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Architect Essentials featuring the Height Adjustable Drafting Table By FlexiSpot

23 April 2021

Licensed architects bring beauty and science together by creating houses and buildings that embellish our surroundings-- to the delight of the spectators. By pouring all of their blood, sweat, and tears just to perfect their craft, most architects feel that time is always running out for them. Our safety and amusement are every architects’ priority which is why they are willing to put their names and hard-earned licenses on the line.

All those yet being an architect feels like a thankless profession. Unlike being a medical frontliner or safety officer, architects are mostly behind the scenes of the construction or in too deep to even be noticed. 

With that being the case, we must keep in mind that architects deserve all of the love and high praises too. 

Here at FlexiSpot, our products have the hardworking employees and professionals’ satisfaction in mind. With our evident commitment to any workforce’s health, the spotlight would be shining down on the architects with our latest product-- plus some more nifty gadgets that can make their lives and jobs easier. 

Introducing the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

With the rise of technology, some architects, and even engineers, are turning to Computer-Aided Design (CAD)  technology.  Even then, drafting tables are still a force to be reckoned with.  After all, the boost of creativity architects get once the lead of their pencils touch the trace paper is worth the extra effort it takes than with CAD.

The brand new Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B by FlexiSpot is the best companion an architect can have to accomplish daily tasks!

Imagine this, once an architect signs on the blueprint, there would be no time for them to sit. However, sitting is not necessarily a good thing to even do for long periods of time as doing so can lead to a number of health problems. Which is why, the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is perfect for architects since this table can help them achieve inspiration by alternating sitting and standing. This is easily done with just a push of a single button. 

Speaking of buttons, this ergonomic drafting table comes equipped with 4 memory buttons on its panel that can save up to 4  different standing and sitting heights. The control panel also has an LED display which makes it easier for architects  to know which mode and height they are currently on. 

That is not all, since FlexiSpot products are known to pack a punch, there are still other ways that the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B can blow the architect’s discerning minds.

With its 0-degree to 40-degrees tiltable tabletop, the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B can accommodate every angle to provide a better working or studying experience. In addition to that, the foldable side platforms are music to an architect’s ears since this provides more space to work on their enormous blueprints. Once they are done with the blueprints, simply fold the platform to reduce the room it can occupy.

Another feature that this ergonomic drafting table boasts of is the spacious integrated drawer where architects can easily stuff their compass, all kinds of pen, erasers, and tracing papers.  This nifty drawer helps keep the drafting desk clean and free from unnecessary clutter that can distract an architect from getting a clear and creative vision of their projects. 

To Light Up The Drafting Process
The discerning eyes of every architect are what makes their craft more than works of art. With that, it is important that their drafting tables are well-lit by a dependable lamp. An ordinary lamp just would not cut it if your profession is being an architect. To make long hours of planning and drafting bearable, an architect must make sure that eye strain can be prevented with the right tools at hand. FlexiSpot’s Task lamp TA1004BK will brighten an architect's drafting table in any position since this lamp has a clamp that can be easily moved anywhere.

The Simple Ingenuity

Technology and art can go hand in hand to create things that the mind thought is only possible through the wildest of dreams. But architects are on another level since with both art and technology, they are able to achieve magnificent works that can astound the human mind. That is why most architects use both the traditional way of drafting and CAD. 

The CAD can render any type of images and it only means that using this application can drain the battery of the device an architect is using. FlexiSpot came up with the perfect solution to make a convenient and versatile way to plug the devices of a meticulous architect with the  Clamp Power Strip With USB PS09B/PS09W. Installing this power strip will prove to be a breeze with an architect because all of the tools needed are included in this special package. No need for power tools and all so you better hide that drill in the tool box. Do not know where to place your power strip? Do not sweat it because it can easily be installed on any edge-- to make it more accessible, the drafting table can be the perfect spot.

With this power strip, architects would never lose any of their progress due to a drained battery.

Final thoughts

Being an architect is not as glamorous as the movies make the profession out to be. Architects either spend a lot of their time holed up in their workstation or at construction sites to oversee the building process. 

Which is why to achieve optimum results for their work, the architect’s workstation must only consist of the best quality office furniture. This is why FlexiSpot is the architect’s perfect match as it is born out of the creative minds that are looking for answers to minimize the harsh impacts of a working environment that does not care for a professional’s overall well-being.