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An Ergonomic Experience

14 May 2021

We always associate the word “ergonomic” when we talk about office furniture since everyone starts using computers at work and home. The word itself connotes something positive and noteworthy. This word has been used a long time ago to refer to pieces of furniture that are usually associated with elegance and royalty.

Today, as technology evolves and improves, young and old alike use it for different purposes such as work, entertainment, in the medical field, and many other fields that make our lives more convenient and efficient especially in the workplace. Using computer technology is a required skill for everyone. Otherwise, you will be left behind.

Ergonomics Defined  

I came across a simple definition of the word ergonomics from a book that is published online. It is an interesting book about ergonomics. It is very detailed and informative. In this book, the author defines Ergonomics as “a field of study to design tools and tasks to be compatible with human capabilities and limitations.” (Macleod, D.) The other term the author used for the word “ergonomics'' is “user-friendly.” It is also said to be coined from the Greek word “ergon” meaning work and “nomos'' which means rules. So, the literal meaning of the word “ergonomics'' is “rules of work.”

In the past, we only used an ordinary chair and table when we wanted to use our computer or laptop. We are content with it as long as we do not stay in front of the machine for long hours at home. On the other hand, employees who use the computer for work spend eight hours or more every day on their desk. With an ordinary chair, many complained about having pains in the neck, lumbar region, and other parts of the body due to discomfort using an ordinary office chair.

Problems with Design

Ergonomics is related to different fields of study such as engineering, psychology, and other branches of science that deal with designing particular furniture to make humans work comfortably and productively. There are some problems in design that scientists and engineers must address such as physical concerns that were also indicated by the author, D. Macleod.

● Long reaches

● Awkward posture

● Excessive exertion

● Uncomfortable heights

There are some issues in designing a certain office or home furniture. However, today, ergonomically designed chairs are manufactured by many companies that are specifically created and designed for the user’s comfort and corresponding functionality.

Ergonomic Hazards in the Office

Research findings related to the conditions of employees inside the office show that there are ergonomic problems that beset them which hinder their efficiency and productivity. Ergonomic hazards such as discomfort, back pain, hot environment, poor lighting have been some of the issues employees raised on the surveys given to them. Companies want to address these issues in the fastest way they could because employees are assets of a business.

Today, many companies purchase ergonomic desks and chairs for their employees and are usually of good quality. employees appreciate this office furniture because they can work effectively with that kind of office furniture. Studies show that employees are more efficient and produce more outputs with the ergonomic design of the office corresponding to the pieces of furniture they use. Absences were also lessened because employees do not get sick often.

At home, some workers opted to work remotely as freelancers or they are still connected to their companies and were allowed to work in the comfort of their homes. Many employees chose this arrangement because they feel it is more comfortable to work at home with fewer expenses, family togetherness, and better lighting and ventilation.

FlexiSpot Promotes Ergonomics for the Office

As many companies manufacture ergonomic products for home or office use, one of the leading manufacturers of these kinds of products around the world is FlexiSpot. This company only started a few years back, but millions already trusted this brand worldwide. It is also trusted by many people because of the special features of the products in design and innovation.

One of the best products the company has is its line of ergonomic chairs that are best suitable for work as it promotes productivity as well as wellness for the user. The Mesh Office Chair 5405 possesses the ideal work chair for the office. It has fantastic features that are user-friendly and promotes comfort and the best reclining experience for a tired employee. 

Great Product, Great Features

The Mesh Office Chair 5405 is made of premium quality seat upholstery, cushioned with high density- foam that has good air permeability thereby giving comfort and coolness. The backrest is flexible with the mesh fabric that lets you sit comfortably. With good airflow, sweating and moisture accumulation are prevented. 

As ergonomically designed, this office chair is made of breathable mesh back with passive lumbar support. It is also generously padded and shaped 4” thick mesh seat cushion that allows air circulation and back support that reduces back discomfort caused by excessive sitting.

This exciting ergonomic chair has three tilts that also serve different purposes. The first tilt allows adjustment of seat height for a more comfortable posture. The second tilt is for different angles of the seat for different occasions. The third tilt is for adjusting the back height for more comfortable sitting. There are also tension knobs if you want to recline or just rock the seat more easily. 

The installation is easy with simple instructions and that anyone can do that. All office chairs purchased from ICOMOCH come with a 30-day warranty. Assistance is available at any time for parts replacement or other product issues.

If you want an outstanding chair for the office or even for working from home, FlexiSpot has a wide range of ergonomically designed furniture for the workaholic and others. This chair is nice for just sitting comfortably on the patio or for reading your favorite books, watching videos of your family, or just for the cozy experience of sitting on it. Why don’t you have one today!