You can choose between a standing desk converter and a standing desk based on your needs. In either case, you gain access to a multitude of benefits. When it comes to desk risers, there is no shortage of options. There is one to suit every space and budget. To see some of them, check our FlexiSpot's by clicking here!