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An Unusual Way To Wake Up A Sleepy Meeting

30 October 2018

Have you ever heard snoring at a brainstorm meeting?  Isn’t it a sign of a total failure? Perhaps snoring is uncommon, but yawning, droopy eyes, heads propped up by the hands are all the ingredients of the same disaster.

A sleepy meeting needs a wake-up call. Otherwise, the brainstorming results can be flushed down the drain.

Why Are People Falling Asleep At The Meetings?

The best way to solve the problem is to eliminate the cause. Your co-workers are yawning because they think the brainstorming session is boring. They are rubbing their eyes due to a lack of energy. They may have woken up too early or haven’t had a wholesome breakfast. Or perhaps they’ve got a stuffy nose.

Another reason is hormones. We are under plenty of stress at work and our bodies constantly release cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress hormones. Eventually, we feel the drawbacks of such hormone rushes. We start falling asleep. In order to avoid this problem, we need to burn these hormones off.

Is Physical Activity The Answer?

Do you know that less than 5% of American adults exercise for 30 minutes every day? This is about how much exercising we need to feel healthy and energetic all day long. Besides improving our daily lives, physical exercise can help us deal with stress. A healthy and energetic body can recover from stress faster and create a better threshold before the drawback occurs.

Is it possible to make your employees or co-workers exercise on their own free time? Not really. However, you can turn the meetings from dull, dreaded, and sleepy into an energetic and resultative endeavor. How? By adding regular cardio exercise to the process. While your team may say “no” to exercising after work, combining brainstorming and workout can look very appealing.

Can Cycling Save The Day?

Cycling is one of the most effective cardio workouts. It can help you burn between 400 and 1,000 calories per hour depending on the exercise intensity. Cycling strengthens such muscles as glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. However, the best part of the everyday cycling is stimulated mental activity.

Studies have shown that people who engage in a regular low-intensity exercise can cut down their fatigue levels by whopping 65%. Meanwhile, the energy can be boosted by 20 %. Cycling is just the right exercise for achieving this goal.

Besides helping you wake up your team members and improve the overall mood of the meeting, cycling cuts cancer and heart disease risk. It improves your sleep and strengthens your immune system. Overall, cycling is a highly beneficial exercise.

Does Riding a Bike At A Meeting Sound Insane?

It does. But only until you check out Flexispot Desk Bike V9. It can meet your office cycling needs without disturbing the brainstorming process. This bike simulator offers all the benefits a regular bike does without taking you out of the office.

It allows you to combine brainstorming with exercising, wake up the team and help them come up with revolutionary ideas.

Flexispot Desk Bike V9 features easy-rolling wheels to move the simulator around without effort. It has a height-adjustable desktop and chair, which is ideal for employees ranging from 5’1’’ to 6’2’’. The bike offers a noiseless operation so it won’t disturb your thought process.

Time to wake up that sleepy meeting has come!