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Advantages of Big and Tall Chairs for Workers with a Short Stature

04 August 2021

The Prowess of Workers with Short Stature

You may not have a tall height yet your confidence stands out. You may not be as tall as the other workers but you are the company's gem and you are the brain behind the great ideas that made the company's revenue doubled for a couple of years. 

This is one of the most empowering mantras. Indeed, excellence is not just based on the pretty looks or appearance but is based on the talent, skills, and ideas that you may contribute to a team. However, there is an inevitable problem when someone has a short stature. At times, those who have the short stature experience:

  • Pain around the leg area
  • Soreness around spine and legs 
  • Muscle cramps 

These conditions happen when a person has a short stature because he might be an endomorph or he has short limbs and his middle torso is bigger than his legs. Extra weight could also affect his ability to carry his upper body because of his short limbs. Thus, when he sits on a chair, pressure around the limbs and legs takes place. This kind of situation often leads to ergonomic problems. 

Thus, if you are the one experiencing all these things, what you need are pieces of ergonomic products in your work area. Pieces of equipment that could optimize your sitting experience regardless if they are big equipment or not. All these pieces could be purchased from the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, office organizers, and ergonomic chairs. When you choose these pieces of equipment for your work area, you can ensure that your work performance would be skyrocketing with excellence! 

No Chairs Too Big 

Flexispot innovates chair products for corporate champs like you. From the eco-friendly standing desks like Kana Bamboo Standing desks and Willow Solid Wood Standing desks to the Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B, Flexispot knows what could be best for you in terms of convenience and safety. This could also let you reach the floor easily because of its height adjustability plus the seat height of this chair is perfect for any human height. 

Just like the other ergo chairs, The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B can cater to your sitting needs. This office ergo chair is one of the height-adjustable products at Flexispot that has the breathable mesh at the backrest. These breathable mesh brackets optimize comfort around the lumbar and back; these could lessen perspiration that might heighten up the body heat. 

Flexispot perfectly creates ergo chairs that are versatile because regardless of the height of the person, he or she could manage to sit on any of these ergo chairs with great ease and capability to lay the back and sit bone of the cushion and backrest comfortably. Just like the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 which is one of the huge chair products from Flexispot. Office Chair 9051 has a waterfall-like seat cushion that allows you to lay firmly while your backrests are conveniently on the backrest. If you feel like reclining a bit while working on your device, then you could recline the backrest at a flexible angle. This operation can allow you to relax your spine and head while you work on your project. This action could also protect your back from stooping or leaning forward to the desktop. 

Despite its size, the Office Chair 9051 from Flexispot could help you perform under pressure when in the office. You can easily adjust the chair and you could feel more energized on this product. 

What's amazing about this chair is although it has a 24.0-inch seat depth, you would not feel the soreness around the knee pit (the shallow depression at the back of the knee) on the cushion of this chair because it is double padded aside from the waterfall-like depth of its seat. It would not also increase the heat around the knee pit. That's why when you sit on this chair, the knee pit would not sweat at all. 

Lastly, office chair 9051 is sturdy enough to carry your weight because of the metal base that it has. So, when you sit on this chair, you can relax on it. 

These ergonomic chairs could be paired with large sit-stand desks from Flexispot such as the Modish Standing desk that has a spacious surface and is height adjustable. 

The next ergonomic chair from Flexispot is the Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080. This chair has heating patterns that could press your weak points and stimulate your blood circulation. Thus, it could reinvigorate your vessels. Once you achieve that relaxation, you may feel more eager to move a lot and work more. Another benefit of it is you could lean on the backrest well and recline the chair easily. Most of all, when you sit on this ergo chair, you may feel that your knee pit, knee cap, and legs would be more at ease because the seat cushion of this product is well-padded so that you would not feel the exhaustion or soreness on these areas. 

How to Have a Chair-riffic Sitting Experience with Flexispot Ergo Chairs

As we mentioned the best features of the ergonomic chairs above, let us expound on great ideas on how to optimize your sitting experience with the Flexispot ergo chairs. These activities are best done with the sit-stand desks as well. 

First, when you sit on the ergo chairs such as the massage chair and office chair OC3B, you may do more stretching exercises that could help you optimize blood circulation and easing of muscles. Through these activities, you may feel that your joints and muscles are pumped and you could feel invigorated. 

Second, you could make your sitting experience on the Flexispot ergo chairs when you play the most soothing music. Hit the jazz and lean on the wide backrests of these chairs and you could relax absolutely. 

Final Thoughts

Overcoming the challenges of being vertically-challenged, as well as the threat of ergonomic problems, could be easier with Flexispot ergo chair products. Your height should not stop you from experiencing holistic relaxation and achieve the invigoration that you deserve as a worker and a company's gem.