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Angles and Distance: Weighing the Right Ergonomic Posture on the Chair

12 July 2021

The Proper Ergonomic Alignment

Throughout the years, most people have ignored the importance of proper posture. Some have perceived it as moot and academic because they just think that only students or aspirant beauty queens should practice it. Moreover, they think that observing proper posture would not have a practical use hence it is something taught in the academies or personality development courses. Little did they know that observing the proper posture could save them from ergonomic problems which could make them susceptible to bone illnesses or spine-related injuries. 

One of the things that we should mainly observe is if we can maintain the proper alignment when we are sitting. You might be one of the people who find it difficult to practice proper ergonomics. In that case, we have to discuss the importance of proper posture and the ways to achieve these. In the next chapter, we will enumerate and discuss each briefly.  

Finding the Ergonomic Alignment:

From the position of your fingers to your hips, you must be able to observe the right ergonomics. This is because each of the parts of the body has a connection to your other body parts. Hence, if you feel that pain along your shoulders, it might be possible that the pain would go through your spine. Hence, you must take a seat properly because if not chances are you are exposing yourself to the pain that may lead to serious conditions such as:

  • spine-related injury
  • frozen shoulders that would need medications
  • bone illnesses such as osteoporosis

These conditions may last for a long time. Therapy and medication could cost you an arm and a leg. This may affect work as well. Hence, what you must do is to prevent all these things from happening by making sure that you have the proper alignment. So, how could you observe the proper alignment? How could you make sure that from your spine to your toes, you are in good alignment? We would then talk about it as we continue. 

When you are sitting on the office chair in front of the office desk, the distance between your device and your upper torso should be 90 degree-apart. This could allow you to maximize your movement without making your chest sandwiched with the desk. This could also protect you from the blue light which you could acquire from the devices and could damage the retina of your eyes. 

When you observe the proper distance from the device, you may save yourself from pressuring your neck and shoulders. When you try to squint and glue yourself too much on the laptop monitor, you force your back neck too much. making it exhausting and straining. So, after long hours in front of the computer, you'd suddenly feel ill and your eyes ache. The worst part is, you'd notice changes in your back; you might feel that it's getting sore or numb. Usually, that is where serious spine conditions start. So, you must be mindful of that. 

When you sit on an office chair, your feet must also touch the floor. If not, this could give back strain too because you might force your body and the weight might be centered on your lower spine. When sitting on the office chair too, your back must touch the backrest as well and the cushion must have close contact to the backrest. This is because when your spine is not close to the backrest of your office chair, there must be at least a pillow to support your back. That's the kind of office chair that you must have. 

So, if you closely observe it, your head, neck, spine, lower spine, and legs should have the proper alignment. Your back should not slouch or make a huge curve. This is because when you do these things, they could hamper your movement and could give severe ergonomic pain. 

Aside from the office chair, you must also observe your office desk. When you sit in front of your work table, the middle area should be as clear as possible and is free from eyesores such as a pile of paper and other office materials. There should be a straight distance from the monitor to your body. The computer mouse should have the proper distance as well. You must be able to do the brushing stroke when moving the mouse instead of just clicking on it. The aim is to lessen the pressure on the hands and thumbs. The usual cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the strain and sprain that start with the fingers. This is the reason typing on the keyboard softly is recommendable so the movement of the fingers would be fluid. Typing it with much force would make your hands and fingers numb for a long time. 

Another thing about the office desk is it should be stable and sturdy just like with the chairs. If possible, try to use the ones that are ergonomic such as the ones from Flexispot. At Flexispot, you can ensure that working in the office would be exciting because you can alleviate stress and fatigue from your daily activities. From standing desks to ergonomic office chairs, you can make sure that you will be safe from injuries and you can work out with your posture. 

The standing desks and ergo chairs from Flexispot are created with precision. Every measurement is equal and all the parts could help you have the sit-stand work mode in the office which is important so you can avoid the sedentary activities that may also be a threat to your health. 

The ergo chairs and standing desks from Flexispot could also help you properly align your system from the head to the toe because every part of the products could enhance blood circulation and can help you support the important body parts such as your lumbar. 

Final Thoughts:

With the ergonomic products from Flexispot, you can ensure that you can follow the right angles and distance of your body and the device that you are using. Through these, you would be ergonomically protected against serious illnesses.