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Think You Know Yoga? Think Again

25 July 2021

Yoga is known for the exercise of the rich and famous. In fact, even the former First Lady Michelle Obama has been regularly doing physical exercises with yoga and other prominent celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel, Jeniffer Aniston, David Beckham, among others. They include yoga as part of their health regimen for mind and body wellness.

Today, yoga is widely used to treat weight problems such as obesity, mental disorders such as depression among others.

One example is research done among patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hands to see the effects of yoga exercises as it is also used to alleviate musculoskeletal symptoms.

“Patients with OA of the hands were randomly assigned to receive either the yoga program or no therapy. Yoga techniques were supervised by one instructor once/week for 8 weeks. Variables assessed were pain, strength, motion, joint circumference, tenderness, and hand function using the Stanford Hand Assessment questionnaire” (https://europepmc.org/article/med/7699639). 

The result shows that “The yoga treated group improved significantly more than the control group in pain during activity, tenderness and finger range of motion. Other trends also favored the yoga program.” The result concluded that the “ yoga derived program was effective in providing relief in hand OA.” (taken from the same source).

In other words, yoga is beyond stretching and relaxing on a yoga mat.

It is now a proven fact that it is effective in alleviating symptoms of musculoskeletal symptoms which is also a common complaint of workers in the workplace. Most complaints received by employers pointed to musculoskeletal disorders including neck and lower back pains as culprits affecting their physical health, attendance, and economic status.  

Yoga is also known to reduce stress by relaxing muscles during yoga exercises.

Although it is not considered as an aerobic exercise, it is proved to be effective in boosting muscle strength with a regular yoga exercise routine.  

Another study involving sedentary healthy adults concluded: “suggest that regular yoga practice is just as effective as stretching–strengthening exercises in improving functional fitness” (https://academic.oup.com/). This also shows that yoga does not necessarily apply to the young but also to adults that are experiencing health-related issues such as musculoskeletal symptoms.

Evidence also shows that “practicing yoga can help with weight loss potentially indirectly through the lifestyle changes it encourages. In a small 2016 study performed at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine), people who practiced Iyengar yoga (a slow-moving type of yoga that focuses on body alignment and posture) and lost weight after taking up the practice, was interviewed” (https://www.everydayhealth.com/).

In addition, researchers of the study “identified several factors (based on the interviews) that may have contributed to the Iyengar yogis’ weight loss: a shift toward healthy eating, feeling supported by a culture that promotes healthy eating and behaviors, and physical changes like muscle building and toning.”

Yoga, characteristically defined based on “ "The Sanskrit root yuj means to “yoke,” “bind,” or “join together.” It also indicates “union” or “Oneness.” At the deepest spiritual level, yoga allows us to reveal the Self, the True Essence of our Being. Ultimately, it is the means by which we realize that there is no separation between anyone or anything’ (https://hridaya-yoga.com/). It is also described as an art, science, and philosophy.” According to the published article online, yoga has four categories namely:

  • Yoga as a mystical union. From this perspective, yoga applies broadly to any tradition or person seeking to go beyond personal consciousness in order to unite with the Absolute. It is about the realization of mystical union, the Consciousness of Oneness.
  • Yoga is a broad term for an Indian spiritual discipline. Here, it refers to a particular spiritual technology, with its origins in India as early as 1800 B.C.
  • Specific yoga branches.
  • Classical Yoga. When many practitioners talk about yoga, they are specifically referring to the comprehensive system of yoga laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Yoga is an ancient practice that may have originated in India.

It involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being. It combines mind and body exercise with physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. It includes movement, meditation, and breathing approaches for the promotion of mental and physical fitness (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/).

When practiced regularly, it can boost endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility, and well-being.

As such, it is becoming a popular choice for physical and mental fitness as well as for reducing symptoms of disorders and promoting weight loss programs. In fact, yoga, according to a “

2017 national survey, one in seven adults in the United States practiced yoga in the past 12 months.”

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